byJohnny Rio
Copyright 1996, Johnny Rio.

This story takes place at what used to be the old Hilton hotel in New York City. It was 1974, so I was 18 years old, a tall, thin, very shy, plain looking blond boy with longish hair. I lived in New York City then, and I still do, in fact I still live in the same apartment.

I was at the hotel for a Star Trek convention, and being lazy, I was using the elevator to go to the third floor mezzanine. The rodeo was in town, at Madison Square Garden, across the street. The rodeo cowboys were staying at the Hilton, and many of them were hanging out in front of the building when I can in.

This young cowboy, blond, about 25, a little bigger than me, with a very muscular build comes on to the elevation. Nobody else get on, so we are alone. I cant stop looking at him and I am very nervous. He speaks, with a pronounced Texas twang asks what I am looking at. I almost shat a brick.

I miss my floor. When we get to his floor he tells me to come with him, but then he tells me to walk in front of him. I dont know which way to go, so he turns me in the correct direction. I am nervous, sweaty, walking in front of him. He tells me when to stop, opens the door, and tells, me to go in. He turns on the light. Says, "Stand over there, I need to take a piss first."

He is pissing and I look at his things on top of the dresser. There is a thick leather belt there. Much thicker than any belt I have ever seen. I reach out to touch it. I wonder if he will hit me with that belt. My father left when I was a kid, so nobody ever had hit me with a belt. I was hoping he would hit me with the belt as long and hard as my father would have, if he had cared enough, maybe longer and harder to make up for the lost time. Maybe if he sees me touching the belt...

Suddenly something falls on the floor. It turns out to be his wallet which was also on top of the dresser. I quickly pick it up. He sees me and says, "What the _f_u_c_k_ are you doing!"

He is angry. He is not going to yell at me. That is not how he expresses himself. He is a competitor and he is calculating exactly what he wants to do in order for it to be most effective. I am too scared to move.

"Well, I cant have you screming", he said. He takes a dirty undershirt, holds it lengthwise, rolls it up, and expertly makes a gag and ties it around my small neck tight so it wont fall off. I can smell his sweat in the undershirt.

He tells me to get undressed and put my clothes on the chair. I obey quickly and nervously. I look up to see if he is getting undressed too. He isnt. He has opened a leather saddle bag and he is slowly taking out these bullwhips. "This is what I specialize in" he said, just keep getting undressed." I knew this was going to be way too much but I had no choice. As I got undressed he sorted through the bullwhips trying to find the one he wanted.

I was naked. He selected this device which looked like a combination of a starp and a paddle. It was short like a paddle, only about 18" long including the wood handle, but only about 1.5" wide, but very thick, almost ". It had flat metal studs on it. This was not something he used on his horse. "Lie on the bed with you ass up. I am not into bondage. Just dont move."

My ass was small and white, maybe with a little bit of muscle, and a little bit of baby. It was one of the few parts of my skinny body that had any padding on it, but surely this was an overkill! He didnt need this brutal device just to beat my little white ass. He had taken off his long sleeved shirt, and I could see his muscles were the biggest I had ever seen. I felt a cool breeze on my ass as I lay down.

You can put your head down, he said after I lay down. He sat on the edge of the bed stroking my hair. As he put his hand on my back, I could feel his strength and the roughness of it. He put his hand on my ass and began to feel it, as if to judge its exact size and shape and firmness, which was exactly what he was doing.

When the first smack came, it was like nothing I had ever felt before. Like my ass had gotten hit by a car, only it was all painful sting rather than bruising. I was in tremendous pain, but I felt his hand on my shoulder, and he said, "Thats a good boy."

Then he struck me over and over. I new that is was useless to try to move or to put my hand up. Considering how musculare he was, he was certainly not hitting me full strength, but it was clear from his quick even rhythem that he was neither tired enough or excited enough to stop. I wondered if he knew how much pain he was causing me. This was more pain than I had ever imagined possible. He was hitting hard enough so that one blow to the kidneys might have damaged me for life, but he was to precise and methodical, hitting at a different angle every time, but always hitting my ass. My ass felt like it was a huge sea of intense pain. It probably just looked like a small, bright red boy-ass.

He did stop, and he said, "Okay. Now you can rest for a few minutes." He picked up the a small bullwhip and was arranging in his hand. He said, "Dont ever let anyone else bullwhip you. There are very few people who know how to use the bullwhip without hurting you." I was in too much pain to be scared.

"When I was a kid, I used to practice on my little brother. He still lets me do it, but I like young guys like you better. You look just the way he did. There are few people who I've whipped more than once, but I whipped just about every kid in my home town at one time or another when we was growing up. I never liked practicing on inanimate objects and I would never use it on an animal, only young guys like you. When I whip you, you have to stand very still. I'm not going to hurt you, but it will make me very angry if you move."

He slapped me on the back and said, "Okay. Time to get up", as if we were just going to play backetball together or something. I almost wished I was playing backetball just then. My ass was burning beyond control.

"I really like you," he said. I realized that I had never spoken to him the whole time, but what he was telling the truth. "I like the way you do exactly what I say. You haven't fainted or anything neither. I would like to take you on the road with me, but I like you so much I'd probably kill you within the first day or two." He was hugging me and kissing me. I never knew a man could be so strong. He removed the gag and I started kissing him too, though I was still in intense pain. "See I cant help it" he said, "But I want you to promise me that you'll never let anyone do anything like this to you ever again. I want you to remember me when you're an old man. Do you agree to that? Speak up boy!'

"Yes, Sir!" I said, it was the first and only time I spoke to him.

He said, "You have a nice voice too. If only I wasnt this wasy, I could take you with me. He had a huge hard erection and without speaking he put on a condom easilly rolled me on to my stomach and began _f_u_c_k_ing me again. He _f_u_c_k_ed me very gently, but I could feel his big _c_o_c_k_ moving inside and my body hurt where the welts were.

When he was finished he said sadly, "You better go before its too late." Without speaking, he slowly put on all of my clothes for me as if I was a doll. "Put some ice on those welts when you get home" was the only thing he said. "I'm sorry I had to whip you, and I'm sorry I have to make you go, but its for your own good" he said. I wanted to beg him to keep me, but it was no use. He was a man who always meant what he said.

He gently pushed me out the door. I waited in the hotel corridor for serveral hours but he never came out and nobody else came by. I went downstairs and with my ass and other parts still hurting, I walked home.