Blazing Buns

by Bbwrr2 <>

What follows is a description of some very exceptional men. Among themselves, they vary greatly in their ages, careers, incomes, backgrounds and _s_e_x_ual preferences. They have one very important thing in common, however. They believe in the virtues of the physical punishment of misbehaving boys. For each of these men, this means one thing--the age old ritual of spanking. Though all of them are friendly, interesting, and kind, when the time comes to subject a boy to discipline, they are stern, strict, and severe. Most all at one time or another were spanked in their boyhoods, and they have now achieved the maturity which allows them to take boys in hand and make them submit to traditional punishment for their misdeeds. These men are confident of their right, as men, to provide others with necessary correction.

These men believe in "spanking," not beating or whipping. These latter, they believe, are inappropriate for boys. Their methods of punishment vary, but have certain things in common. All, in addition to the flat of their palms, employ other instruments to ensure that the boy being disciplined really learns his lesson. Among these instruments they use are a wooden rulers, fence slats, dress and work belts, paddles of various shapes and sizes, hair and bath brushes, razor strops, riding crops and switches. The boy's positioning for punishment depends, in part, on which of these implements is employed, but all of these men believe that at least part of the spanking should be conducted in the most traditional and (for the boy) embarrassing position--held firmly across the man's knee, with the boy's face close to the floor and his legs off the ground. All of them, as well, think that real discipline occurs only when a boy's pants and underpants have been taken down and the spanking is administered on the bare bottom.

It is a "bottom," a "fanny," a "behind," etc. these men see when they look down at their laps and prepare to punish. Though those buns may be large, muscular or covered with hair, in that position, they constitute nothing more than a boy's "bottom." asses are what these men sit on. An ass does not get exposed without a man's permission, and it certainly does not get spanked. A boy cannot expect these privileges, however. When he is with one of these men, he must realize the situation he is in, and know that, at any time, whether privately or in full view of others, his bottom may be exposed for strict and humiliating punishment.

Among the things these men also share is the realization that "boys," like men, come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Just because someone turns 18 or 21 years old, that does not necessarily make him a man. Many so-called men retain a great many boyish traits and attitudes even as they grow older. While a male may be physically grown up, intelligent, well-educated, physically strong, occupy a position of great responsibility and authority, be a good provider, etc., he may still engage in activities which are foolish, irresponsible, and juvenile. These may make him feel depressed and guilty, and he secretly yearns for a more confident and adult male who understands his on-going immaturity, and at the same time, will impress upon him that such conduct is unacceptable in a man and must be dealt with accordingly--that is, when a male behaves like a boy, he should expect to be treated like a boy. He must face up to his misbehavior and be punished for it. While, with a small child, this might be taken care of with a loss of privileges, withholding allowance, etc., with an older one--much less a mature male who has acted like a boy--there is only one appropriate response. A man must take him in hand and subject him to the pain and embarrassment of a good, hard spanking!

I say this because, though it may be difficult to admit, I am an excellent example of this kind of "overgrown boy." Though I am now in my 40s, have a good job and salary, etc., I still frequently engage in behavior inappropriate for a mature individual, behavior that ought to be properly punished. My father was a fair but strict disciplinarian, who, until I was 17, used his hand and later his hairbrush on my bare bottom when I failed to live up to his expectations. At 21, on my own, I came to realize that I still needed the firm hand of an authority figure to answer to now and then. Unlike many people who understand this about themselves, however, I have been lucky enough to meet a whole series of men who have recognized my needs and have been willing to provide me with the discipline I lack.

What follows is a brief description of six such men. All, within a period of six months, turned me over their knees, pulled down my pants, and briskly spanked my bare bottom--some of them only once; some of them various times. All of them I like and respect, though this is mixed too with a healthy fear, for when I am with them, l know I am only a boy and very likely to find myself in a very uncomfortable and embarrassing position. That is just the way things are.

I am proud to tell you about some MEN WHO SPANK!

TOM: Age: 28

Occupation: Automobile dealer

Description: 5'10"; 180 lbs., brown hair, brown eyes, wrestler's build.

Tom conducts punishment in the study. When I am with him, I have to wait until he calls me. When I enter, he is seated in his desk chair and holding an 18" wooden ruler, his preferred implement. He lectures me only briefly, and then orders me to remove my pants. I stand before him in my undershorts, and he then tells me to get myself over his knee. He then pulls my underpants down to the middle of my thighes. He believes all spanking should occur on the bare bottom. He then briskly and rapidly applies the ruler to my behind until it is wiggling to his satisfaction. This may take several minutes, and my fanny will already be becoming pink and sore. He then will order me off his knee and onto the floor, where I am to keep my nose to the carpet and my bottom spread in the air, so he can see my cheeks, crack and rosebud. He then lectures me further, drawing attention to my humiliated condition. He then takes me across his knee again for further spanking. This process continues until my bottom is thoroughly reddened and I have promised many times I will behave myself. Only when Tom is convinced by my apologies is my punishment over and I am allowed to stand in front of him, still bare bottomed, and tell him I am sorry and thank him.

STEVE: Age: 32

Occupation: Accountant

Description: 5'8", 150 lbs., brown hair, green eyes, Irish and Czech descent.

Steve is a very nice and sweet-tempered man, self-depricating in his manner and generous with everyone. When called upon to discipline a boy, however, he is an extremely firm and unforgiving figure. The first time he spanked me, I was in for a very uncomfortable surprise. He stood me beside him, pulled down my jeans and shorts, and took me across his knee. He then raised the hairbrush and proceeded to really blister my bare behind in no uncertain terms. My pleas for mercy had no effect, and he held me firmly in place as he gave me a very severe and realistic bottom burning, ignoring my protests and my desperate squirming over his lap. My blazing bottom was subjected to thorough punishment, I can assure you. It seemed like forever before I was allowed to get up from over his knee, only to be sent to lie down on the bed. There, with Steve holding me down, my rear end was once again subjected to thwack after thwack with the hair brush till my legs were pumping wildly and I was promising again and again to behave myself. Steve is an example of a man who, despite his obvious good nature and desire to put you at ease, is a very firm and uncompromising authority figure when the time comes to cut someone down a couple knotches and deliver strict bare bottom punishment!

MATT: Age: 44

Occupation: Lawyer

Description: 6', 190 lbs., prematurely gray, divorced.

Matt is a very strict disciplinarian. A self-made man, straight, a Vietnam vet, married twice, he spanks both boys and girls. He conducts punishment upstairs in his home. When I am to be spanked, he sends me to the master bedroom to stand in the corner, and lets me remain there for five or ten minutes contemplating what is to come. Usually, he has a straightback chair pulled into the middle of the room, on the seat of which are a couple hairbrushes and paddles. I stand there with my nose to the wall waiting for him to come upstairs. When he does, he often stops in the bathroom, where he fills an enema bag with hot, soapy water. He then comes into the bedroom, sits down, and orders me to come over beside him. Sometimes, he bares my bottom immediately. Other times, he takes me over his knee first for a spanking on the seat of my pants. Soon, though, my behind is naked. Matt spanks me very hard. He enjoys spanking boys because he feels he can really blister their bottoms in a way he cannot with the women he dates. I always know when I see Matt that, in a very short time, my legs will be kicking frantically and my fanny will be on fire. He has a paddle made out of teak wood sent to him by a fellow spanker which he has used with desvastating effect on my bare bottom (his friend guaranteed that the paddle would bring out "eeks, owws, and tears when briskly applied to a misbehaving bottom"--and that was surely the case with me). He believes in a number of different sessions over the course of an evening, each one more severe than the last. In between spankings, I am sent to the corner to "think about things" while he watches television, talks on the phone, etc. When I am in the corner, he will often make me bend over so he can take my temperature with a rectal thermometer, or put a buttplug up on bunghole. Often, though not always, I will be taken into the bathroom and given an enema, which I then have to hold while I am getting yet another spanking. If I spend the night, I know the following morning my already blazing behind will be given yet another, harder blistering before I leave. Matt thinks that boys should cry when they get spanked, and he almost always succeeds in making me break down and sob when he has me turned over his knee.

MR. CAPRA: Age: 55

Occupation: Administrator

Description: 6', 180 lbs., gray hair, brown eyes, Italian background.

The moment I walk into Mr. Capra's apartment, I am immediately disciplined. He meets me at the door, bends me over, and I feel his hard hand connect again and again with the seat of my pants. I am then marched into the living room, where Mr. Capra sits down on the sofa before an array of spanking implements laid out on the coffee table, pulls down my pants and underpants, yanks me across his knee, and proceeds to punish my fanny with each of the instruments in succession. These are usually composed of various paddles and hairbrushes. After my naked behind has had a taste of each, Mr. Capra orders me to remove my pants and shorts completely and bend over. In his home, after my bottom is bared, it is to remain bare until the moment before I leave, even if other people should arrive. Sometimes, I am allowed to wear a jockstrap or "thong" underwear, both of which cover my _c_o_c_k_ and balls but leave my very red rear end in full view. Mr. Capra does not lecture much. He simply spanks. He prefers to have me over his knee or holding my ankles. The latter is the position I am placed in as well between punishments. He often puts a straightback chair in front of a full length mirror by his bathroom--taking me over his lap there and paddling me soundly as I am forced to watch my bottom squirming and bucking beneath the stinging wood. Frequently, as a final punishment, he puts a collar around my neck and secures it to the doorknob of the bedroom. I am bent over and can neither straighten up nor fall to the floor. He then whacks my behind repeatedly with hairbrush or paddle or both as I dance helplessly from foot to foot and beg for the spanking to stop, usually to no avail. Mr. Capra believes that overgrown brats like me only learn when their bottoms are ablaze, and he sure knows how to set a fanny afire! Until my rump is deep red and thoroughly blistered, my punishment continues, and I can only be sure I have been disciplined to Mr. Capra's satisfaction when he sends me to put my pants on in the entry hall.

TONY: Age: 21

Occupation: Student/Hospital Worker

Description: 6'2", 190 lbs., dark hair, brown eyes, body builder

Tony is an excellent example of men who spank. It is particularly embarrassing for me to be disciplined by him, given he is some 20 years younger than I am. Try to imagine being twenty years old and being soundly spanked by a five year old, or being thirty and having a ten year old in charge of your bare bottom! Despite Tony's youth, however, he is a very mature and organized man--working, studying, involved in political activity and taking care of his body. Scheduling is sometimes a problem with him given his busy life, but he tries to make time for disciplining boys of whatever age who need it. When we get together, we often catch each other up on what has been happening in our lives. When the time comes, however, he becomes very authoritative and sends me downstairs to his basement weight room, when I stand waiting for his arrival. When he comes downstairs, he usually sits down on the weightbench and turns me over his knee, giving me a good handspanking across my jeans. He then sends me to the corner, and, as I stand there, lists what I am going to be punished for. He then leads me back to the weight bench and once more puts me over his knee, though this time with my pants down. He then spanks me on my underpants for a while before lowering those and commencing with bare bottom discipline. He uses his hand, a thin paddle, and a hairbrush when I am across his lap. He also makes me bend over the weight bench, or get down on the floor with my naked behind in the air. On those occasions, he employs a thick leather belt to whip my bottom thoroughly, or employs his riding crop, which leaves small, red welts on my rearend, which wiggles desperately under the blows. While I whine and plead, he enjoys drawing attention to how much younger he is than I am, and remind me that badboys get spanked, no matter what their age. He has told me that, at some point, he will invite his ex-lover to attend one of the sessions when he disciplines me.

PK: Age: 40

Occupation: Developer

Description: 40; 5'11", 160 lbs., good shape, dark blond hair, blue eyes, very hairy.

PK, of German descent, was himself spanked till he was 16 by his father in Indiana. Normally, when we are together, he sends me to stand in the corner of his bedroom and wait for him. He very much likes a paternal discipline scene. He calls me "son" as he orders me over beside him, and lectures me thoroughly on my misbehavior before taking me over his knee. He spanks me first on my pants, then pulls them down and punishes my bare bottom. He uses a wide variety of implements--his hand, hairbrushes, a fraternity paddle, a belt, and a switch. The first two he usually employs when I am across his lap. The others get used when I am bent over the edge of the bathtub, laying across the bed with pillows raising my rear end in the air, or bending over a table in the basement. Several hours are usually necessary before PK feels I am sufficiently disciplined. He likes to punish me in various rooms in the house, and has used unusual instruments to spank my bare bottom--a kitchen spoon; an antique handmirror, etc. He also likes to emphasize my situation to me by making me do chores--bare bottom, of course--around the house (washing dishes, sweeping up, etc.) to see if I am learning my lesson. He sometimes makes me write lines--one or two hundred times, things like "I am a bad boy and bad boys get spanked." PK believes in giving the kind of spanking he got when he was younger. By the time he is done punishing me, I am usually out of control, thrashing wildly across his lap, crying and kicking my legs desperately. It has taken up to a week for all the redness to disappear from my bottom after I have gotten a spanking from TK.

I hope you have enjoyed this report, whether you are a boy like me who knows he needs to be disciplined, or you are yourself a MAN WHO SPANKS!. In the past seven months, I have been subjected to fourteen different sessions of old-fashioned, pants down spanking, which averages out to a good paddling every two weeks. Recently, four other men who spank, ranging in age from 21 to 67, who I have not yet met have expressed interest in turning me over their knees for further, well-deserved correction. I hope soon to be able to add their names to this report.

As I complete this, I should tell you that PK has returned from running some errands and is standing across the room, a paddle in his hand. I am wearing sweatsocks, a t-shirt, and a thong, meaning I am sitting on my bare bottom. Very soon, I will probably have trouble doing even this. I hope all of you boys of whatever age out there have the same luck as I have had in finding MEN WHO SPANK! And to you who do the disciplining of us bad boys, keep our bottoms RED! (continued)

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