This archive welcomes stories about male/male spanking activity, but this archive to not promote or revel in sexual abuse of children.

Your help is needed!

This archive is for stories about male/male both erotic and non-erotic spanking activity. These stories were not previewed by the Archivist. If you feel this story is inappropriate because it is either off-topic or contains adult/child sexual abuse please inform the Archivist.

If you find a story in this archive which depicts sexual abuse of a child, please let me know. It is not intended that this archive be a forum to talk about, promote, or revel in sexual abuse of children. Please include the following information in the email.

What subject matter is appropriate?

These guidelines are still in development. Whether a story is acceptable or rejectable is the exclusive decision of the archiver (MMSA Stories), and is inherently subjective.

All stories MUST contain such male/male activity in some form. This ranges from traditional OTK parental spanking and boys experimentations to the flogging of sailors on ships and slaves on plantations, etc.

Female characters are permitted both as the participants and observers of the spankings but not to the total exclusion of male/male activity. You might have a great mother/boy or uncle/girl story but that is not appropriate this archive. Junior getting it from dad, mom, sis and brother is fine. Sister spanking kid brother for spying is a no-no unless both her and her boyfriend tan the Peeping Tom's butt.

Sex ( neither anal, nor oral, nor manual) is not permitted between an adult and a minor.

Stories that do not conform to the guideline lines will be deleted.

Authors whose material is not appropriate for this archive are welcome to submit their stories to other archives available on the internet, or to mainatin their own.

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