Towel Boy

by Sean <>

It was afternoon before Chris' battered old Celica crawled onto campus from the interstate. He had a map, and directions to the university, but he had still managed to get lost a few times. He was exhausted by the time he pulled up in front of the ivy-covered red brick dormitory. With dismay, he discovered that his room was located on the third floor.

"Third floor?" he groaned, as the pasty-faced RM checked off his name. "I got to drag all this stuff up there?"

"Yes. And don't leave it in your car overnight. We had two cars broken into last night."

The third trip up, Chris' arms were aching. His slender frame was not meant for house moving. He set his stereo speakers on the second floor landing and stopped to run his fingers through his close-cropped blond hair and wipe the sweat on his shorts. He took a couple of sips from the ancient water fountain, picked up his burden, and started up again. Halfway up the stairs, he felt the speakers slipping. Cursing himself for trying to carry them both at once, he tried to support them with his knee, then felt himself going off-balance.

"Oh, _s_h_i_t_!" he said, out loud, as his foot slipped off the step. Just as he was sure he would fall backwards, firm hands grabbed him firmly by the butt and shoulder, and pushed him back upright. He managed to set the speakers on the next step, then turned around.

"Dude. Looked like you could use some help." He had a gorgeous smile, full of white teeth; a beautiful golden tan. His eyes were a bleached-out blue, almost white, and his light brown hair, shoulder-length, was streaked with gold from the sun. He was as buff as any guy Chris had ever seen, with wide shoulders and thick neck muscles, and big, flat pecs under a tight, faded OP tank-top. Chris' eyes wandered down the trim waist to the boy's meaty thighs, clad in red bike shorts that left little to the imagination. He was hung! Chris suddenly realized that he was staring. He closed his mouth, which must have hung open for ... how long? The unbelievable hunk before him laughed, good-naturedly. He was only a couple of years older, Chris thought, but he seemed so confident and mature!

"Terry Boyce." he said, holding out his hand. He had a soft southern drawl. Chris shook it. "I live here, on Two. You upstairs?"

"Uh, yeah. I'm Chris, Chris MacDonald. I'm up in 315."

"Wanna hand with your stuff? I could take one of the speakers."

"Sure". The two boys shouldered the speakers and started up the stairs. Chris led the way into his room. Nothing was unpacked but the stereo components.

"Where do you want this?" Terry asked. He looked like a statue of Atlas.

"Next to the stereo. Other side." Chris watched as Terry bent to set the speaker down, his muscular ass tightening as he did. Chris felt himself popping a boner in his tight cutoffs. He set his own burden down. Terry was still bent over, looking at Chris' stereo system. It was expensive: an off-to-school present from his parents, just out of the boxes.

"Nice system!" Terry said, appreciatively, turning around.

"Well, thanks." Chris said, trying to avoid looking at Terry's crotch and suddenly sweating much more than he had been.

"Nuthin'. You got more stuff to bring up? I don't mind helping' out."

"Uh, yeah ... you don't mind?" Chris intended to take up the rear, if he could.

"Naw. Since we're in the same dorm and all. No problem." They went down to the car for the next load.

Chris let Terry go first up the stairs. He couldn't keep his eyes off the tight, well-muscled ass in front of him the whole time, the way it dimpled and moved as Terry climbed the stairs. By the last load, Chris felt faint, and not just from the climb. His _c_o_c_k_ was aching in his shorts, and he pulled his t-shirt down to cover the bulge, embarrassed.

"Well, Chris, glad I could help. Hey, wanna come down to my room? I got some beers. Just for a little while?"

"Uh, well ..." Chris balked at the thought of sitting in the same room with this stud for very long, and with beer. He had a tendency to lose his inhibitions very quickly with alcohol. "I'm kind of tired. Long drive."

"Okay. I'm in 230, if you wanna drop by later. Anyway, I know where you are. We got to get together sometimes. Have a few beers. Okay?"

"Sure." Chris felt like he was about to faint. "I'll do that."

"Okay, man. See ya later." he was gone, closing the door behind him. Chris stripped off his soggy t-shirt . He set up the stereo, put on some music and stretched out on the bed. _d_a_m_n_, he thought: one hour on campus and I meet the hottest dude in the universe. He tried to put it out of his mind, but he kept imagining Terry's firm, round butt and bulging _c_o_c_k_, and what he would look like without the bike shorts. He was worn out, but his throbbing _d_i_c_k_ wouldn't let him sleep.

"Oh, well" he said to himself, unzipping his shorts. He slipped out of them, and his underwear, and lay naked on the bed, thinking of Terry's hot body, stroking his aching hardon. Green Day was playing on the stereo:

"Bite my lips and close my eyes, take me away to paradise ..."

"Oh, yeah ..." Chris whispered, as he fondled the swollen head. "Yeah ..." Biting his lip, eyes closed, he dreamed of Terry's incredible butt, and shot off all over his naked, sweating chest.

"Oh, yeahhhhhh.....!"

Chris spent most of the morning registering and paying his fees. His last stop was the Athletic Office, where his scholarship had provided a student job. He found he would be working at the Recreation Center, which was fine, as far as Chris was concerned. It would be evenings mostly, three nights a week, working the desk, and there was plenty of time to study, besides checking out the dudes. He had just missed getting an athletic scholarship as a swimmer, but an alumni scholarship for his 4.0 high school average paid his tuition, with some left over for books. It was a great complex, with both indoor and outdoor pools, and Chris couldn't wait to take advantage of the facilities. He enjoyed swimming and working out, and not just because of the opportunity to check out the other boys: that was just a perk, he figured.

One of the sophomore workers was showing him around the pool area when he heard a familiar voice:

"Chris! What's going' on, man?" He looked over. It was Terry, pushing himself out of the pool on muscular arms. He grinned, shaking his long hair and pushing it behind his head with his hands as he walked over to where Chris was standing. His lean, tanned body glistened, and his wet blue speedo clung tightly to his hips, outlining his ample crotch.

"Uh, ... what are you doing here?"

"I'm on the swim team, man! Yeah! Just getting in a few. You swim?"

"Yeah. I mean, I'm not on the team. In high school. I'm working here."

"Great! We'll see each other all the time, then. Yeah, I'm in here every day, every minute I can spare. Got to keep up, you know. I would of guessed you were a swimmer. You look like one."

"Well, I'm not that good," Chris said, trying not to stare. He felt his _c_o_c_k_ swelling in his jeans.

"Bull_s_h_i_t_! We ought to work out together sometime. I need somebody to pace me. You headed back to the dorm?"

"Uh, no. No. I got some things to do first, I mean."

"Okay. You ought to come by tonight. Have a beer. 230, remember?"

"Okay. I mean, maybe. I got a lot of _s_h_i_t_ to do. I mean, I might."

"Sure. I understand. Hey, great, you working here and all." He picked up a towel and started towards the locker room. Chris stared after his awesome butt as he strode away.

"Hey, Chris! Space cadet!" his guide interrupted his reverie. "I don't got all day. C'mon. I have to show you the desk."

"Oh, sure ..." Chris mumbled. "Sorry. That guy lives in my dorm."

"Well, c'mon. I get off in 15 minutes." And I'll get off as soon as I get back to my room, Chris thought, following him towards the office, his hard _c_o_c_k_ slipping back and forth in his jeans with every step. Maybe this IS paradise, he thought.

The next few weeks were busy ones for Chris, with classes and his student job. He seemed to run into Terry everywhere he went, and it always caused him embarrassment. Many of the guys in his dorm were jocks and straight, and Terry seemed to hang out with a lot of them. Chris spent most of his _s_e_x_ual tension swimming and working out, when he had spare time, trying to avoid running into him, but Terry seemed to show up everywhere he went. One weekend, as he was showering after a really hard workout, he was horrified when the object of his lust-filled jack-off sessions stepped into the shower next to him, stripping off his wet speedo.

"Hi!" Terry said, cheerfully. Chris mumbled something, trying to look away.

"Man, you're always busy! Don't you ever take time to relax?" Terry asked, soaping himself all over. The suds washed down his perfect stomach into the nest of blond hair between his legs. _d_a_m_n_! He had to be at least eight inches! It wasn't even hard, and it was bigger than Chris'! He smiled back and put his face under the stream of water.

"Yeah. I'm pretty busy."

"Me and some friends are going out tonight. Going out to a club and have a few beers. Wanna come?"

"Uh. I have to study. Big exam Monday." Chris replied.

"Too bad. All work and no play, huh?" Chris sneaked a peek. Terry's back was turned, and he let his eyes roam over the other boy's muscular back and tight round butt. God, he wanted to! Then Terry turned around.

"You sure?" he asked. Chris looked away, but not before he caught a glimpse of Terry's half-hard _c_o_c_k_. He almost fainted. Terry was facing him, unabashed, toweling off.

"Gotta run," he gasped. "See ya!" He turned and bent to grab his towel. There was a loud crack and a feeling like a hot poker across his tight little ass. He rubbed the red spot gingerly. Terry grinned mischievously. "Gotta go," Chris said, again, retreating to his locker to finish dressing. Later,in the solitude of his room, he lay in bed, rubbing his aching boner through his jeans until he heard steps coming up the stairs. They stopped at his door. Breathless, he waited, afraid to move. There was a knock. Then a few minutes. Then a second knock. He waited until he heard footsteps again, retreating down the stairs, before he could breathe again. He could still feel the warm spot where the towel had stung him.

Oh, God! What if he IS... no, that couldn't be. Maybe it was a sign ... no, he thought, guys did stuff like that in locker rooms. All the straight guys in high school had done it. He'd always been afraid to. Chris was in agony. Even in class, at work, studying, all he could think about was Terry: that toothy smile, long blond hair, those perfect pecs and buns ... that luscious _c_o_c_k_! He unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them down. God, I'm gonna wear this thing out, he thought, spanking his monkey for what had to be the twentieth time this week. If only Terry was ... but, he couldn't be! He closed his eyes, imagining sucking on Terry's beautiful _c_o_c_k_, imagining the bite of the wet towel on his naked bottom, until he sprayed his heaving stomach once again. Gee, he thought, where does all this jism come from? It seemed like he always had another monster load, ready to shoot! Poor Chris had never felt so tortured in his young life! To be so close to his object of desire, and find it unattainable. He'd better chill out, he thought, before he slipped up and got into trouble. If he ever let anything slip, accidentally : ... he had heard horror stories about what happened to gay boys in college dorms!

One Friday night, Chris had to work until closing.It was the first time he had closed the Rec Center by himself, and it was his job to pick up all the towels and make sure the door was locked and the lights out before leaving for the night. He did his work quietly, trying to study for awhile, still tortured by thoughts of Terry. By closing time, he was suffering from the same chronic boner that hounded him day and night. After locking up the office, he started his rounds of the locker rooms, picking up towels as he went, and cutting off lights.

He reached the back locker room in time to hear the shower cut off. He was puzzled: everyone should have left half an hour ago. He waited by the back bank of lockers to see who it was. To his surprise, it was Terry, walking slowly back to the lockers, speedo in hand, toweling his long hair vigorously. Chris caught his breath. Terry had an incredible hardon! It was huge! It stood straight out from his muscled stomach, bobbing gently as he walked. Chris peeked between the lockers and the wall as Terry stopped to dry off in front of the full length mirror.

Terry admired himself, checking out his perfect body. Chris' boner was aching now. He rubbed it slowly through the straining denim. Then, he watched as, dropping the towel, Terry grasped his own stiff pole and began to slowly stroke it! Chris thought he would die! He was watching Terry jack off in the locker room! It was a fantasy come true, like the ones that populated the fevered nights spent beating his own tortured meat! The temptation was too great! He felt that bottomless well of teenaged lust fill his burning loins again! He couldn't help himself. Slowly, quietly, he unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them down his thighs. Then he slipped his briefs down, freeing his throbbing _c_o_c_k_. Still watching, enraptured, he started to stroke it, slowly, in rhythm with Terry.

It was awesome! Well,if he couldn't have Terry, this was the next best thing. He shuddered as he worked his aching meat up and down, watching Terry, ass tightening and muscled stomach rippling, as he pulled his, faster and faster. Oh, God, Chris thought, I'm gonna come like I never have before, ever! Terry must be getting close, he thought:: he was pounding his pud furiously. Chris labored to catch up, working his foreskin back and forth over the swollen purple head. Then, suddenly, Terry's ass tightened and his back arched, and, with a low moan, he spumed a long white stream that splashed the mirror in front of him. Chris worked like a demon to climax.

Terry picked up his towel and bent down to wipe the mirror, giving Chris a perfect view of his studly ass and huge balls. I've GOT to come, he thought, I've just GOT TO! This will be the best! Please, he prayed silently, let me get off in time to get back up front before he's dressed! I can't let him see me!I'm almost there! PLEEZPLEEZPLEEZ! _d_a_m_n_!

Terry stepped out of view, behind the lockers. Oh, well, Chris thought:, too late: can't stop now! He closed his eyes, trying to remember the incredible moment of Terry's orgasm. He was right there ... RIGHT THERE ... when he heard Terry's voice:

"Uh HUH! So, what are you doing, you little pre-vert?" Chris opened his eyes. To his horror, Terry was standing right in front of him, with jeans on now and his hair pulled back into a ponytail, arms folded. Chris jumped, sprawling backwards on the tiled floor.

"Uh, ... uh..." Chris sputtered. There wasn't much he could say, caught with his jeans to his knees and a raging boner in his hand. "I can explain?" His _c_o_c_k_, a moment before the hardest he had ever felt it, wilted like an overcooked noodle.

"Get out here!" Terry said, roughly, grabbing the younger boy by one arm. Chris complied, pulling his jeans and underwear up clumsily. Terry grabbed him by waistband of his jeans an propelled him into the room, between the benches and the mirror. He laughed. "You little faggot! I knew you was on the first time I saw you. _d_a_m_n_! Whacking off in the locker room! Naughty boy! Hey:were you watching me?"

"Uh, ... no ..., uh...."Chris stuttered, his boner history. "Look, Terry PLEASE don't tell anybody! PLEASE! I'll lose my job .... my parents will find out ... I'll have to leave school. Please don't!" Chris felt like he was about to cry.

"I won't tell anybody," Terry said, finally. "But, I got to do something. Can't have little faggot towel boys peeking at me and beating off, can I?"

"Look ... I'll never do it again, I swear! I'll give you anything you want.! You want my stereo? You said you liked it ..."

"Nope," Terry laughed deeply. "Don''t try to bribe your way out of it!! I won't turn you in ... what they'd do to you wouldn't be pleasant. But I can't just let you off scot free. What are we gonna do with you, huh, Chris? Huh?"

"Please, Terry! Don't tell on me! Please don't! I promise not to do it any more. I'll do whatever you say. Just don't tell!"A tear wet his cheek. Then another.

"Get over here, you little _s_h_i_t_!" Terry sat down on a bench. Tears in his eyes, Chris complied. "Now, bend over, across my knees!"

"But ..." Chris sniffled. He felt his face flush bright crimson.

"I said, bend over! Or do you want me to talk to the dean? Go peeking around locker rooms and beating off like some little high school brat and you'll get just what you deserve. Pull down those jeans! Now!" Chris complied, reluctantly. It felt strangely erotic, being pulled across Terry's muscular thighs. He started to get an erection again. "I'm gonna teach you a lesson you'll never forget!" He said. Roughly, he jerked Chris' jeans and underwear down to his knees, exposing his trim white ass with its perfect tan lines. Chris' heart was pounding.

"Chris, I thought we could be friends. I'm sorry I have to do this, but you need a hard lesson!" He brought his meaty hand down across the boy's buttocks with a loud crack.

"Owww!" Chris protested. His butt burned like fire! "Please! I won't do it again! I promise!" But Terry continued to spank the younger boy, harder and harder. Chris squirmed under his grasp, clenching his blazing ass-cheeks. His _c_o_c_k_ was hard as a rock again! Oh, it hurt so much, but the rubbing of his aching boner against Terry's denim-clad thighs was delicious! He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror, bent over the other boy's lap, his ass a bright crimson. He prayed he wouldn't shoot off on Terry's jeans: what would Terry do to him if that happened? Terry spanked him until the hand prints on his cute little ass merged into one crimson mass, covering both tender cheeks, and Chris sobbed like a baby from the pain, the humiliation and the _s_e_x_ual frustration of it all. Then, mercifully, it was over.

"Learn your lesson, boy?" Terry said.

"Yes, Terry! I'll be good from now on, I promise! Just don't tell on me!" the boy whimpered.

"Stand up!" Chris complied. His swollen _c_o_c_k_ stood straight out again. "Well, look at that! You liked it, didn't you, you little queer? Well, I know how to fix that!" To Chris' shock, Terry pushed him up against the mirror! The cool glass felt good against his blistered behind. Oh, great, Chris thought, now he's gonna kill me! To his even greater shock, the studly swimmer knelt in front of him, taking Chris' _c_o_c_k_ into his mouth! It was hot as a furnace! It was incredible!

"Ohhhh..."Chris moaned, as Terry sucked him expertly, up and down, over the head and tickling behind it, caressing his balls and sliding one hand up Chris' smooth chest to pinch his hard nipples. His burning butt squeaked against the glass as he writhed in ecstasy.

"Oh, Terry ... oohhh!" He placed his hands on the broad, tanned shoulders as incredible shudders ran up and down his spine. "I ....I...."

"Just shut up, will ya!" Terry snapped, taking his mouth off Chris' _c_o_c_k_ long enough to grin up at him. "What's the matter? Never been sucked before?"

"No .....ooooh!" Chris squealed, as an expert finger slipped up his cherry asshole. Suddenly he came, so powerfully that he almost fell over Terry, moaning in ecstasy as he pumped and pumped and pumped until he thought he would never stop.

" Oh, .... God..." Chris slumped against the mirror, gasping. Terry laughed and continued getting dressed. Chris pulled up his pants and tucked his shirt back in. "I got to close up now ..." He was shaking all over.

"Wait a minute! You're not going anywhere without me, Chris," Terry said, hefting his gym bag. He threw one muscular arm over the slender boy's shoulders. They walked back up front together. Chris locked up, and then they left, together,walking towards the dorm.

"You little _s_h_i_t_!" Terry laughed. "Bet I had you about to pee yourself, didn't I?" He laughed. He had a deep, hearty laugh. "Sorry about all that faggot' stuff, but I just couldn't resist. You looked so ... vulnerable! _d_a_m_n_! I thought I'd NEVER get in your pants! I was beginning to think you weren't queer! _d_a_m_n_!"

"Terry, I uh ....well," Here goes nothing, Chris thought.. " I've been beating off every night, thinking about you," Chris confessed. He got a good hard swat on his sore butt for that.

"You weren't the only one! Man, I never threw myself at a guy like I did at you before! I was scared to death someone would catch on before you did! I had the hots for you that first day... I was looking at your cute little butt going up and down the stairs."

"Really?" Chris gulped. He couldn't believe it.

"Well, I guess now you're ready for a couple of beers in my room. Maybe we'll go out , that is ... unless you have to study?"

"Uh, come to think of it, Terry, I got nothing at all to do tonight."

"Good. I enjoyed spanking that hot little butt. I've always wanted to spank a cute little guy like you. You uh, feel like another one, sometime soon, I mean?"

"Sure," Chris said, rubbing the seat of his jeans. "Uh, not tonight, though ..." He was getting hard again already.

"Well," Terry said, as they reached the dorm. "We'll take it slow. After you."

Chris went up the stairs. He could feel Terry's eyes on his ass as they climbed to the second floor.

"Well," Terry said, pushing the door open. "Here it is!" Chris went in ahead of him, and heard the door click and lock behind him. Terry busied himself closing the blinds. It looked just like any jock's room Chris had ever seen.

"Ready for the transformation?" Terry said, grinning. He reached up, turning a sports poster around to reveal a gaudy fan poster of teen idol Corey Haim! Unlocking the padlocked closet, he took out two boxes and put them at Chris' feet. One was full of gay porn mags! He looked in the other box: it was filled with disco CD's! His mouth must of hung open, because Terry laughed.

"You do kind of look a little like Corey!" he exclaimed. "I had the hots for him since I was in junior high. I, uh, have to keep this stuff put away, you know, I don't really want everybody to know about this. Okay? Just you." He put on a CD, and Donna Summer's voice filled the room. "Well? Surprised?" Chris nodded, numbly. "Want a drink? How about mimosas? I love mimosas!"

"Uh, sure ..." Chris felt light-headed.

Two or three mimosas later, both boys' clothes were in a heap, and Chris was giving the very first blow-job of his life. He sucked Terry greedily, hungrily, until his efforts were rewarded by a sweet gusher that filled his mouth and dripped down his chin. Terry lay back, gorgeous, naked and smiling.

"You're kinda new to this, aren't you, Chris?" Terry asked. "Don't worry, you'll find it gets easier and easier, after a while.

"I never thought .." Chris said, as they cuddled under the covers, warm against each other.

"Yeah. I got to play the tough jock around here. I got tired of cruising the gay bars, always afraid somebody might see me who shouldn't. It's nice to just be myself . I guess, well, I hope we'll be seeing a lot more of each other ... and not just in the locker room, okay?" "Well," Chris said. "It would be kind of nice, having an older guy to, uh, look after me, kind of."

"Yeah. You do need some looking after, I guess. And, that means a good spanking if you misbehave: got that?"

"When I deserve it," Chris added, and I will he thought, smiling to himself.