Heavy Handed Roommate

by TwoWt4Bch <TwoWt4Bch@aol.com>

It all started very innocently. A margin call on a promise that I never expected would reach fruition. Of course, it was my own fault. But I find myself wondering now if I somehow wanted it to happen; purposely setting events into motion that led to my first adult spanking by another man followed by a rather erotic experience.

My roommate's name is Jim. I answered an ad he had placed about two years ago to rent out his spare bedroom. It was a typical bungalow type home common to Southern California, built back in the 1950s. Evaporative cooler instead of central air conditioning, raised foundation, two average size bedrooms and a detached garage in the backyard. The house set on a large, beautifully manicured lawn which offered lots of privacy. Property lots that large are unheard of these days as newer homes are built practically on top of each other. The neighborhood seemed quiet and Jim was very pleasant. I was glad he asked me to move in.

At the time I rented the room, I was recovering from a divorce. I was a little starved for companionship, but didn't want anything to do with women for a while. All my life I had fought back the attraction I felt towards men, not wanting to admit to myself or anyone else that I struggled with such a forbidden temptation. If you had asked me, I would have told you I was straight.

My roommate/landlord Jim caught my attention the very first time I met him. he looked to be about 5' 10" tall, about 2" shorter than I was. Very slender, seductively dark skin, black hair and blue eyes. He was 28 years old which made him five years younger than me. His smile was very striking; just the right amount of white teeth showing. Upon close examination, you would see that he had a white band across the front of his teeth. Probably the last stage of adult braces.

Every part of his body was perfectly sculptured. He had a swimmer's build, was nicely toned, had strong hands and his biceps filled his shirt sleeves even though his arms didn't appear overly muscular. When he worked in the yard, he usually removed his shirt revealing well defined stomach muscles and shoulder blades that glistened with sweat as he labored. Another feature worth noting were his nipples. Since he was slender and slightly short in stature, I would have expected his nipples to be small. But they weren't. They were large and colored dark brown against his smooth bronze chest. Whenever I was home, I would go out into the yard and help him. Not because I wanted a closer look at his body; that was just a perk. I helped out because we had become friends. As my friendship with Jim grew, so did my dark fantasies about him.

We enjoyed each other's company. We would go to the gym together whenever our schedules allowed. During the warm months, practically all year round, we would walk over to the high school and play a game or two of tennis in the evening. After we returned home and cleaned up, Jim would relax on the couch in just his jeans. I would sit a respectable "guy" distance from him and pretend to be looking at the TV when really I was looking at his feet up on the coffee table. They were narrow, arched and had sparse black hair that thinned to nothing half way down to his toes. I remember thinking that I must be losing it to be attracted to another guy's feet. What was going on with me?

It was during one of these nights that I discovered that Jim was bi-_s_e_x_ual. We were watching TV when the phone rang. I answered it. There was a guy on the other end asking to speak with Jim. Jim took the phone but didn't leave the couch to talk. I couldn't help but over hear that Jim had gone out with this guy the night before and was trying to communicate to him, without hurting his feelings, that he didn't think there was any spark between them.

After he hung up, I looked at Jim and said "You amaze me, all this time I thought you were straight."

Jim smirked a little and said "Actually, I've been out with both men and women, but I really haven't dated either very much lately."

Although everything seemed pretty ideal, there was one unusual thing about our living arrangement. When two guys are living in the same house with only one bathroom, you'd expect that there would be some mornings where one or both would be naked in front of the other. This never happened. Neither did we ever walk around in our underwear. We were both strangely modest.

In addition, it was kind of an unspoken law that we never had over night guests. Once in a while, one of Jim's gay friends would come over and watch a movie or join us for a barbecue. If I hadn't overheard that phone conversation, I would never have suspected that his friends were gay. Everyone acted perfectly straight.

The only disruption to our friendship was the difference in our housekeeping habits. It wasn't that I was a total slob; it was just that Jim was fastidiously neat. Everthing was always in place and every surface constantly dusted or wiped clean. If I were running late for work in the morning, I'd leave my bed unmade. Not Jim. The only time his bed wasn't made was when he was in it. The occasional glass I left in the kitchen sink, the newspaper stacked on the floor next to the couch or the garden hose not rolled back up right away drove Jim crazy. I tried to keep things picked up so I wouldn't upset him. But, anal compulsive neatness wasn't a top priority for me.

Finally, after accidentally leaving my shoes and dirty socks by the front door, Jim walked into my bedroom holding them out in his hands and said we needed to talk.

"About what?" I asked, even though I knew what it was about.

"About your constant clutter around the house, not leaving the bathroom like you found it and frequently putting your dishes in the sink instead of the dishwasher" he said.

"Oh" I replied. "I'm really sorry. I know this stuff is important to you and I'm going to do better, I promise."

"You've made that promise before" Jim said. "I don't want another promise, I want some kind of assurance."

"assurance?" I asked. "What kind of assurance can I give you? What do you want to do, spank me like a little kid if I leave a mess?"

A wicked smile broke across Jim's face. "That's exactly what I want to do" he said.

In all my fantasizing about Jim, I had never imagined myself getting a spanking from him. The thought of getting a spanking from another guy was somewhat of a turn on, but not by a guy that was shorter and younger than me!

Jim startled me back to reality. "Well, what's your answer?" he asked.

I shrugged my shoulders. "If that is the kind of assurance you want, I'll agree." I thought, what the heck? I know I can keep everything picked up. I was sure that finding myself over Jim's lap would never happen.

"If you catch me in another mess, I'll submit to your punishment" I said.

"Agreed" Jim said. He held out his hand and we shook on it like gentlemen.

For the next two weeks, I made sure everything was picked up and spotless. As this became more routine, the dark cloud hanging over my head of getting spanked began to dissipate. Then, I blew it.

I had just returned from the gym and I thought I had the house to myself. I didn't realize Jim was sitting out on the back patio. I walked into the bathroom, stripped down and jumped in the shower. After I toweled off, I brushed my teeth and went into my bedroom to get dressed. When I came out of the bedroom to clean up the bathroom, there was Jim, leaning against the door jam with his arms folded and wearing nothing but loose fitting blue jeans.

He nodded towards the bathroom and said "That's quite a mess in there. Dirty clothes and wet towel on the floor, water all over the counter top and the toothpaste left out."

"Ya I know" I said. "I was just going to clean it up."

"You are always just going to clean it up, aren't you?" Jim asked sarcastically.

"Look, I just left it that way for a second while I got dressed" I said. "From now on, I'll clean up the bathroom before I get dressed.....I promise."

"Your promise isn't good enough this time" Jim said.

"What are you saying?" I asked.

"What did we agree would happen if you left another mess?" Jim asked.

"I don't know" I said rather frustratedly. "I'll get this cleaned up right now, it's no big deal."

"Are you going to stand there and lie to me on top of leaving the bathroom in a mess?" Jim asked incredulously. "I'll ask you again, what did we agree would happen if you left another mess?"

I looked down at the floor completely dejected. Of course I knew what he was getting at from the very beginning. I let out a big sigh and said "We agreed that I would be spanked if I ever left another mess."

"That's right" Jim said. "And it looks like it's time for you to make good on that agreement. Now go to your room and take off your shirt, your shoes and your socks and then come into the living room where I will be waiting"

I walked into my room and just stood for a moment with my hands on my hips, staring down at the carpet. The event that filled me with both dread and excitement was actually about to happen. In a short while, I would find myself over the knee of my roommate like I was 10 or 11 years old. My roommate, the guy that was shorter than me, younger than me and about 25 to 30 pounds lighter than me. I felt scared and apprehensive.

I slowly pulled off my shirt and tossed it on the bed. I pushed off my shoes and sat down to take off my socks. I sat on the bed for a moment or two, trying to stall for a little time so I could think. I took a deep breath and walked out of my room towards the living room.

Jim had pulled a chair to the middle of the room where he was seated. I noticed that he had shut the front door, closed the windows and turned up the blinds. A nauseating feeling swept through my stomach as I realized this was to muffle my cries and to give us some additional privacy. Jim looked up at me and motioned me over to him with a straight finger. I walked over to him as slowly as I dared. When I reached his side, the lecture began.

"You know, it's not like you weren't warned" he said. "When we came to this arrangement, I had hoped that spanking you would never become necessary. You are one of my best friends and the last thing I want to do is spank you like some deviant child. But, since you can't seem to discipline yourself, I intend to make a good impression on your rear end such that you'll think twice before leaving another mess for someone else to clean up."

He continued on, but I was tuning most of it out by this time. I was staring down at his lap and bare feet. His legs were spread apart about 18 inches. I remember thinking that my face would momentarily be close to his feet as I waited for him to begin my punishment. When he had finished lecturing, he asked me if I had anything to say for myself.

"No sir," I said. "Except that I really was going back to clean up the bathroom. Can't you please give me one more chance? I promise you'll never find another thing out of place if you will please just not spank me."

"I'm afraid it's a little late for that" he said. He then licked the inside of both of his palms, gripped my forearm with his wet hand and guided me over his waiting lap. My waist was bent over his right leg and my chest rested across his left; my head hung low.

He scooted his feet around a little until he found a comfortable position. He then placed his left hand in the middle of my back and pushed down to hold me in place. I didn't have to wait long for him to begin slapping my ass. He was hitting me pretty hard and it was starting to smart. I still had my jeans and underwear on, so the pain was fairly tolerable. I thought to myself that if this was the worst of it, I'd be able to handle it with no problem. However, the force of his hand on my backside and the way his right leg was grinding into my groin, he was beginning to give me a hard on. I hoped like crazy that he wouldn't detect my arousal. Being spanked over his knee like this was embarrassing enough.

After about a minute and a half, he stopped. Whew, I thought. That wasn't so bad.

He pulled me up and gave me an order that took me completely by surprise. "Spanking you through your jeans isn't working" he said. "I need you to take your pants off."

I was stunned. "Wait a minute" I said. "We never said anything about me having to drop my pants."

"You agreed to submit to my punishment" Jim said. "Now take your pants off right now! I want you back over my knee before all the sting leaves your ass."

I hesitated for a moment which made his eyes narrow with anger and impatience. I reluctantly undid the buttons of my 501s and gradually lowered them to my ankles. As I stepped out of them, Jim's eyes immediately focused on my raging hard on. I looked down and was horrified to see that the front of my briefs looked like the Washington Monument covered with a renovation tarp. Jim looked up at me, flashing one of those killer smiles, and said "Well, well, well, what an interesting development."

He wasted no time pulling me back into place. Now I was really nervous as I waited while he repositioned himself. The first crack of his hand caused me to bolt up in astonishment. Man, did I miss my jeans. After the sixth or seventh swat, I couldn't help but throw my right hand back to cover my butt.

"I see I'm starting to get through to you" Jim said. He took hold of my wrist and held my arm to the small of my back. He continued spanking me. I began to wiggle which did nothing to get my aching rear end out of the way. All I accomplished was to pump more blood into my already hard _d_i_c_k_. Just as I was about to break, he stopped. Thank goodness, I thought. I couldn't have stood much more of this.

"Don't get your hopes up" Jim said. "I just want to rest my arm a little before I have you pull off your underwear."

I sat up from his lap and said "Oh no Jim, P L E A S E. I don't think I can stand any more."

"Sorry" he said. "You should have thought about that before you trashed the bathroom."

I laid my head down onto his leg with my face turned in the direction of his crotch as he lightly stroked my hair. This is when I first realized that I wasn't the only one with an erection. My gosh, I thought, he's getting off on this. However, if the truth were known, I was getting off on it too.

After two minutes of resting, Jim said "Ok, my arm feels pretty good now. Let's peel off that underwear and see what you've got."

I stood up and shook my head in disbelief. I put my thumbs under the elastic band and pushed down my underwear. Jim's face lit up as my purple headed soldier jumped to attention. The corners of his mouth turned down as he shook his head in approval. I had just attained a new level of humiliation.

Next, he cupped his right hand about half way down his torso and allowed a big gob of spit to hang from his mouth momentarily before it fell into his palm. He rubbed his spit between both hands, looked up at me and said "Let's rock and roll!"

I couldn't believe the transformation. Fifteen minutes ago he was my best friend who felt badly about spanking me. Now, he was Mr. Rock & Roll!

Again, his wet hand gripped my arm. He firmly pulled me over his left knee while wrapping his right leg over the top of my own legs in order to lock them down. He told me to put my wrists behind my back where he grabbed hold of them. I felt like a pinned wrestler waiting for the count of three. My face was right by his feet now. All I could do was study them to hopefully anticipate his stinging blow.

After massaging my butt for a short time, his hand lifted into the air. I saw his feet tense and knew that my ass was about to be assaulted again. The searing pain immediately following the sharp echoing slap made me buck and try to break free. He held me too tightly. His blows were landing in much faster succession. I didn't have any time to recuperate between smacks. I couldn't help but cry out with exasperated pleas. Man, did I miss my underwear!

After a full minute or so, he stopped again. I slumped down and let my rigid muscles go limp. I was completely spent.

As Jim lifed me from his lap, I noticed with horror that I had left a pre-cum wet spot on his left pants leg. Jim looked at the wet spot, looked over at my _d_i_c_k_, and then smiled. "Ok," he said, "let's move into my bedroom so I can finish this up with my ping pong paddle."

I was in shock. "Jim," I said, "don't you think I've paid for my crime already?"

"Almost," he said, "now let's go."

I foolishly reached for my clothes. Jim told me to hold on, that I wouldn't need them for a while. I've never felt so naked in my life as I marched into his bedroom wearing only a vibrantly red ass.

"Ok," he said, "lay face down on the bed. That's it. Now, scoot down and slip your legs under the foot board. No, under the foot board. Perfect. Now put your arms to your sides and I'll be with you in a moment."

I watched him walk over to his dresser, open the top drawer and pull out a blue ping pong paddle. I didn't even know he had a ping pong paddle. He stood looking at me with a _s_e_x_ually excited grin while twirling the paddle around in his hand. He climbed onto the bed and sat on top of me in the middle of my back, as though he were sitting on a horse backwards. My arms were trapped between my own body and his legs. My legs were immobilized because of the bed's foot board. When I turned my head to either side, Jim's feet were directly in my face, touching. I was completely at his mercy.

My _d_i_c_k_ was hot and throbbing, squeezed tight between my stomach and the bed. Jim sadistically slid the paddle around my butt like he was icing a cake. Then he removed the paddle. I knew what was coming and there was nothing I could do to stop it. A searing pain exploded throughout my raw ass causing me to yell out and contort in every direction. By the third swat, I was crying and begging, twisting and turning. I buried my face into the mattress to muffle my screams. Jim acted as though he were oblivious to the agony I was in. Somewhere around swat 25, I went numb. I was out of energy and couldn't fight him any longer. He swatted me five more good ones and then stopped.

He dismounted from my back, gave me a father like kiss on my sweaty temple, and said he would return in just a second with something that would make me feel better. He came back with a bottle of lotion and sat down on the edge of the bed. He began to gently rub the cool lotion into my burning ass bringing tender relief. It felt so good.

As he rubbed the lotion in, I put my hand up on his chest and began to slowly move it down to his stomach. I paused at his stomach, he didn't make any move to stop me. So, I continued to journey South of the boarder. When I began to lightly caress his bulging crotch, he looked back at me with a big smile and raised his eye brows. He twisted around to face me and eased me over onto my back. He laid his chest upon mine and quitely kissed all around my mouth. He raised up and looked directly into my eyes for about 30 seconds as if he were reading my face. He began rubbing my lips with his index finger and then carefully worked it into my mouth. He pulled my mouth open slightly and then moved his lips down to mine. He entered my mouth with his tongue; it was wonderful.

He moved his hand down and took hold of my erect penis like it was a golf club. He whispered "Would you like me to take care of this?"

I slowly nodded yes and said "Only if you let me take care of yours after."

As Jim kissed and licked his way down my chest and stomach, I thought, man, I've got to start being more messy.

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