Training Swimmers 2

by Trainsboys <TRAINSBOYS@AOL.COM>

The knock on my door was my next piece of ass to punish.

The second boy I got to punish today is so hot. Just a freshman. He just transfered here from Sarsota, Floridia. Swimming is a winter sport in the area my school is in, so for this kid it was the doubly hard task of a two season year and a whole new team to fit into. He's shy and tall. Big for his age, about 5' 9". Lean slinky build. Tight but not very muscular. Still very much a boy. He has a great face. Dark eyes, full lips, and short cropped black hair.

When Ryan opened the door it was hot seeing him up close for the first time. His cheeks were flushed. The kid had silky olive skin. He stood awkwardly in a tattered grey sweatshirt, pool water dripping off his barely clad body. His little bikini clad package was peeking out.

I had been eying him all during the first week of practice. Besides a beautiful body and face, he was just out of puberty. He was a naturally graceful swimmer, and even at 14 he knew he was _s_e_x_y. I could tell he was lonely and shy. There could be nothing worse than moving to a new town just when you were about to enter high school. Most of the other freshman on my team had been in school or training together since they were 8-10 and they stuck together. I could tell Ryan was an outsider in different ways too. From the first time we made eye contact I could tell he was horny. All that sweet teen flesh, wet and exposed was making him horny. He liked being near naked around other guys. And I knew he was thinking about this spanking long before he stepped into my office and I told him to lock the door behind him.

We had about a ten minute standard chat about team policy. I gave him a xerox copy of the meet schedule and rules. I could feel his apprehesion. Squirming, wondering if his ass was going to get punished. Almost casually I told him "Now I want you to bend over the edge of this desk for me." I patted the stainless steel surface, still a little damp from the last swimmer I had punished. Ryan slowly assumed the position. I pulled his sweatshirt up revealing his sleek lean back. I opened the top drawer and pulled out the spanking ruler. I could see him try and glimpse it out of the corner of his eye. His body tensed as I slapped the ruler against the palm of my hand. The loud cracks made his tender ass clench in anticipation.

He was wearing his old team suit from Florida, a 26 inch size Tyr suit. It was black and did a good job displaying his package. Ryans ass was so small I could spank both cheeks with one hand. Small and round, but not yet muscular, still very fleshy and innocent. I gave him about 25 very tender strokes. Enough to get him a little warm and very turned on. After the first set I could tell he was aroused.

"So what's with this black suit boy. You'r e not in Florida anymore. You swim for the Blue Raiders now!" SMACK "Understand?" SMACK "Yes." SMACK. "I do not want to see you in any other team suit or color other than blue after today Ryan. Understand?" SMACK "Yeah coach."

Then I got to see what I had wanted to see all week. His naked body. "Take that suit off and hand it to me." Ryan was about to face the embarassment of a bare bottom spanking from his swim team coach. He was almost stiff . A nice peice of sweet meat on this kid. When I made him bend over the desk I got a great view of his pink crack. He had a smooth little asshole so tiny you could put it on a keychain. His smooth olive skin was lighter on his asscheeks. He had a nice tan line from the outdoor season in Florida.

I went right back to work on his cheeks. He was getting a nice hot spanking. I wanted to turn him on. I knew I had to get inside this little kid's ass. He was squirming, his teen_c_o_c_k_ nice and stiff and swinging between his hairless legs. I wanted to tenderize this kid's ass real slow. I had him there all horny and spread out for his coach. His little ass crack was open and his shiny little hole was opening and closing. A few well placed strokes got him right on his asshole. "OK Ryan stand up."

I unlocked a cabinet and found a size 26 Hind racing suit. I pulled it out of the box and let the silky fabric run over my fingers. I walkied over to Ryan and rubbed the edge of the suit up and down his tender, freshly spanked ass crack. I knew it felt good. "This is your team suit Ryan. You are responsible for it. It is school property. You buy your own practice suits and I suggest you not wear any suits with your old team's logos or name on them. You swim for me now understand? Put it on."

Ryan tried to stuff his almost rigid _c_o_c_k_ into the tight racing suit. I pulled the suit up over each of his asscheeks a little. "That's a good fit. This seam right here reduces your drag in the water." I let my index finger trace the seam on the suit that ran right up the crack of the kids ass. "Feel that Ryan?" There was a little dimple in the suit that was his asshole. I started to trace it. Rub it gently through the thin fabric. Then I moved my finger under the leg opening of the suit. The feel of his ass flesh was electric. Feeling it get moister and tighter as I rubbed near his crack and under his balls. What lttile fuzz was there would be shaved off soon. I would be spending a lot of time with this kid's ass over the next four years. I was getting hard, thinking about exposing and exploiting his innocent ass flesh. Teaching this kid the pleasures of ass play and domination. I gave him five smacks with my hand on each cheek and made him leave.

Hot ,horny and turned on by his first spanking from the coach. I just knew he would make a beeline for the nearest bathroom stall so he could jack off. He didn't even care that I had his old Florida racing suit, a sovenier of his first stripping and spanking.

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