Captain of the Team

by Trainsboys <>

It was one of the deepest cracks he had ever seen. Phil's ass has gone from cute to amazing over the three years he's been on my swim team. Watching him during practice is an obsession. His tight body wet and graceful. Ever muscle cut and defined. A tiny blue swimsuit hugs his ass. His _c_o_c_k_ is always halfhard.

My obsession is his. He loves showing his ass, knowing that I am watching him. Hell, everyone watches him. He's an absolute beauty. Not just cute, but beautiful. A shining 17 year old: Dazzling smile. Bright pretty eyes. Rosy cheeks. Floppy hair. Phil is sassy. Cute. Charismatic. The girls call him a hottie. The guys admire him. He's a leader. Popular, bright, and outgoing. A slice of apple pie.

None of his classmates know of his secret life. For three years I have been training this kid's ass. It's possible he could be the hottest piece of ass on the planet. At least to me he is. I know the keys to his desire and control it . Being the first to open a world of exquisite pain and pleasure to this lovely boy has given me more joy than I ever thought possible. He is the rarest- a stunning, natural bottom. What any man into the discipline of boy ass dreams of.

Before Phil I kept my _s_e_x_ual life seperate from my life as a coach and teacher. While I've always spanked boys on my team, it was never _s_e_x_ual. I never crossed the line.

Funny how spankings have always been an excuse for men to get at boys asses. It's even in the bible. Sure it's hot seeing a teenager lose control: nice stiff bones barely concealed during a hard, ruler-on the wet speedos spanking. But it was always flesh for fantasy. I never broke my rule to never ever get involved _s_e_x_ually with a student.

That all changed three years ago. Phil's ass made me do it.

It was an uncontrollable fire. A secret world un- folded. Suddenly I was training not just swimmers but some of the finest _f_u_c_k_ flesh in America. Two halves of my life joined. My deepest darkest desires were becoming reality. It's frightening to fathom the risk and the danger. ass-training teen age boys. Commiting the most forbidden _s_e_x_ual acts in society. But the rules are bull_s_h_i_t_. What I do is what has always been done to the delicate sensitive flesh of young male ass.

The very first spanking I gave Phil was when he was 13. He sprayed a load of cum after the tenth swat of the ruler. Only 13 and he was a totally horny bottom. I just couldn't believe that such a young cleancut boy would cream all over his coaches desk. I had seen a lot of boys get hard, but never lose control. I was in love. I rubbed his sweet punished little cheeks for half an hour. He wasn't embarrassed, or afraid. Just totally excited by the door that had opened to him. His first _s_e_x_ual experience.

I have played with him ever since.

Phil was stacking kickboards when I came out of my office. I stood right behind him enjoying the way his muscled back curved down to his lean hips. Every muscle was cut and defined. I had been making him spend extra time in the weight room. His dimpled ass was getting nice and round. I let my finger trace his spine. The pool was quiet and empty. I tugged the waistband of his swimsuit and peeked at his smooth deep ass crack. He droped the kick board he was holding.

"Did you see that kid Ryan?" I started to lightly spank his cheeks. "Yeah, he looked really hot. Did he like it?" Wet butt smacks echoed across the pool. "Yeah, I stripped him. Fitted him for a team suit." Phil's _c_o_c_k_ was growing. "Bet it shows his ass off." My finger was slipping under the leg opening of his suit, feeling the curve of his cheek, the moist tender crack. "Get in my office."

I locked the door and put my desk chair in the center of the room. Phil got over my knee without me even asking. I loved how his lean 6' tall 145lb body felt. He likes having his ass in the air and my firm leg to hump against. Straight away he got 25 smacks on the seat of his damp skimpy swimsuit. It got him rock hard. Next I slowly inspected his ass. He has to stand up so I could strip him. A nice fat 7 inch _c_o_c_k_ popped out as I yanked his speedos off. He was back over my lap. I pulled his thighs apart. His spread, naked ass was a heart-stopper. My _c_o_c_k_ lept as I saw the ring at the end of a string of ass beads peeking out of his deep crack.

"How did you like swimming with these little cherries in your ass?" I spread his cheeks and watched his hole twitch. About an inch of greasy string and the little red ring was sticking out of his pink asshole. "Feels so hot. My _c_o_c_k_ was so hard it hurt. I had to jerk off in the toilet in the middle of practice." I tugged on the string, feeling the first bead just about pop out of his anus. He started to hump my thigh. "I'm gonna make you cum again." His cheeks tightened. "I know." I could see the tiny red bead, I yanked , playing with him. He was writhing in pleasure. "I should have made you jerk off in front of the team.. Spread your ass on the diving board and let everyone watch me pull these toys out of your bare ass." I had reached under him to grab him by the base of his balls. It was a great way to keep him still while I delivered five hard smacks to his bare ass.

The anal beads had been shoved in before practice. Phil had to swim 7000 yards that day with a string of small plastic beads deep inside his greased ass. It was so hot having his teen ass under that kind of control. Knowing what was inside him, knowing I would decide when they would come out. I had to spread him just to see how cute and punished his hole looked. I couldn't resist yanking one of the beads out. His shy pucker opened and closed tight. I slowly shoved the bead back in with my finger. "Oh man." I looked between his spread legs and could see that his _c_o_c_k_ was dripping with pre-cum. I rubbed and stroked his back and legs- trying to cool him off a little. "Don't cum yet, baby." His balls got rubbed and tickled. He was lost in pleasure. I was tracing his smooth ass crack with the tip of my finger, then slowly circling the sensitive flesh around his hole. Without warning the whole string of beads got pulled. Each one making a juicy pop as it came out. I did it so fast that his suprised anus opened and closed for two minutes. I kept him completly still, knowing that he was on the brink, which is where I would keep him for at least another hour.

"Get on the desk." Phil's _c_o_c_k_ slapped his tight washboard stomach as he crossed the room. He assumed a knees-tucked-under-the belly postion on the desk top. This was the way I like him for enemas, ass-play, and whenever I shaved what little hair there was around his sweet juicy hole.

I unlocked the bottom drawer where I kept Phil's very personal ass-toys. The beads weren't the only new implements I had picked up when I was in New York City. I found a leather slapper that was 1/2" wide and 10 inches long. Made for precise spankings. There was also a new 1/2" thick 4 inch long training plug. "Am I gonna get _f_u_c_k_ed with that?"

Phil was still technically a virgin. I had rimmed, spanked, and fingered him. But he had never been _f_u_c_k_ed. I teased him with the promise of a good deep sweaty _f_u_c_k_ as soon as he was 18. I wanted to _f_u_c_k_ him for the first time in my bed. I wanted to bust his cherry properly. Show him love. But for now a good spanking was all he would need to spray a load.

The slapper was perfect for getting his ass glowing. Subtle light strokes across his meaty cheeks. I had perfect control over where the strokes landed. I paddled around each cheek and then up and down his clenched crack. Phil's ass got spread and the tip of the paddle tickled his greasy hole. The sound of leather against slick assflesh had us both panting.

I kept a steady pace for 15 more minutes. Back and forth, up and down. Sweat was trickling down his body, dripping off his balls. Finally I ended the set with about thirty strokes on his anus. He was totally punished, beyond words.

It was time to finish him off. I had an old-school jar of vaseline in the drawer. Phil watched as I lubed the smooth black butt plug. He was about to get a nice _f_u_c_k_ing. I put a dolop of grease on my index finger. Using the thumb and index finger of my left hand I spread his innocent hole and lightly circled it with the index finger of my right . He loved being oiled. I could feel his pulse as Ioosened his sphincter.

The plug slid in real easy. I twisted it around and around, relaxing him. "You're getting 100 punishment strokes." His _c_o_c_k_ jumped. Then the _f_u_c_k_ing began. The way the plug looked and sounded as it stretched and pleasured this 17 year old's ass was amazing. I pulled it all the way out and shoved it all the way in. I used the tip to circle the pleasure-flesh around his hole. Finally I made this all-american boy hump into my slick fist and _f_u_c_k_ himself back and forth, faster and faster until gobs of cream landed on my desk. He was out of breath- a slick juicy mess. Slowly pulling the plug out of his asshole and watching it open and close was all it took for me to cum in my Speedos.

We took a shower together, and I caressed and soaped ever inch of my delicious ass slave. I could hardly wait for his 18th birthday, and his first real _f_u_c_k_ing. I only had two weeks to plan Phil's party.

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