Swimming Boy

by Badboy <BadboyJohn@Juno.Com>

This time I was 13 years old and a typical teenager. I had a smart mouth and that thing got me into lots of trouble. It was a summer afternoon, pretty hot outside and all the neighborhood boys were out in the back yard playing in the pool. My brother and I were out there too and as usual we were fighting. We started by shoving and pushing each other but then it got a little rougher. He called me a couple of names and I got pissed off. When he went to get out of the pool I pulled him backwards into the pool and he hit his head on the edge of the deck. He was fine, but he went inside crying to our dad about what had happened.

Usually telling on each other didn't work, but this time dad had been watching from the window in the kitchen and saw the whole thing happen. Dad came to the back door and as my little brother came out, all smiles now, dad yelled for me.

Get your little ass in the house right now boy!

All of my buddies looked at me knowing, I'm sure, what was going to happen. (Spanking was a pretty common thing among most boys that I hung around with). Almost every friend of mine had been spanked at some point and most were on a regular basis like me. Then my dad told all of our friends that they had to leave, NOW.

As I got to the door my dad grabbed me by the neck and led me into the living room. I was dripping wet and he threw a towel at me to dry off with.

Dad told me, " I'm sick of this fighting bull_s_h_i_t_, with your little brother, I expect you to look out for your young brother whether you like him or not."

He also told me that he was going to teach me a "good hard lesson" about it so I wouldn't soon forget.

I knew what a "lesson" was and I started to plead with my dad, apologizing for what I had done.

I begged him, "Please dad, please, I won't do it again, I promise, please."

Over and over I begged, I was almost in tears already as I stood there in nothing more than a pair of swim shorts. As soon as I was dry he told me to march upstairs and get ready for my spanking. My eyes started to well up as I walked slowly up the stairs as if I was going to be executed or something. When I got to the top of the stairs I started toward my bedroom but dad came up behind me and said we weren't using my bedroom today.

He led me into my brother's room and right to the attic door. I didn't know what this meant, he had never taken me upstairs to the attic before, but I was really scared. Once we got to the top of the attic stairs he told me that he was going to spank me upstairs so that no one would hear.

"It's gonna to be a long, hard spanking," he told me.

That statement made me feel sick in my stomach as my butt cheeks started to tingle in anticipation of what I had coming. With that I started to cry in earnest, pleading once again for him to spare me.

I begged him "Please dad, please don't spank me, I didn't mean to do it, please dad, I be good from now on."

Again and again I pleaded for mercy on my young butt. Dad ignored my pleas as he went about half way across the attic floor and pulled an old chair into the center of the room. It was really hot in the attic that day and we were both sweating alot. Dad took off his shirt and sat down in the chair in just his jeans. I was still wearing my swim shorts, but not for long. Dad signaled for me to come over to him. He then grabbed me by the arm and jerked me toward him. He pulled me up between his legs, a place that was like the first step to going over his knee.

"Son, get your pants off", he told me matter of factly.

I got this sinking feeling in my stomach and my heart started to race as I realized what that meant. After a few seconds and one hard smack from dad's hand across my shorts for moving too slow, I complied. I pulled them down to my knees, the usual location for a bare butt spanking.

He asked me if I heard "what in the hell he said", he had told me that he wanted them off, completely, but I didn't hear him properly or I was too scared to hear him properly. I bent over and slowly took my shorts down to my ankles and stepped out of them. There I stood, 13 years old, totally naked facing my dad who was about to spank the daylights out of me. I broke into tears again as I attempted one more round of pleading. I begged him again to not spank me, promising again and again not to fight anymore.

Dad apparently didn't want to hear it and took me by the arm and yanked my over his left knee. He took his right leg, as he usually did, and wrapped it around my legs to hold them in place. Then he placed his left hand on my back to hold me from bucking around. The whole time I am fighting it, trying to get up and begging and crying for him not to spank me. At some point he was ready and just let it go.

The first few smacks were very fast and very hard and by the time a half dozen or so had hit I was crying as loud as I could and begging him to stop.

"Please dad, no more, please, I've learned my lesson dad!" I begged.

He didn't agree and kept right on spanking, after all dad knows best. He spanked me for what seemed like forever to a naked 13-year-old boy. Dad probably only gave me about 40 or so I'd say and my butt was stinging like it was on fire and my body bucked with each smack. For good measure dad laid a couple of good hard smacks on the back of my legs. I screamed out with each lick on my legs and I was crying so hard that I could barely catch my breath.

Just at that point dad must have thought I had gotten enough. He stood me up and told me that he hoped I had learned a good lesson that I wouldn't forget about. I was still crying so hard I couldn't answer, I just nodded that I had. I couldn't look at my dad, I was so embarrassed by the fact that I had misbehaved and had to have a spanking on my bare butt. Dad gave me a hug and then told me to get dressed and report to the living room to apologize to my brother.