by Firmhand <>

Alex stands at Mark's doorway wearing a tight T-shirt and boxer shorts with a towel over his shoulder holding a toothbrush and toothpaste in one hand. It is a dormitory-style room with fraternity paraphernalia on the walls including a paddle.

"Hey, Mark, you're back. How was your weekend? Did you want to see me? There's a big sign downstairs that says all us pledges have to report to their Big Brothers before bed."

"Yeah, come on in." [Alex enters] "And shut the door." [Alex closes the door]

"I figured I'd better check up on how my Little Pledge Brother did during his first weekend of Hazing Week."

(Alex smiles a bit uneasily): "Well, they got us good."

"Oh yeah, what'd they do to you?"

"Oh, you know, a lot of push-ups and that kind of stuff....we had to run around the block in our jockstraps and later that night we got paddled pretty bad...that was about it."

"Oh really?...that was it?....well, some of the brothers were telling me that YOU got a little `special' attention Saturday night."

"What? Oh, yeah (clearly embarrassed)...that....well, some of us got spanked a little after the paddling, too."

Mark responds irritably, "So, what, uh...they just sort of singled out MY Little Pledge Brother to get spanked?"

"What?" (Alex is surprised at Mark's forcefulness)

"When you guys got paddled....You were the only guy to get spanked afterwards?!"

"Yeah," Alex answered sheepishly.

"How'd they spank you?"

"How? Uh, you know...over their knees...each of the brothers took a turn with me over their lap..."

"In your underwear?"

(Alex hesitates) "No, they, uh...took those off."

"So they grabbed you, out of all the pledges, stripped you butt naked in front of everyone and took turns putting you over their knees and spanking you on your bare ass?....Did it hurt?"

" fact, it was a lot worse than the paddling. I was kinda surprised."

"Were all the other guys watching?"

(Alex shifts uneasily) "Uh...yeah....I guess so."

Mark's voice gets colder and firmer: "You GUESS so, Pledge? Put your stuff down! I think you had better tell me all about this, Little Brother -- ALL about it, you got that, Pledge?"


"Yes, SIR!"

"Yes, Sir!" (Alex put his things on Mark's desk and stands up, feet apart, hands behind his back at parade rest.)

"Now, start at the guys got taken downstairs and paddled."

"Yes, sir, down in the pool room. They made us line up and bend over the pool table and then they took turns."

"You guys have your pants on?"

"No, sir, just our underwear."

"Did they paddle you hard?"

"Some of the guys did."

"You still sore?"

"Naw, I'm okay now."

"Turn around."


"Turn around!" (Alex turns around and faces the wall)

"Drop your shorts." (Alex hesitates for a second and then does as he is told)

"Bend over." (He does. Mark runs his hands over Alex's butt and finishes his inspection with a sharp smack that makes Alex jump.)

"Well, it doesn't look like they did any permanent damage. Stand up." (Alex starts to stand up pulling up his boxer shorts but Mark stops him)

"Uh-uh! Keep the shorts where they are. And take off your T-shirt" (Alex looks back over his shoulder questioningly, but then takes off his shirt and remains standing with his back toward Mark, shorts around his ankles, hands crossed in front over his crotch.) "We've got a little business to take care of here...Do you know what the sign downstairs was about? Do you know what today is?"

"No, sir."

"Virginity Verification Day."

"What's that?"

"Well, if you're still a virgin I have to fill out this certificate (picking up briefly a large piece of paper on his desk), and they hang it up downstairs, and tomorrow you get initiated into the Order of the Virgins. So, is your ass still virgin, pledge?"

Alex laughs. "No way, I had a girlfriend all during my senior year, we got it on lots of times."

"I didn't ask if you'd _f_u_c_k_ed girls, stupid.....I asked if your ass is still virgin!"

"Huh? My ass? Like have I ever BEEN _f_u_c_k_ed? No way!"

"Glad to hear it, bud. Now all we have to do is `verify' that and I can fill out your certificate and we're done."

"Verify it?" Alex, confused, looks back over his shoulder just in time to see Mark pulling a tight rubber hospital glove onto his left hand. Then his eyes move rapidly back and forth between Mark and the jar of Vaseline sitting on Mark's desk...Mark smirks at his confusion...Alex's mouth drops open in comprehension.

"Oh _f_u_c_k_, man....No way....c'mon...." He starts breathing a little hard and is visibly anxious, he looks rapidly around the room as if for an escape, clearly trying to decide if this is a joke or for real.

Mark finishes pulling on the glove and wiggles his fingers in the air. He smiles smugly and motions with his forefinger for Alex to approach. In a fake cheery voice his says, "The doctor will see you now! So, pledge...just come right over here to the desk ...(then he adds in a dark, sinister voice) ....and bend over.....(Mark laughs) you're gonna LOVE this."

"C'mon, you're _s_h_i_t_ting me, man. Is this for real?"

"Pledge! Get over to that desk and assume the position NOW!"

Alex shrugs resignedly and steps out of his shorts and walks over to the desk slowly, he hesitates, and then leans a little ways over the desk and rests on his hands, but Mark stands up and pushes him down further, hard, so that he is completely over the desk, resting on his elbows.

Mark gives Alex a smack on the ass: "Spread 'em!" (Alex reluctantly spreads his legs) "Wider!" (Alex stands with his feet wide apart bent over the desk)

While Alex watches nervously over his shoulder, Mark reaches over and picks up the jar of vaseline and dramatically scoops a large glob onto one finger, then puts the jar down. "You know you really ought to thank me, pledge, for using lube...otherwise this hurts like hell...(in a fake southern drawl) ...ooooh, yessiree, burns like a red-hot poker!" Mark laughs and adds, "If you see anybody who can't sit down tomorrow you'll know HIS Big Brother didn't use any!"

He then sits on the chair behind Alex.

"C'mon Mark you're not really gonna...!"

Mark slips the tip of his finger between Alex's cheeks and zeroes in on his target but Alex twists away and stands up.

"_s_h_i_t_, man..."

Mark looks angry. "That's insubordination pledge!" (He stands up, reaches over and gets the paddle off the wall and tosses it on the bed.) "You got one more chance, pledge. Bend over!"

Alex resignedly leans back over the desk. This time Mark locates his target and immediately thrusts in his finger fast and smooth.

"OW! _s_h_i_t_! Take it easy, man!"

"You might as well relax and enjoy it, boy."

"Yeah, sure!" [With that Mark begins to move his finger in and out, finger-_f_u_c_k_ing Alex real slow. Alex squirms and screws up his face in extreme discomfort.]

"Oh _f_u_c_k_!"

"Well, it seems pretty tight back here, boy, but's a little hard to tell for sure..." He thrusts his finger back in deep.

Alex sucks in his breath loudly and grimaces even more but doesn't respond.

"So why did they pick on you?"

"What?" (Alex gasps and shifts his weight uneasily as Mark continues his "inspection") "Aaaaargh."

"Saturday night...when you guys got taken down to the pool room....why did they pick just you to get spanked?"

[Alex is clearly having trouble concentrating and is distracted by the sensations of Mark's none-too-gentle penetrations] "Aaawww....I don't know, sir."

Mark gives Alex a sharp smack across the ass. "Ow!"

Mark's voice gets very threatening: "You SURE you don't know, pledge?" He stands up and grabs Alex by the back of the neck with his free hand and with his left hand finger_f_u_c_k_s him faster: "Why did they only spank YOU, Little Brother!?"

Mark pulls his finger out fast -- Alex gasps -- then he holds up two fingers, dips them in the vaseline, thrusts them firmly into Alex's ass.

"OOOOOOOWWWW! Okay, okay...just stop, just stop for a second for God's it..." (Mark stops but keeps his fingers deep inside the suffering pledge.)

"Oh Jesus!...whew...(Alex is very uncomfortable and looks down in embarassment) He whispers, "Look....they picked on me 'cause I threw a hard-on when we were getting paddled."

"What'd you say, pledge? I can't hear you."

"'Cause I had a hard-on, sir!"

Mark smiles wickedly: "I see...." (He lets go of Alex's neck and sits back down on the chair and begins finger_f_u_c_k_ing him again slowly but with two fingers now.)

"So, my Little Pledge Brother likes getting spanked...."

"No, I don't, sir, I swear I don't!"

Mark continues finger_f_u_c_k_ing and now reaches up and begins to knead Alex's buns with his hand....then he delivers a sensuous sharp spank -- Whack!

"Then why'd you have a hard-on?"

"I don't know, sir"

"You don't know, hmmmmm.....[smack!]...well, when did you get hard? When they made you strip down?"

"I don't know, sir...I don't remember."

[Smack!]... "Are you hard now?"

"No, sir."

"Well...maybe you got hard when you had to bend over knowing that you were going to get that it?"

[Mark's hand begins going in and out faster; with his other hand he begins a regular rhythm of smacks across Alex's butt.....smack! smack! smack!]

Alex's voice sounds desperate: "Please, sir....don't!"


"Don't WHAT, pledge?" [Smack!]

"Don't do this, sir" [Smack!]

"Don't spank you? Why? [Smack!] Is it turning you on?"

"No, sir." [Smack!]

Mark pulls his fingers out and reaches down and picks up his frat paddle off the bed. "So did you get hard, Little Brother, when you were bending over waiting to feel the paddle across your ass?"

"I don't know, sir"

"You don't know?" He takes three fingers and thrusts them into Alex's tight butt.

"OOOOOWWWWW....God you're killing me...c'mon, Mark, knock it off, okay...please stop!"

"Are you hard now?" (Mark reaches between Alex's legs and feels him) "No, not yet.....well, maybe you liked the sound of that paddle on those other guys' that it?" [He pulls his fingers out again]

Mark smacks his left hand with the paddle several times. After the first couple he adds sound effects: "Ow!....OOOOWWWW!...Oh _f_u_c_k_ that HURTS!...Oww!...."

Then he takes the paddle and runs it slowly across Alex's ass. "Oh that paddle hurts, doesn't it, pledge.....on your bare ass....all the other guys are watching...oooooh yeah that stings.....makes your ass burn, doesn't it?"

He gives Alex one light smack with the paddle and then he reaches down between his legs but Alex pulls away and stands up with his hand over his crotch trying to cover his erection.

"Uh-oh, Little Brother.....Big Brother's found out your seeeeecret, hasn't he?" Marks says tauntingly. "Hands at your sides, Pledge!" (Alex stands up, humiliated, and lets his hands fall to his sides revealing a full erection)

"Please don't do this, sir...please don't...."

"So what did they say when you got caught with a boner?"


"What'd they say?"

Alex practically whispers: "Well, they started teasing me and saying that they'd spank me till they made me cum."

"Oooooo...I'll bet you loved that!"

"No, I didn't, I swear I didn't."

"Who spanked you first?"


"Ouch! I bet gave it to you bad."

(Alex blushes) "Yeah."

"So did you have a hard-on the whole time?"

(Alex reluctantly nods yes)

"And DID they?"

"Did they what?"

"Make you cum."

"At the end they made me bend over and jack off while they paddled me."

"Wheewwww! Hot stuff, Little Brother! Wish I could have been there!"

(A minute of silence passes while Mark rubs his hand across the paddle and the two of them stare at each other. Alex looks scared, Mark looks aggressive and very turned on.)

"Turn around again."

"No! Why? What are you going to do? I've told you everything."

"Not quite....there's something I still want to know."

"What's that?"

Mark takes Alex by the shoulders and turns him toward the wall and then stands immediately behind him leaning in close to him till his lips are almost brushing against Alex's ear: "Well, you were hard...but you didn't cum when Phil and those guys spanked you.....but what I want to know, Little Brother, is... (Mark reaches down with his right hand and cups Alex's right asscheek in his palms) ....are you gonna cum when I spank you?"

"No! Look, don't do this, okay, I MEAN it!"

Mark reaches around with his still gloved left hand, slick with lube, and grabs Alex's hard-on. Alex gasps and stiffens all over. Mark begins to jack Alex off in front and roughly knead his ass behind. Alex inadvertently moans: "Aaaaaaah..."

"My only question is whether or not we should invite all the other guys on the floor to come and watch...I mean, for all I know, it might be the other guys WATCHING that really turns you on, right?"

"NO! Don't bring in the other guys...I mean it, don't Mark!"

"But you know they'd get off on it, Pledge, watching you get spanked till you cum.....(Mark walks towards the door and reaches out to open it)...Come on, I think we're gonna give 'em a little show. Besides, then every brother in the house is going to want to spank you...and you'll love that! I betcha won't be able to sit down all semester!"

"NO! No, I mean it. Stop!.....Look.....(Alex takes a big breath and exhales slowly, then adds more quietly)...Look, I'll do whatever you want, okay, but just keep it between the two of us, okay....don't bring in the other guys... please..."

(Mark leers victoriously) "That's better, pledge."

"And promise you won't tell anyone either."

(Mark's tone softens a little) "Alright, Little Bro', just between turn around..." (Mark turns Alex toward the wall again)


At first Alex can't tell what's happening, but then he hears an unmistakable sound, a zipper, followed by the rustling of clothes.....Mark was undressing. Suddenly Alex's stomach felt weak and he felt faint. He said quietly, "Oh, _s_h_i_t_!" But the thought of Mark stripping down in preparation for giving him a spanking made his _c_o_c_k_ so hard it hurt.

"Alright, come over here."

When Alex turns around Mark is standing in his boxer shorts cracking his knuckles by turning his hands inside out and extending them. "I'm gonna ENJOY this, pledge."

He sits on the edge of the bed. "Get your ass over my knee, boy. Now!"

Alex approaches, hesitates a moment, then slowly lowers himself over Mark's lap. He supports himself with both hands on the floor.


Alex shifts uneasily and stares at the floor, then closes his eyes tight. He jumps a little when he first feels Mark's hand on his ass....but it just brushes against his cheeks...then it rubs lightly over the naked curves of his buttocks...when it reache s his thighs, Alex tickles, but the anticipation is driving him crazy. He can feel his hard-on pressing against Mark's bare thigh and blushes furiously at the thought....

He focuses on Mark's left foot, just inches from his face...he thinks to himself that it's a very _s_e_x_y, masculine foot, muscular....long, thin toes, the big toe very square...a little hair on top....he's never been this close to a man's seems so private...intimate...Suddenly his attention is stolen away by Mark's fingers teasing their way into his crack and he instinctively squeezes his legs tight together ...he can hear Mark laughing quietly....

"Maaark...," Alex says pleadingly.

Still nothing. He waits for the spanking to start....then he sees Mark's foot shift and the toes contract suddenly and he can tell what's coming...the first smack explodes across his right cheek and he cries out: "OOOOWW!"

"Little buddy, if you don't want the other guys to know, you'd better be quieter than that...otherwise you'll have the whole floor here in no time."

Alex looks back over his shoulder in a pained, embarrassed way then lowers his head when he sees the next blow coming and grits his teeth. The smack is hard enough to make him gasp...Smack!....Smack!....Smack!....SMACK!

Alex whispers hoarsely, "Not so hard!" But Mark's only response is to pause, and then deliver a fast set of even harder smacks....SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! back and forth from one cheek to the other. Alex's ass turns bright red and he begins to squirm and kick, but Mark has a firm grip around his waist and pulls him even tighter into his stomach.

[Smack! smack! smack! smack!...]

"Oooo..I'll bet THAT hurts, doesn't it Li'l Bro'"

"Yes, sir," Alex gasps.

"Oh, but you like it...yes, you like it [smack! smack! smack!] being spanked liked a little boy...on your bare bottom....over a man's knee"


"Is your _d_i_c_k_ hard, pledge? (he reaches down to find out) ...oh yes, it sure gonna cum for me, Little Bro'.....or do I have to use my paddle on that hot ass of yours? Or is it _s_e_x_ier bare hand on bare ass?"

"No....please don't....I can't.....OOWWW! AAaargh!"

"Keep it down, boy, got take this one like a man so the other boys don't find out, right pledge? [Whack! Whack! Whack!]

"So did Daddy used to spank little Alex's bottom like this?"

[Alex shakes his head vigorously no.]

[Whack! whack! whack! whack! -- Alex responds with a spasm of kicking but Mark reins him in]

"Made you pull your pants down and spanked you bare, I bet."

"No he didn't....Aaaargh!"

Having spanked Alex's cheeks till they're red hot, Mark begins to aim a few hot smacks a little lower along the backs of Alex's thighs, just below his cheeks....Whack! Whack! Whack!

Alex explodes as this new attack begins to sting and burn and wriggles desperately to escape. He throws his hand back trying to fend off the worst of the fiery spanking across this tender new territory, but Mark snatches his wrist and twists it up behind him. Alex groans. "Uh-uh, Little Bro'.....not unless you want everyone in here watching you get your bare bottom want that?" (Mark twists Alex's arm harder)

"NO!....I mean, no, sir." (Mark eases up)

"Now I'm going to let your arm go and your going to keep it on the floor...understand?"

"Yes, sir.....(Alex is panting heavily) it's just hurts so bad, I swear to God, it hurts..."

"Yeah, but it hurts so good, doesn't it, boy!"

Mark begins to caress Alex's cheeks. "Your ass sure is red...nice and hot, too....whew, you're gonna feel this for days...and how's that hard-on, Little Bro', you getting off on this?"

Mark reaches underneath Alex and grabs his _c_o_c_k_. He slowly begins to jerk Alex off and with his other hand he begins to finger_f_u_c_k_ him. Alex squirms and moans loudly when Mark's finger enters him.

"Ooooh....aaargh.....oh please, lighten up...."

Then the caresses stop: Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!

Alex struggles desperately not to cry out, but Mark builds to a fast, hot crescendo [Smack! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!]


Then two fingers enter him and Alex groans in part from the discomfort of the rough penetration and in part out of relief that the spanking has stopped again....for a while, at least....

Suddenly all the sensations begin to meld together....the hot burning sensations across his ass and down the backs of his thighs, the hot slick sensations of Mark's fingers sliding in and out of his tight virgin hole, the pleasurable feeling of Mark's oth er hand on his _c_o_c_k_, the secret intimacy of being just inches from Mark's foot....which now seems to Alex so intensely _s_e_x_ual....Alex is breathing heavy... "AAAAAaaaaargh!"

Mark pulls him tighter into his body and they shift positions slightly....then Alex becomes aware of still another sensation...pressing against his stomach, fleshy, hard, poking into his belly, wet, slick....the realization that Mark is hard too turns Alex on something much he hardly realizes at first that Mark has stopped finger_f_u_c_k_ing him until he notices Mark's toes curling tight in anticipation...he looks up and cries out, "Nooooo!"

The paddle lands with a dreadful crack and Alex sees red explode across the insides of his eyelids as the fire rockets out from his backside to all parts of his body....Three more fiery smacks with the paddle and Alex can't control himself, "AAAyyyeeeiii! " The paddling continues full force, rapid-fire, without relief.

Alex can't hold back any longer-he sobs aloud and the tears flow, hot, and unchecked. Finally, Alex bucks and kicks his way off Mark's lap and collapses sobbing onto the floor, his hands desperately rubbing at the fire burning his ass.

Mark stands up forcefully. "I told you to shut up!" he hisses. As he stood there Alex could plainly see Mark's erection jutting out through the fly of his boxers. Mark looks down and with obvious impatience and no embarrassment whatsoever tears open th e snap waistband, lets the boxers fall, and steps out of them, completely naked, flushed, breathing hard, and with a rock-hard erection.

"Get up...we're going to take care of this once and for all."

Mark walks over to the door where his bathrobe is hanging on a hook and in one angry move yanks the waistcord out of its loops. "Put out your hands." Alex is just getting to his feet but Mark grabs his hands and pulls them out in front of him and in a m oment ties them with the cord. Next he takes the pillows from the head of the bed and puts them in a pile at the foot of the bed.

"Lie over the pillows!" Alex stands at the foot of the bed and looks pleadingly at Mark. ""

"Maybe it's time to invite the other guys in..." Mark moves rapidly toward the door, but Alex grimaces and murmurs a quiet "okay" in complete surrender and lowers himself down over the pillows, ass high in the air, almost kneeling on the floor, his tied hands stretched out in front of him. Mark proceeds to tie Alex's legs to the legs of the bed, forcing them wide open. Alex struggles a moment, tied spread-eagle, ass up high, exposed, vulnerable and defenseless.

Mark is out of Alex's field of vision for a moment, and when he returns he seems calmer. He comes and sits on the bed next to Alex.

"Well, pledge, you didn't cum when I spanked you or when I paddled you, did you?"

Alex shakes his head no.

Mark runs his hand gently down Alex's back and over his ass -- Alex moans audibly at this brief sign of tenderness.

"So maybe THIS is what you need..." (He shows Alex what he is holding in his hand -- a thick leather belt). "Maybe you need a nice hot whipping with a leather belt across your bare bottom, eh, Little Bro', do you need a good bareass whippin' like Daddy used to give you?"

Alex begins to struggle against the ropes. "NO! Mark, please...please don't.."

Mark draws the belt slowly over Alex's bare ass. "Want your Big Brother to take you out to the woodshed and give your bare butt a real lickin'...wanna feel Big Brother's belt across your bare bottom, boy...want your Big Brother to give you a good hot whippin'....whip your ass till it's bright red? Till you cum all over the bed?"

"NOOOO!...pleeeeese don't do this....(practically sobbing).. Mark, I'll do whatever you want, but don't whip me...not with a belt...please.....I can't take it...I swear...really, I can't...anything you want, but don't use the more spanking...I can't..."

"Anything I want?...just to get out of a good ol'-fashioned lickin'.....well, well, pledge, that's a pretty tempting offer...(Mark falls silent. He reaches down and tousles Alex's hair) ...well, Little Bro', I guess I'll just have to resort to the only other way I can think of making you cum."

Mark doubles the belt and forces it into Alex's mouth so he's biting down on it with his teeth.

"If you let go of that, Little Buddy, I'm going to use it on your ass so hard you won't sit down till next year! Understand?! I'll whip your butt till it's raw meat, you got that?"

Alex nods that he understands. He's trembling, sobbing a little.

Alex strains to see what's happening as Mark moves around the room turning off all but one of the lights. In the dim-lighting there is a long silence. Finally, Alex cranes his neck around and spots Mark shining with sweat standing directly behind him... .he has a condom on and is applying a big gob of goo from a tube onto what now looks to Alex like a very, very large _c_o_c_k_!

Alex eyes widen in surprise and fear, and he shakes his head violently back and forth and groans loudly, he squirms but he doesn't let the belt out of his mouth.

Mark lowers himself down to Alex and whispers in his ear, "It's either this or the whippin', boy, make your choice."

But before Alex has time to react he feels the warm, gooey presence press between his cheeks, and then it's pushing up against his tight little back door, almost immediately he feels the strange, not wholly unpleasurable sensation of being penetrated. But then it seems to get bigger and bigger, more and more uncomfortable, and when Mark pushes a little harder, Alex convulses in reaction to the first wave of pain as the thickest part of Mark's _c_o_c_k_head strains against Alex's virgin tightness. Mark procee ds further with short but powerful thrusts each producing a loud groan from Alex.

He struggles and moans but Mark is impatient with this resistance and thrusts hard....Alex arches up with pain and the hot tears begin to flow as Mark's _c_o_c_k_head finally slips into him. Now the presence feels enormous, as if it was tearing him apart, his muscles try to resist, but each contraction fills him with hot spasms of pain as he tries to slow down the onslaught attacking his rear, forcing its way deeper and deeper inside him.

When Mark is all the way in, he grows calmer and begins to whisper.

"Relax, Little Bro', relax....the worst is over, the bad part's done....just relax...."

Slowly Alex becomes aware of the rest of Mark, the warm sensation of Mark lying on top of him, Mark's breath on the back of his neck, his _s_e_x_ scent, his arms locked around Alex's torso....and slowly the pain subsides somewhat...when Mark begins ever so sl owly to move within him, Alex cries out at first in fearful anticipation of another wave of pain....but now, instead, there are other strange sensations, the hot stickiness, the smell of sweat, the feel of Mark's cheek against his....

"Oh, yeah, Little Bro'....oh, are so _f_u_c_k_ing _s_e_x_y....such a hot ass....."

After a few moments Alex can't hold back a moan of pleasure which is muffled by the belt he's still gripping between his teeth. Mark gently reaches down to pry the belt out of Alex's mouth.

"Sounds like we don't need this anymore, little buddy," he says with a smile, and starts a slow deep rhythmic thrusting.

It went on for ages just gently in and out. Alex discovered that now when he contracted it sent waves of pleasurable, deep-seated trembling through his whole body. Sometimes Mark would tease him and pull out ....pausing till Alex moaned his need out lou d and then Mark would enter him again to a satisfied groan from Alex. Alex was lost in a world of physical sensations, everything a blur, everything except the feeling of Mark surrounding him, penetrating him, the sticky wonderful feelings right there in the middle of the hot area that still throbbed with the dull burning left from Mark's hand and paddle.

Finally it got faster, sweatier, with Mark and Alex both writhing to make the thrusts. Mark pulled out suddenly and gave Alex two hot smacks (Aaah! Aaaah!) across the ass and then entered him again. As they got closer he spanked Alex again and again bet ween thrusts. When Mark only had a few moments left, he reached his arms all the way around Alex in a huge hug, tightened suddenly, and with a dozen rapid thrusts of his pelvis climaxed with a long drawn-out moan...Alex came moments later in the single most extraordinary climax of his life....wave after wave of contractions wracked his body and each one peaked down where Mark was still hard and deep within him.

They both collapsed, panting, feeling their breathing patterns slowly a few moments Mark's sticky member slid out of Alex's ass and he let out a long, drawn-out sigh.

Then Mark leaned down to Alex's ear and whispered, "Now don't you go misbehavin', Little Bro', or I'll have to give you more of the same. Got that? You're gonna behave yourself from now on, right? Big Brother asks you something, you tell him the whole truth right away...don't hold anything back...or Big Brother will have to discipline you again, you understand?"

Alex murmured, "Yes, sir." But then he sort of swooned as all the sensations of being spanked while Mark's _c_o_c_k_ was pressing up into his stomach, of Mark's finger sliding in and out of his ass, of the pain of Mark entering him, and the memory of their jo int climax all swept back over him, Alex thought, "Then again...(as smiled to himself)...maybe I won't." He snuggled into Mark's arms and they fell asleep.

* * *

In the morning when Alex went downstairs, he saw a bunch of the brothers standing around the bulletin board joking and laughing. When Alex appeared there was a cheer. He walked over to the bulletin and saw that the "Virgin Verification" certificates had been put up and there was his with a great big "NOT" penned in with a big magic marker where it said "...was found to be a virgin." His face flushed, and his pulse raced; and for a moment there were tears threatening to spill over so intense was his shame. All the brothers were leering at him.

Then another pledge arrived at the head of the stairs and they cheered him, too. Alex turned back to the board and his eyes quickly scanned the other certificates. Sure enough, ALL the certificates had "nots" penned in! Alex's eyes met those of the other pledge...they both blushed and looked away, but then their eyes met again and they smiled, each looking at the other and wondering....