Touch Men in Toledo: a TAIL of Spanking

by Bbwrr2 <>

I am 45 years old, and men have been spanking me since before I remember. This is the story of one very recent (mis)adventure of mine in the company of MEN WHO SPANK from Ohio. Names have been changed, but the experiences related are as real as this boy can remember.

I'm presently sitting on one VERY red, VERY sore rumpus, and as you'll see, "rumpus" is probably the operative word here. Yesterday's and this morning's experience was among the most realistic "back to boyhood" ones I've been through in a long time.

I am 5'8", 150 pounds, brown hair and blue eyes. I was punished with bare bottom spankings from the time I was little till I went away to college. At 21, I began to seek out MEN WHO SPANK who could give my bare behind what I need: stern and serious discipline! I have had good luck in finding such men, and as you'll see, Daddy Dan and Tyrone were two who understood how they needed to bring out the boy in me and set me straight for misbehaving. When I misbehave, there is only one solution that ever works: LONG, HARD AND HUMILIATING BARE BOTTOM SPANKINGS!

I got to the hotel in Toledo about 5:00/5:30. Daddy Dan was waiting for me, and by 6:00, my pants and underpants were down around my ankles and I was across his knee on the bed. He knew I had been misbehaving, and that is something MEN WHO SPANK have no patience with with boys, no matter what their age. Hand, ruler and a taste of the switch had me squirming a bit within a very short time, along with the burn of a rattan "half-cane" for use OTK. My bare rump wiggled frantically over his lap, and my legs were pumping as I was justifiably SPANKED! OW! OW! OW!

I think even then my rear end knew then it was indeed going to be a VERY long night!

After my first spanking, I was bent over the foot of the bed. DD pulled my cheeks apart, and inserted the rectal thermometer, which remained up my behind for the requisite 5 minutes. I felt like a true boy, not old enough to have the thermometer in my mouth. It had to be in my rectum. Meantime, he went back to the bathroom.

I could hear the water running, and knew what was coming next. Sure enough, after the thermometer was removed from my anus, the enema nozzle soon followed. I was in knee/chest position, fanny high in the air. The entire quart bag was emptied into my guts. Then I was "put on hold," so to speak, for 10 minutes as the soapy water did its work. My rump was occasionally kissed by the switch (if I was going to wiggle, there was going to be a good reason for it!), though, as the cramping got worse, DD took pity and had me get on my hands and knees so he could rub my tummy and help me hold it. I was grateful to DD for seeing his boy was in distress and helping his "adult child" out. Good dads know their boys need strict discipline and embarrassment, but they know too that they are helping their boys behave, and that, when a boy is having trouble, they sooth him.

Finally, I was allowed to get up and run to the can to empty myself out.

By the time I emerged from the bathroom, the coffetable had been pulled to the middle of the room and covered by a towel. On it sat a can of shaving cream and a safety razor. In t-Shirt and sox, over the table I went while DD got a pan of warm water. And then, my hairy hindparts were transformed into that "rumpus" I referred to, shaved smooth as any 8 year old's bottom, so this boy would know precisely what his place was.

I don't know if you've ever shaved a male's rearend, or if you have ever had yours denuded. It's an experience for a badboy, to reach back there and feel nothing but skin! Looking at it, one thing you immediately notice is that hair provides the puckerhole with a modicum of modesty which a smooth boy's bottom doesn't have. The cheeks really do make a kind of diamond-shaped opening right where the anus is, drawing attention to the spot. OF course, bent over or across a man's knee, the pucker shows itself pink and obvious in the lily-white crack. And, as I was soon to learn, hair also provides just a bit of a cushion when a boy's legs are spread and he's getting those intense crack and pucker swats.

You'd think that an obvious rumpus would be sufficient embarrassment for a big boy like me, but DD had further humiliation in mind. After my fanny was bald, he turned me over, took a pair of scissors, and trimmed my thick bush down to the nub, and then spread Barbisol liberally across my crotch. The razor did its work, and soon, my gut was as smooth as my rump. From just below my belly button to the top of the base of my prick, not a hair was left. DD left the hair on my balls. He said he wanted it obvious to anyone that I SHOULD have hair around there, but that somebody had removed it.

He was examining his handiwork, feeling his boy's truly naked rump and crotch. He made me stand before him and confess I had been bad, and tell him I knew I was going to get a good spanking, and that I knew it would be very hard. Then, the phone rang. It was Tyrone. He had gotten free a little early, so, a bit before 8:30, DD put on his tie, and dressed me in tennies, socks, red gym shorts, a T-shirt with the name of an elementary school on it, and a baseball cap, and we were off to Tyrone's office.

When we arrived at Tyrone's office, he was waiting in the parking lot for us, dressed in a suit. The lot was deserted, but for anyone passing, from a distance, we might well have appeared as two men, one black, one white, just off work, the white one accompanied by his 13 or 14 year old son.

We went into the building. The office was indeed a perfect venue for discipline, down a long hallway, with no exterior window. "Setting up" took no time at all, and DD sat on the chair in the middle of the room and ordered me across his lap. A lot of boys, I think, imagine that a spanking with a man's open palm is less painful than with some instrument, but you couldn't prove that with Daddy Dan's hand. He began to smack me on the seat of the gym shorts, then slowly pulled those down and continued on my underpants. It wasn't long, though, before those were yanked down. My bottom would be bare from then on out.

Tyrone was at first surprised, then amused, by the sight of my newly hairless bottom. DD began to really slap my cheeks around, whacking them soundly with steady, sharp swats. Still, I managed to remain pretty still until he picked up a small round hairbrush. Then, I'm afraid dignity went out the window (if there'd been one) as I began to whine and squirm like the little boy I am as the hairbrush stung my rumpus.


Tyrone watched with considerable interest as my white bottom grew pinker and pinker. If I was wiggling with the small hairbrush, when the long-handled shower brush followed, I really started to thrash around shamelessly. DD just held on to me more firmly, and kept spanking. He pushed my face toward the floor so my legs were dangling in the air and my anus was gaping a Typrone, and then my legs began to pump up and down, a sure sign a man's getting through to me!

Then it ended. DD pulled me off his lap, and sent me, pants down, to the corner to "think about it." I waddled over, hobbled by my shorts and underpants, and stood there, bottom glowing, as DD and Tyrone chatted. It made me feel truly like a boy. They talked about their jobs, the weather, politics, as if it were the most natural thing in the world that there should be a barebottom boy standing in the corner of the office.

Then, the conversation took a different turn, as DD reminded Tyrone that, two weeks earlier, he had totaled his car. The accident was Tyrone's fault, and Daddy Dan said he ought to be punished for being so careless.

He had Tyrone take off his jacket, tie and shirt, and go to the middle of the room and bend over the chair. Tyrone is probably 5'10" or 11", 170 or so, with a high, round butt. DD ordered me to bend over in the corner so I could watch what was happening. He spanked Tyrone on the seat of his pants first with a light paddle, then a frat paddle and his hand. Then, he told him to let his pants down, and bend over again. More hand, paddle and the half-cane smacked his briefs. Then, DD lowered those, and got serious with his hand, the cane and yet a different paddle, a round one that would cover even Tyrone's large butt.

DD then got his strap out, and briefly strapped Tyrone, and then turned and strapped MY rear end, then stood between us and strapped both, though he complained he really couldn't get a good swing going. Throughout, Tyrone had been completely stoic, not moving, not wiggling, not making any noise. He was going to "take his punishment like a man."

At that point, Daddy Dan ordered me out of the corner, put a second chair in the middle of the room, and turned me over it. The picture is quite a contrast: Tyrone's large, manly black ass, and my rosy, hairless boybottom, that looks even more boyish in contrast. HIs briefs are around his thighs, mine around my ankles. His legs are proudly spread; mine held tight together. He braces himself on stiff arms on the seat of the chair, while I am bent firmly right over the back of the chair.

DD then gave us both some more hand swats on our bare rumps, then ordered me down on my knees. He told me to cool Tyrone's ass off, and I moved over and gently licked and kissed that muscular black behind. His cheeks were hot against my tongue, and he had a couple blisters that I soothed as best I could. You can imagine it was quite a sight, and also one that made it quite clear who the boy in the room was!

I was ordered back across the chair, and then Tyrone was allowed to raise his trousers. DD sat down, and back across his lap I went. It was time for me to really get it!

Daddy Dan was in no mood to fool around, and what followed was a unbroken, 15 minute blistering with his palm, the small, round faced hairbrush, and the long-handled shower brush. As the spanking progressed, I became increasingly frantic. My bottom bounced, bucked and wiggled over his lap, more and more frequently flashing my winking pucker at Tyrone. My legs opened and closed, and my kicking grew more and more desperate. My red shorts and underpants slipped past one foot, flying on one ankle like a distress flag! I began by agreeing to my punishment ("Yes, Sir. Yes, Sir. I've been a bad boy, Sir!), but, as my bottom grew hotter and hotter, that turned to pleading and promising ("I'm sorry. Please, Daddy. I'll do better. I will!"). But DD knew what he was after.


The hairbrush kept falling sharply, strongly, blazinging on my naked bottom, and the stinging grew worse and worse. My squirming was uncontrollable, and my legs were pumping so wildly my shorts and underpants shot off my ankle and through the air. I began to whimper softly.



My eyes got watery.


My voice thinned as I begged. ("Pleeaaseee, Daddy. Pleeasseee!).


And then...


Daddy Dan had this boy wailing over lap, right there in front of Tyrone.


Don't think my bawling ended the spanking! He switched back to his hand, and continued smacking my now very red rumpus just to make sure I got the message. My legs pumped the air without shame. My bottoms was on FIRE! I was crying like a 9 year old. And Still he spanked!

Finally, he pulled me sobbing from over his lap and held me briefly like a good dad till I quieted down a little, then sent me to the corner again.

You might have thought I'd been punished enough, but you don't know DD and his lack of patience with naughty boys like me. He and Tyrone chatted briefly again, but it was no more than a couple minutes before he came over to where I was studying the corner with a different hairbrush in hand--this a bent-necked Swedish sauna brush. He grabbed me around the belly and gave me a good dozen hard swats on my blazing bottom with that brush, then dragged me over to the chair again.

He bent me across the back of it, face to the seat, and I got at least 100 hard, fast shots to my distressed fanny with that sauna brush. He made me do one frantic two step for Tyrone, dancing up and down and back and forth, spreading my legs or holding them tight together to try to deal with the burn in my bottom! Tyrone got quite a view of dancing red bottom!

DD then switched to his hand, though on my tender rumpus, that provided little comfort. He spanked briskly, with a wide swing, and had me sniffling again. He then picked up that round-faced hairbrush he favors and lit into my rear, and it didn't take long for him to have me crying again, this time softly, but definitely shedding the tears of a well-disciplined boy: "DAD, PLEASE NO. I'LL BE GOOD. I'LL MIND! SIR, PLEASE, SIR! NOOOO! WAAH-AAAHHHA-HAAHHH! NO PLEASESIR, PLEASESIR NOMORENOMORE! OOOWWWW! WAAAAHHHHHHHH!"

=2E A dozen shots from that round pink paddle followed, which nearly knocked the wind out of me, before I was sent back once again to the corner.

Now, it was Tyrone's turn again for totaling that car. Bent over and looking through my legs, I saw him let his own pants and drawers down, and go over Daddy Dan's lap. There, for the next five minutes, he got his naked tail swatted with DD's palm, a switch, the sauna brush, and the shower brush. I was amazed. Maybe Tyrone was simply determined to show who the grown-up here was, but he hardly moved during his whole spanking! He kept his rump in position, and it was only with the showerbrush that he kicked a little bit. DD wasn't going easy on him either! He really was punishing him for wrecking that car, but Tyrone didn't even whine! Every so often, he would look up at my pink bottom in the corner, and it embarrassed me to think how he'd seen me kicking and crying when he was so controlled.

My embarrassment was to grow greater as soon as Tyrone's punishment ended=2E DD turned me back over the chair, and it was Tyrone this time, pants raised again, who smacked my hairless, red/white rumpus, his big black hands covering almost a whole cheek with each swat. He smacked my bottom with the casualness he might spank his own kids, 5 and 8, and of course, aside from those furry balls swinging back and forth between my legs, my own red and hairless rear looked like some giant, economy size of a 3rd grader's.

When Tyrone was done, Daddy Dan told me to stay over that chair, and then told Tyrone to get his pants off, he was going to give him a switching. He then talked softly to him as I remained there, bottom in the air, literally looking like that symbol on the computer, (_l_) [or is it, (=3Dl=3D)!], my pucker quite obvious in my smooth crack.

I heard a crackling sound, and then DD walked over beside me, and I suddenly felt something cold and wet on my boyhole. I knew then what was going to happen. Throughout both his own punishment and mine, Tyrone had obviously had a major hard-on. I knew how big his _d_i_c_k_ was--a proud, thick, uncut 8 incher. He was going to get a switching all right, but he was going to get it while relieving his aching boner up my tight, whiteboy hole!

Tyrone came behind me, lowered his shorts, and under DD's supervision, shoved that rubber-sheathed pole up my pucker. It felt HUGE. He began to pump my rectum,--OUCH! --but then, I began to adjust to that big prong and wiggle my bottom, with pleasure this time. He poked and probed me inside, and then, SWISH! He was getting the switch. SWISH! SWISH! Each time it struck his ass, his plow went deeper in me, or he jerked his _c_o_c_k_ this way and that in my rectum. I was getting royally reamed as he got his switching.

Daddy Dan paced the punishment. He'd let Tyrone just _f_u_c_k_ me for a while, then suddenly struck with the switch. I think he wanted the ramming to go on as long as possible. When it looked like Tyrone might be close to coming, he'd give him a dozen stripes that would take his mind off shooting his wad, and then he'd have to build up to blowing his wad again, which meant more intense pronging for my red bottom.

He _f_u_c_k_ed me for half-an-hour EASY, mostly over the chair, though we eventually ended up on the floor. Tyrone is a man who loves to use his _d_i_c_k_ up both men and women, and he was really pleasuring himself up my smooth, slick, red rump!

Finally, though, he shot his load in the scumbag.

Jeez, I felt like I'd been gangbanged! When he pulled out his babymaker, my puckerhole just gaped. I slowly got up, a little unsteady on my feet.

"Put you pants back on," Daddy Dan said. "Tyrone has got to get home.

You might think, after all this, that even a boy as bad as me had been punished enough.. As I sat through dinner on my blazing behind, I sure thought so! DD and I ate at a Big Boy (it was after 11:00, after all), full of high school kids hanging out. If they had only known, I thought--me smooth rumped and crotched, with a fanny red as a stop light. I almost blushed over my burger, thinking of the humiliation their unbelieving laughter would have caused me.

We returned to the hotel, and talked a little bit. DD inspected the condition of my behind, and then I went to take a shower and sooth my rosy rear as best I could while Daddy Dan watched the news. I thought we were going to bed, since by now it was after 1, but when I came out of the shower, DD said to me. "Get your clothes back on!"

As I dressed, he went over to his bag and took out a bundle of switches. "There's a nature trail out behind the hotel," he said. "Tyrone took his switching, but you haven't gotten yours yet. Let's go."

With that, he marched me out into a kind of park that separated the hotel from the freeway. The woods were thick, with just a little light filtering in from the street lights, and the mosquitos were bad. We went pretty far back in, though you could still see an apartment complex in the distance. Daddy Dan stopped and said, "Okay, now bend over and grab that log there."

I did was I was told. He slipped his leg in underneath me so I was essentially over his knee, and then pulled down my red shorts and underpants.

For about the next ten minutes, he broke switch after switch on my bare bottom, sometimes using two or three together! I knew I couldn't cry out, but the switch stings like fire. I was dancing like mad over DD's knee, and soon sniffling again. In the dim light, he could see my behind bouncing and knew he was getting through. I felt like the kid who misbehaves at a picnic and gets marched back in the woods, dad breaking off the switches as he goes.

"nooo! nooo! owww! ouch! ouch! owww! please, sir, please, sir pleasesirpleasesirnooooo!

The switching continued till there were none left. I was sniveling, not just my rump but the tops of my thighes in flames. Daddy Dan pulled me from off his thigh, held me a minute and rubbed my bottom, then, without a word, took me gently by the arm and led me back through the woods, the elastic of my pants and underpants clinging just above my knees.

I thought he was going to make me walk with my pants down and my bare red bottom on display across that parking lot in Ohio (and he told me if it had been 4:30 instead of 2:00, he would have), but as we got to the edge of the woods, he reached down and pulled my pants up. We got back to the room, and he inspected his work almost immediately. My smooth, already colorful rumpus and hairy legs were crosshatched by angry red welts, just like those of a little boy who's suffered a good switching.

Then it was time for bed. Daddy Dan stripped me and laid me down. He rubbed some cream on my stinging red bottom, and asked me if I thought I had gotten what bad boys deserve. I agreed that I'd been punished the way boys like me needed. He took some Vicks Vaporub then, smeared it on my hole, and shoved his finger up my that pucker Tyrone had stretched, and told me he wanted to see his boy beat off. I immediately sprang a boner, and I was happy to masturbate in front of him as he moved one, then two, and finally three fingers around in my rectum. After this boy shot, Daddy Dan straddled me and sat on that fanny he had temped, enemaed, shaved, spanked, seen _f_u_c_k_ed, switched, and invaded with hotlube on his fingers, and he pulled his daddy_d_i_c_k_ out of his shorts and shot his manload all over my back, the heat of my rear end radiating through his shorts to his man's ass.

I woke up next morning at 6. With DD there asleep beside me, I quietly rubbed my still burning bottom and masturbated again, thinking about all my spankings and how I really did feel like a bad boy, dreading every moment DD would wake up and take me across his lap again. That was where I ended up in any case at 9:30, getting a brief "refresher course" with hand, half-cane and ruler in the price I could expect to pay for misbehaving. I was then allowed to masturbate again in front of him, after which I got "a little taste" of what I could expect if my comportment didn't improve. As you probably know, a spanking right after you've come off is even more intense, and the ruler really had me wiggling and promising plenty after only 2 dozen swats.

Daddy Dan inspected my bottom again, and put some more cream on it. He was impressed at how fast the welts were fading, and how, though still glowing, my rumpus was far less red than he would have expected. His hands rubbing my buns, his fingers grazing my hole--well, you know how it is. When he was done, I got off the bed, and my pecker was half hard again. He laughed, but in the next ten minutes, if anything, my prick just got stiffer. It was just really exciting for me to walk around naked in front of this strict man who had made such a boy out of me--bushless with a smooth and very sore behind. Finally, he ordered me over on the bed, in knee/chest position, and got the half-cane. He put some Vicks on my by now firm boner. For my fanny's sake, I hated the idea of further punishment, but still, I was excited that this man was not going to let me get away with anything, no matter HOW red my rear was.

"I'm going to spank you, and you're going to get off, once and for all, while I'm spanking, do you understand!" I said "Yes, Sir," and that cane landed across my rear. I started to pull my pecker frantically.

He was really pretty kind to me. He tapped my spread rumpus with that cane, only occasionally landing a solid lash, while I jacked myself rapidly, my balls flopping back and forth. As he spanked, he told me I'd gotten off easy this time, and the next time I got a spanking from him, it would be FAR worse. He told me what I really deserved was a spanking like the one where he made me sob twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. He told me that, the next time he punished me, more people than Tyrone would see that hairless rumpus bouncing! In that moment, I couldn't have agreed more

I came, massively, and then it was checkout time. We got dressed and packed up, and he headed south and I headed north. As I planted my shaved, red, burning bottom on the hot upholstery, I wondered just how I could sit for the hour and a half of the trip upcoming. I turned on the radio, and they were playing The Band's "The Weight." "Take a load off Fanny..." it says.

PS--Much of this is on video and some on GIF

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