Punishing the Adult Child II

by Eddie Knapps <bbwrr2@aol.com>

a followup interview with

eddie knapps (a 45 year old boy)

Some time ago, FATHERS AGAINST NUTURING NAUGHTY YOUTH (FA. N.N. Y.) and the SOCIETY to PREVENT ANTI-SOCIAL NAUGHTINESS by KIDS (S. P.A. N.K.) contacted the "adult child," Eddie Knapps, to discuss with our memberships the issue of disciplining those "big boys" that we all occasionally come across. This interview was subsequently posted on the Internet on MMSA Stories'S ARCHIVE OF M/M SPANKING STORIES {see listing, "Most recent 100 spanking stories"}.

Frankly, the response has been overwhelming. Many other adult children have written, expressing their thanks for Eddie's honesty about his continuing need for sound, strict, traditional corporal punishment. Many grownups have written as well, retailing their own experiences disciplining the adult children in their lives--spouses, relatives, friends and strangers

Given this, and the time that has passed since our initial interview, we at F. A.N. N.Y. and S. P.A. N.K. decided to contact Eddie once again, to ask after his experiences over the last few months. He was happy to oblige. As you will see, he speaks in graphic and sometimes embarrassing detail about the numerous, bare bottom spankings he has recently received, many in plain view of others.

If you find such descriptions distasteful or shocking, please read no further.

If, on the other hand, you think of yourself as an adult child, one who might benefit whether occasionally or frequently from a good, hard spanking, OR if you are a grown-up who believes in the efficacy of old-fashioned discipline and that there is no reason that this form of punishment should be curtailed at age 18 for those like Eddie, PLEASE READ ON.

As indicated, Eddie Knapps is 45 years old. He has been described by one MAN WHO SPANKS! as a "pint-sized Marlboro man"--5'8", 150 lbs with a hairy chest, crotch and legs. His behind, relative to his build, is round, deeply clefted, smooth on the cheeks though furry in the crack. His hair is short and he has a moustache. He LOOKS quite grown-up, but by his own admission, is an "adult child," a "big brat," a "bad boy" who needs serious, strict and frequent administrations of hand, hairbrush, paddle, strap, cane, strop and switch to his bare bottom. We encourage those who have not read 'PUNISHING THE ADULT CHILD I" to have a look at it to bring themselves up to speed, and then continue with the following interview.

As before, readers are invited to respond to Eddie's remarks, ask him further questions, or offer their own comments and experiences. He can be reached at BBWRR2@AOL. COM, BBWRRTOO@AOL. COM or always Post Office Box 07592, Detroit, MI 48207. If you are interested in seeing and hearing Eddie disciplined, GIFS AVIS etc. are available at the website http://www/wwnet. com/~ac2/Eddie.

Q: Well, Eddie, since we last spoke in March, have you been spanked?

A: What a question! Of course!

Q: Mostly on your bare bottom, we assume.

A: No questions about that. 90% of all the spankings I've received have been with my fanny exposed. Some began that way from the first, but ALL have ended that way!

Q: Approximately how many times have you been spanked in the last 5 months.

A: Oh, that I can tell you exactly. I have been spanked 18 times.

Q: That is, on 18 different occasions?

A: That's right. Obviously, many of those occasions involved a number of different sessions over my disciplinarian's knee.

Q: So, 18 different discipline sessions. That is more than 3 times a month!

A: That's correct. For some, I know, that may seem excessive, especially for someone my age. Probably, most would think that would be appropriate only for a very naughty boy in Junior High school, and one in a very strict environment at that. But people should remember I AM an adult child after all, and I guess a pretty hardheaded one! I am afraid the term "big brat" really applies where I am concerned.

Q: I'm not sure it's just your head that's hard. And it certainly sounds like you've run into some people who don't suffer big brats lightly.

A: That's for sure! The suffering that's endured is done by my naked tail!

Q: Is "tail" one of those words you're allowed to use, Eddie?

A: (blushing) Well, MOST grownups I know find it acceptable in boys like me, but there are a couple who don't let me get away with anything but "bottom," "fanny" and "rumpus." If they read this, they're going to figure I'm getting a little too big for my britches.

Q: Which means?

A: That my britches will be coming down pronto next time I see them!

Q: Sorry to get you in trouble, Eddie.

A: Oh, no, that's okay. I mean, I'd rather not get a licking, but if a boy is getting a little too sassy around a grown-up, it's up to you to report it to someone who can address the problem the old-fashioned way, if you yourself don't take care of it right away!

Q: That's tempting, but there's work to be done here. Getting back to these last months, what was the most frequently you were spanked?

A: That depends on what you mean Like I said, on several occasions, I was spanked various times for misbehaving in the course of a day. If you mean, "most frequently" by different MEN WHO SPANK!, then it would be 4 different disciplinarians in one 24 hour period.

Q: Four different men had to spank you at different points in a single day?

A: That's right. Two felt I had been disrespectful at a club, and so I was blistered twice right then and there. A third gentleman then took me home and REALLY whaled my bottom off with hand, paddle, strap, hairbrush, cane, you name it! Then, the following afternoon, I had to report for a "regularly scheduled spanking."

Q: Ouch! Eddie, your bottom must've been a sight.

A: It sure was--red, swollen, blistered and bruised, though that didn't save my poor fanny even that fourth time! It wasn't quite true that I "couldn't sit down for a week," but that comes close. It took that long till my rear was back to normal.

Q: I noticed you mentioned that your first two spankings were at a "club," meaning there was an audience for your punishment.

A: No question about that!

Q: And have most of your spankings these last months been private or in public?

A: Well, that depends how you define the terms. If you mean "witnessed," in the sense of in front of at least one other person, the percentage would be close to 90%. And, of course, in the vast majority of those instances, there was not merely one man there who believed in SPANKING present! If you mean "in front of a crowd of people in some kind of public space," then we are probably talking about half-a-dozen instances.

Q: Can you describe in detail for us one those instances, the public ones? Which was the most humiliating of all?

A: Well, a couple of months ago, I found myself being taken a bathhouse by a MAN WHO SPANKS! We had had some correspondence back and forth regarding my behavior. He was particularly concerned about my masturbating--that I was masturbating too often, which he thought was a sign of a lack of self-discipline. He decided the solution to this problem was some very firm, old-fashioned discipline: administered from him, and in public.

Q: Isn't how often you masturbate your own business?

A: (smiling). For you it would be, but you're a grownup. Remember, despite my age, I am still a child, and have no more right to privacy or modesty than any other child. A father or other authority figure might well monitor that habits of a young teenager, which is what this particular MAN WHO SPANKS was doing with me. He thought my masturbating was excessive. As a grown-up, he has a right to inquire and make judgments about it, just as any grownup would have that right with any intimate things about a child.

Q: How often were you masturbating?

A: Up to six times a day.

Q: You WERE acting like a teenager, I guess. So, tell us what happened at the bathhouse.

A: Once we got there, I was required to strip to my underpants in the locker room in front of "dad." He stood there scowling, hairbrush in hand, as I took off my clothes. I was then marched back to the room he had rented--dragged by the ear actually--with the seat of my underpants getting an occasional swat with the hairbrush. The bathhouse was pretty crowded, and the MAN WHO SPANKS! was making it quite clear both what habit of mine he disapproved of and how he planned to deal with it. There was certainly no question, I think, in the minds of the other patrons, that there was a badboy present who was going to get a real comeuppance for playing with himself too much!

Q: How did you feel in that moment, Eddie?

A: Deeply humiliated, of course! The way any boy would. The way he always feels when others see he is going to get a good spanking.

Q: So tell us what happened then.

A: When we arrived at the room of my "dad of the day," I was immediately turned over his lap and given several dozen sound, rapid swats with his hand. He soon switched to the hairbrush, first on my underpants and then on my bare bottom. He yanked my underpants down to mid-thigh pretty early on. Those opening smacks are REALLY painful! And the pinkness of my cheeks only increased when my drawers came down. I was already apologizing plenty after that first barrage.

Q: And that was only the beginning.

A: That's for sure. After my initial spanking, I was made to stand against the wall with my bare bottom stuck out. "Dad" opened the door and walked out, leaving the door open, so anybody who passed by could see me "in penitence."

Q: And DID people pass by?

A: You bet! I think "dad" put some of them up to it, in that a number asked, "What are you doing there, boy?" and I had to admit I was being punished for masturbating, my nose to the wall. In the bathhouse, there was another adult child present, though as far as I know, he didn't get punished that day. He came in and touched my bottom and whispered to me that he himself got spanked now and then but was really hoping to see me get it good later on. It was probably 10 minutes before the MAN WHO SPANKS! came back.

Q: Then what happened, Eddie?

A: Back I went over his knee, this time for some pretty severe spanking with the hairbrush. It was probably a couple hundred brisk swats, at least, which left me whimpering and breathless and begging, and certainly drew a lot of attention, especially since the door was left open. The hairbrush STINGS so bad! I was squirming like a worm and my legs were going a mile a minute!

Q: And that must have been pretty embarrassing.

A: Gosh, yeah!

Q: So various people "looked in" on you getting a spanking.

A: Yep, though I had a much bigger audience later on.

Q: We have to assume you were taken OUT of the room.

A: That's right, my underpants around my knees, once again led by the ear, swatted down the hallway to the TV room. Men were stepping out of the way to let us pass, and "dad" was giving me a good talking to about playing with myself as he smacked my red rump again and again. Once we got to the TV room, "dad" sat on a bench and pulled me over his lap and REALLY lit into me with both the hairbrush and a paddle he had brought!

Q: It sounds like he had already been teaching you a good lesson. How were you reacting to your discipline by this point?

A: Boy, was I promising to behave and be a "good boy" and never so much as LOOK at my pecker again! My poor fanny was in FLAMES!

Q: Which obviously did little good. How many people were watching, Eddie?

A: There must've been an easy dozen, maybe more. A half-dozen probably stood there constantly over the 20 minutes or so I got spanked.

Q: So you were consistently whacked on the bare bottom for 20 minutes.

A: That is what the MAN WHO SPANKS! estimated later, between 20 and 30 minutes. For me, it seemed like days!

Q: All firmly and briskly?

A: Firmly, certainly! Like many MEN WHO SPANK!, this "dad" varied the pace, sometimes pausing for a count or two between strokes, sometimes delivering a VERY hard swat and then letting it sink in, sometimes spanking so rapidly that I had no time to react to the whack before two more had landed, that place where OW! OW! becomes OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!

Q: He covered your entire bottom?

A: Yes, sir! from waist to upper thighs, hipbone to hipbone, and up and down the crack as well. Eve my puckerhole was well-smacked! He pulled me WAY over his knee so my nose was on the floor, then used one of his legs to pry my legs wide apart so his access to my crack and anus was completely unobstructed.

Q: That must really hurt.

A: Oh, it does. It burns so bad! But "dad" said that, since I often stimulate myself back there when I play with myself, it was only appropriate I get a good licking on my pucker.

Q: What were the ages of those watching?

A: I would say there was a broad range, anywhere from their early 20s to one may who was surely over 60.

Q: I believe you noted in our other interview that getting blistered in front of men half your age is especially embarrassing.

A: That is certainly right. There I was getting a sound whaling with some college boy taking it all in. But most MEN WHO SPANK seem to think this is a good thing for an older boy like me. Too, it shows the boy watching that the old saying is true, at least for some of us, "You're never too old for a GOOD SPANKING!"

Q: And how did the crowd react?

A: Some were playing with themselves. Others just observed. A few of them laughed and made comments.

Q: Like what?

A: Oh, "Boy, is that ass red!" or "Spank him harder" or "He must've been a bad little _f_u_c_k_!"

Q: Do you think most of these men were "into" spanking?

A: I honestly don't know. But they sure were enjoying WATCHING one. I have said before, I think most grownups, especially MEN, gay and straight. really BELIEVE in bare bottom spankings to correct behavior.

Q. It sounds like your behavior was certainly getting thoroughly corrected. Did you cry?

A. Oh, yes. Like many MEN WHO SPANK, this "dad" believed in tears. Crying really is a sign a grownup is getting through to a boy. Finally, my bottom was so sore I couldn't help it and I just began to bawl like a nine year old in front of everybody. I was wiggling all over the place, twisting my torso from side to side, my fanny bucking up and down frantically, my legs kicking every which way.

Q: So everyone was getting quite an eyeful, even of your most intimate parts.

A: You bet. When I lose control my legs not only go up and down, but scissor back and forth, which means I am flashing my pucker for all the world to see. With all my bouncing up and down under the brush, my prick and nards are pretty obvious as well.

Q: So you made quite a spectacle of yourself.

A: That probably puts it accurately. But that didn't save my poor behind from even more punishment. The hairbrush just kept cracking across my swollen buns again and again and again. I squirmed so much my underpants finally went flying off my ankle. One of the men watching retrieved them. "Dad" didn't even miss a stroke, saying "Put them over his head."

Q: Over your head! And did he?

A: He sure did. "Dad" was yelling at me about "jerking off so much" and there I was with my own cum-stained drawers in my face.

Q: Just to get this clear, Eddie: There you were, naked now, turned over a man's knee, your bare bottom getting soundly spanked, kicking, wiggling, crying like a little boy, all this in front of a dozen people, with your underpants over your head!

A: That's right, Sir.

Q: (chuckling) Eddie, you must've looked utterly ridiculous in the eyes of your audience. That MAN WHO SPANKS certainly thoroughly and completely humiliated you.

A: Yes, Sir. He sure did. But that is what an adult child has got to expect. When I get punished, I know it's going to be not just an experience in PAIN, but one in SHAME, too!

Q: How did it finally end, Eddie.

A: The spanking finally stopped after a tremendous, rapid-fire volley that left me howling till I was breathless and my legs were doing a frantic flutterkick. I was sobbing and begging like a little boy. "Dad" pulled me roughly up off his knee and made me stand there before him, hiccoughing and sniffling, desperately rubbing my enflamed fanny. He yelled he sure hoped I'd learned my lesson, and then he sent me to stand in the corner under the television set, where I had to stick my bottom out and not touch it.

Q: Still with your briefs on your head?

A: Yes, Sir.

Q: So you stood there with your scarlet fanny displayed, and that was the end of it?

A: Not quite. "Dad" talked with a few of the men who had watched, and explained I had been masturbating too much and he was going to break me of that habit. After about 5 minutes, he pulled me out of the corner and said I could rub my rear end now, but ONLY if I showed everybody what I had gotten in trouble for. I wasn't sure what he meant, so he made it clear: "Rub your bottom and play with yourself."

Q: So, after they had all seen you spanked, you then were forced to masturbate in front of everyone!

A. That's right. I massaged my flaming rear and poked one of my fingers in my anus and stimulated myself back there while stroking my pecker. I knew if I disobeyed, it would just mean another spanking, probably a worse one for not doing what I was told and being defiant.

Q: All this with your underpants over your face.

A: Yes, Sir.

Q: Did you have an orgasm?

A: Yes, Sir.

Q: I have to tell you, Eddie. That sounds like one very embarrassing and complete session of bare bottom discipline.

A: You can rest assured of THAT, but I guess that is what this big boy had earned, Sir.

[TO BE CONTINUED: Eddie describes a serious disciplinary session with three MEN WHO SPANK for his attitude and his laziness. He also discussing videotaping and its usefulness both for adult children and MEN WHO SPANK!]

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