Rocket Boy Dares Defend Himself

by Rocket Boy <>

I grew up over thirty years ago in what was sometimes called "God's Country." (Or, at least if you asked my Mormon friends, they'd tell you that.) Even in God's Country, boys will be boys in school. This includes getting into fights.

I had a reputation of being somewhat of a sissy; probably because I wore glasses (which I was afraid of breaking), and I didn't take part in the typical "boy games."

We had our class bully, Wayne, who was a source of trouble all to himself. I think most of the boys got paddled, but Wayne got it at least once every week. I think his brain convinced to him to do things that his rear end would have to pay.

Well, one day, Wayne decided to harass me. I had taken quite enough from him, and then started pounding him. In fact, I was getting the better of him when we were broken up.

Boy fights were probably the number one cause for paddlings in our school. Since there was a sense of consent in it, both of us were sentenced to a liberal application of the paddle across the seat of the jeans. It's somewhat notable, as this was the last paddling I got in school (I got a few later on at home, and I talked myself out of other ones at school), and the first that I received with another boy.

Anyway, the three of us ended out in the hallway outside our room, where our paddlings were traditionally applied. Mr. Leigh and Wayne were there, along with I. Mr. Leigh said, "Which of you boys will be first?"

I decided that there was no use to prevent the inevitable, so I bent over into position to get my licks. They were stingers, but I didn't cry from them. Then, I got to watch Wayne get his.

That's where the problem started. Wayne decided he didn't want to get his licks. Mr. Leigh engaged in several statements, in increasing order, that made it clear to Wayne that resistance was futile.

Interestingly, one of them was, "Chris was a good boy and took his licks like a man? Why are you being a sissy about it?" Interesting that I wasn't called a sissy when it came to taking the board!

The last comment was, "Do you want me to call your father about it?" I think there must have been some agreement that Wayne would get it really good if his father needed to get in the act, preferring to have the school taking care of things. Finally, Wayne bent over for his licks.

He not only got his licks, but there was an extra surprise coming: Wayne got additional licks for backtalking Mr. Leigh (another one of his problems). Not only did I get him, but Mr. Leigh did too!

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