Frat Tag-Team Cont. - One-on-One

by Michael Artis <>

(Follow-up to Frat Tag-Team)

I was sitting at home watching RAP CITY on BET when the phone rang... It was Jerald, the boy who just paddled me a few days before with Blue Thunder. Now Blue Thunder was at work and I was pretty sure that his FRAT knew that.

"So, what you up to man?" he said.

"Watching Videos and chillin" I replied, not giving too much away.

"I been wanting to ask you a question... Did you know your had was on my _d_i_c_k_ when my boy was serving you Wood the other day?" he asked.

"I knew where it was" I replied, sounding like it was no big deal.

"Why you put it there?"

"Because I need something to hold on to while I was getting wood, and since it was already hard, it was the biggest and sturdiest thing around to grab."

He started to laugh "You crazy man... So you really do want to tast this muthafuka?"

"HELL YEA!" I replied without hesitation! "Come Get me!" I demanded.

He was on his way! My throat was swollen from the anticipation of this brotha! He was Just Too Fine! I trophy to say the least! I wanted to have me paddle me again and let me suck him off!

He arrived and we left immediately, heading back to his apartment where he lived alone. We talked on the way there, first about general things, then to the good stuff. I told him what I was looking for and he was more than happy with the arrangement.

We got to his place and within minutes, I had his hugh _d_i_c_k_ down my throat! I was working it down good! I was always told to do it Good the first time so it would keep them coming back!... He came twice and was ready to serve too! I got in the cut and we started swinging... not as hard a before, but enough! I was in LOVE! It was like the first time me and Blue Thunder had did it...

After about 15 swats, I heard the paddle hit the floor, I looked back and he was still standing behind me, just looking. Suddenly, his has grabbed my waist and his body pressed into mine! I WAS WEAK! His hand gently slipped down and caressed my ass... I was moving it back... I wanted him inside of me! Then he popped my ass a good one with his hand and pressed my head down further to bend me over really good. I heard his zipper undo and heard the condom package rip open... I did not move, just wait... With just slip as lube, he started working the head and then the shaft... It was some good _d_i_c_k_!

He hit it in about 12 positions and then paddled me some more and _f_u_c_k_ed me more. It was such a hot experience! I came 4 times that afternoon.

Soon as I got home, I went to bed.

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