Spoiled Brat Spanked in Prison

by Marko

The young man had been in trouble before, but his wealthy father could hire the best lawyers to get him off. Having _s_e_x_ with an underage girl, and her parents bringing him up on rape charges, he still felt confident. When te judge sentences him to one month in a minimum security prison, the young man is shocked! This is the type of prison where rich and prominent men are sent. It was really a slap on the wrist. He was told he would have to spend the night at the local MAXIMUM security prison.

When the guards heard who was going to be in their charge until the next day, they were delighted, and had plans.

The young man was brought into a room with 4 burly looking guards. He thought he would probably be given a room somewhere, until he was transported the next day. The guards looked over his fancy, designer clothes, and ordered him to strip. "There must be some mistake," he says, "Just let me use the phone to call my father or lawyer, and I'm sure we can straighten this thing out!" "There was a mistake, and YOU made it, now STRIP!" The young man slowly undresses, and they mark every item of clothes on a checklist. When he is clad only in his Calvin Klein bikini briefs, he pauses. The guard yells, "When I said strip, I meant everything!" Before he knew it, the guard standing behind him, grabbed his underpants at the seat, and with 1 powerful yank, ripped them off.

Now naked, he sees the biggest guard putting on some rubber gloves. Again he asks, "I think there is some mistake, can I please use the phone?" He is ignored, and is subjected to a lengthy strip search. The guard spends a lot of time examining his penis and testicles. The young man nervously watches the guard dip a finger in a jar of Vasoline, and orders him to bend over. With a powerful probe, the guard's finger is deep inside the young man, and he takes his time probing the anal cavity.

Next, he sees another guard come forward with hair clippers. The young man prided himself with his hair, and the expensive haircuts. He now wildly protests, only to find himself held down to a chair. The clippers come to the middle of his forehead, and soon the designer haircut was completely. He is smooth, but the guards decide to take the clippers to the hair in his armpits, and crotch. He is now hairless!

Next the shower experience, and the guards end up scrubbing his body for him.

Wrists cuffed behind his back, the young man is now led out to the main area. He jumps as a prisoner comes up behind him and gives him a hard pinch on his bottom, as another prisoner is patting his butt.

He is led out to the exercise area where about 20 prisoners are working out. He's led to the weight bench, and is securely tied down, with a pillow placed under his tummy, to prop his fanny up in the air.

The guards stand aside as the prisoners surround the helpless young brat. They grope at his body, and give him some hard slaps to his butt. His ass is already red when the big guard approaches him and asks, "I bet your daddy never gave you a spanking, did he?" "N NO." "Well you're going to get what you've needed for a long time right now."

He sees both guards unbuckling their wide, thick leather belts, and pull them through the loops. They go behind him and soon a full swing crack of the doubled over belt connects with his tender bottom. "OUCH," he yells. Even though his butt was already red, it was clearly defined where the belt hit. The other guard gives another, full swing, whack! The young man is wimpering and squiriming around as much as he can. The prisoners are enjoying watching his butt get redder and turn to black and blue.

Finally they stop, and the guards alow the prisoners slap and grope at him.

Humbled, and wimpering, he is led back to the prison area.

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