The Auction

by Klaus O K <>

Andy was feeling sick in his stomach as he approached the corner of the camp where the auction was to be held. He had only been at sergeant major Thompson's auctions twice. Just watching had made him acutely uncomfortable. Now he was going to bid!

There was no alternative. Two years ago today he had started dating Laureen. He had had to cancel their last four dates for various reasons. She had promised to make this anniversary even more special than their first one. Now they had suddenly been ordered on this maneuver. He had kept postponing telling her, and now it was too late. He couldn't even make a phone call. He had to have that late pass. On the plus side, rumor had it that the buyer would also get the loan of a jeep.

The sergeant major was standing in front of a jeep. There was an open space in front of him. Around this stood a crowd of 20 or 30. Andy recognised only five or six.

"You know how it is during maneuvers. There is only one late pass today. It would be pretty useless without transport, so I am throwing in the loan of my jeep. Now what am I bid?"

The bids started five, and stopped at fifteen.
"Fifteen only? Going once..."
With a sinking feeling, Andy said
That was Rich. He hadn't bid before. Andy bid eighteen. Three more times Rich bid against him. Andy bid 24. No one bid over. Thompson asked for his name and filled in the pass.

"Come here."
"Yes, sir."
Andy stood next to the jeep. He remembered the procedure from back when he had watched a couple of auctions. Without any prompting, he handed the sergeant major his belt, turned to face the jeep, pulled down his drawers and leaned over the hood. What would it be like? At the first auction he had witnessed, one buyer had not seemed bothered by 15 while another had jumped around and had to be restrained after two or three.

"One," said Thompson, and swung the belt into Andy's unprotected butt. Andy howled. This was not what he had expected! Nothing ought to hurt like this.
Andy screamed again. He couldn't take it. Not another one. Not 24!
Andy jumped up.
"Private Parker!"

A man stepped forward, and grabbed Andy's wrists. He stood at the other side of the jeep, and pulled on Andy's arms. So this was Parker. Rumor had it that Thompson and Parker were lovers. Another rumor had it that Thompson had "shopped around" for the biggest pecker in the company, and found it. Andy wondered how much of this was true. The bulge in Parker's pants was very noticeable, but not especially large.

Andy had only a moment to think about such things, then he got distracted.
Another line of fire across his burning ass.
It was no good. There was no way he could take this.
"OWWWWW!!!! Sir! Please! I don't want that pass. I can't take it."
"Your name is on it, private Jenkins. You must pay what you bid. Auctions are always like that. However, there is another way. You might get someone else to pay."
He placed a finger on Andy's butt, far out to the left.
"You can put your ass up for sale."
He ran the finger horizontally across the ass, dipping it into the crack as he passed it.
"Sir? I don't understand."
The finger returned from right to left, a little lower this time. It barely missed the hole as it dipped into the crack.
"Now why would a man with no late pass want to buy a lovely ass like yours?"

He couldn't mean ... only he did.
"NO! I'm not selling."
"That's up to you. Eight."
He was in trouble. He knew he couldn't take 24 of these, but the alternative was so much worse.
He wouldn't. No way. He'd rather die.
"OW! Sir! I'll do it! Stop!"

The sergeant major placed a fingertip directly on Andy's asshole.
"You want to sell this?"
"Yes sir."
Tears of shame were rolling down Andy's cheeks. Thompson turned around and addressed the crowd:
"We have an ass for sale! And what a cute ass it is."

He pressed a hand against each of Andy's buns and pulled outwards, exposing the hole.
"What am I bit for this delectable hole?"
He let go, and rested one hand on Andy's ass, the thumb on the left bun, three fingers on the right one and the index finger resting lightly on the hole.
"Four!" "Five!" "Six!"
"Six here on my left. Six only."
"Seven!" "Eight!"
"Eight is bid. Eight is private Morris's bid. Eight only. Going once. Going twice. Sold!"
The blow was a complete surprise for Andy. He jumped up. Rich was coming to the front. His pants were bulging, as were practically all pants Andy could see. He bared his butt and bend over the hood of the jeep.
Andy's belt left a red stripe all across Rich's ass.

The sergeant major swung the belt like a whip eight times. Rich didn't seem to mind. Had he planned this? Rich had made a few passes at Andy, but desisted when it became clear that Andy wasn't interested. Had he lusted for him ever since? Had he bid against him to force him to put his butthole up for auction? Was Andy getting paranoid? Rich rose. His butt was more red than white, crisscrossed as it was with broad red stripes. His _d_i_c_k_ was standing out from his body pointing downward, not quite hard.

Andy bend over again. Some sort of nozzle was placed between his buttocks, and deposited a gob of something wet and cool on his asshole. A finger was thrust through this and deep into his rectum. It went in very easily. Maybe he shouldn't had refused when Laureen had wanted to stick that candle into him? The finger was twisted around a couple of times, then withdrawn. Something else pushed lightly against his hole. A hand was placed on his left butt cheek. He couldn't help clenching his asshole.
"Relax. It won't hurt if you relax," said Rich. He tried, with little success. There was a pressure at his hole, an increasing pressure. The pressure rose, became unbearable, kept rising. Suddenly the intruder was inside. There was a sharp pain, then a totally new sensation. After a short pause, the intruder went further in. In and in and in and still further in. Andy felt that he needed to take a dump right now. Knowing the cause of the feeling did nothing to reduce the urgency. The pain in his sphincter was fading fast. It was already insignificant compared to the pain in his buttocks when Rich got all the way in. He pulled most of the way out again, then returned inward. In and out the intruder went. In and out. Andy was feeling a jab of guilt that he had wanted to subject Laureen to this. At least he'd never asked her. He hadn't felt he could after refusing the candle.

After an eternity of _f_u_c_k_ing, Rich stopped, then started again very slowly. Andy recognised a technique he often used with Laureen. Rich wanted this to last! Fortunately Andy had got somewhat used to it. It was no longer unbearable. What was this pain in his _d_i_c_k_? No, not pain, cold. Andy's _d_i_c_k_ was pressing against the cold metal of the jeep. No! It couldn't be! In this of all situations, he couldn't have a hardon. Only he did. His _d_i_c_k_ was rather hard, and getting harder.

At long last, the _f_u_c_k_ came to an end. Rich _f_u_c_k_ed faster and faster, then stopped, moaning "Oh oh! OOOOH! Ohhhhhhhh!" He stood still a moment, catching his breath before pulling out. Andy was hoping he might get up his pants without anybody seeing the condition of his _d_i_c_k_, but Rich grabbed him by the shoulders and had him stand with his side to the jeep. He grabbed Andy's hard _d_i_c_k_ and stroked it slowly, saying:
"You don't need to go through all this, you know. Next time you want your butt _f_u_c_k_ed, just say so. I'll be happy to do it for you."
He let go and grabbed his own _d_i_c_k_. He took off a rubber. Of course! A rubber. Why hadn't Andy thought of that? Next time he would insist on a rubber. What nonsense! As if there would be a next time.

"assume position!"
"Bend over!"
"But ..."
"I counted ten blows for you, didn't I private Jenkins?"
"Yes sir."
"Plus one for the sale makes eleven, right?"
"Yes sir."
"And private Morris took eight. That's nineteen, right?"
"Yes sir."
"And what did you bid?"
"24, sir."
"So you still have five coming, haven't you?"
"Uhm ..."
"Do you want to sell your ass again?"
"No sir!"
"Then bend over!"
"Yes sir."
Parker grabbed his wrists again.

If anything, those five blows hurt worse than those he had got before. Eventually it was over. He pulled his pants back up. The sergeant major handed him his belt, the pass, and the key to the car. The crowd dispersed, mostly in pairs. Andy noticed that Parker and Thompson disappeared into the same tent.

As he drove towards the city, Andy had trouble sitting still. His backside was so sore. Rich was willing to take a belting just to get to _f_u_c_k_ him! That was flattering, in a way. Hey! Why shouldn't Andy do the whipping himself? That was crazy. He was not going to let a _d_i_c_k_ into his ass again for any reason. And why would he want to whip Rich anyway? Yet, for some reason the sight of that red ass had been ... NO! Red ass!! Oh no! If Rich's ass was that red, what must Andy's look like? He had taken twice as many blows! What was he going to tell Laureen? What was he going to tell Laureen?

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