Jarvis, Part II

by OTK_Bare <Otk_bare@yahoo.com>

The Jarvis School for Boys, Part I


The following story is fictional, but its characters were inspired by the movie Dutch." While no one ever got spanked in that movie, there were plenty of deserving characters and situations which could reasonably serve as the inspiration for many more stories to follow. Your comments will be appreciated, via e-mail.

(If you have read part I or seen the movie Dutch, then the characters are well-developed in your mind already, and you should skip to the next section. For those who haven't read the first part, some of the descriptive material necessary for "setting the stage" is repeated below.)

The Jarvis School for Boys is located in the "Big Sky" country of Montana. Nestled in a canyon, the surrounding scenery is breathtaking and the school's landscaping is a work of art. Since the boys who are its students primarily come from 'old money,' however, the school is well-endowed and provides state-of-the-art facilities for its students.

Jarvis' administration and faculty are concerned only with their prospective duties and so find discipline to be a distraction from the work they really love. Since their founder, Alfred Jarvis was a headmaster from one of the highest ranking schools in London, England, it seemed only natural then that they would and did adopt the 'prefect model' of discipline. In this model, older, more advanced students (though not necessarily more mature), called "Senior Prefects," are placed in charge of younger students (called 'juniors'). Doyle Standish, whose father was an investment banker, was one such "senior," and Teddy, being a junior, was in his charge. Doyle was 14 and almost a black belt in karate. He was 5'6", weighed about 115#, and had dishwater-blonde hair and blue eyes. Doyle was trim and always had the lean, shiny, hairless appearance of a karate competer right before a fight. He was also known for his ability to give licks (and this wasn't always said in reference to karate).

Teddy was one of the few students privileged enough to attend Jarvis not because of old money, but from sheer academic performance, and the fact his father and mother both worked for the school to help pay for his education. But Teddy was small. Though he, too, was lean as a fighter, he was only 5' and weighed in at "just under 100-pounds," as he always answered when challenged. Still, he was cute as could be and quite sharp witted, which often got him in trouble. Teddy also had blonde hair and blue eyes, but he had one thing Doyle did not: a father who loved him.


Part II

199 spanks later, Doyle gave his last, final, and hardest smack to Teddy's bottom, and Teddy let out an anguishing cry, "Ahhhh-hhh-hhhh-hhh," until finally, realizing Doyle was finished, Teddy began to sob uncontrollably across Doyle's lap. The whole process was so exhilirating to Doyle, he just let Teddy sob and enjoyed the sounds, site and feel of Teddy's bare, quivering body across his lap, but Teddy's punishment wasn't yet over.

"You may not pull up your pants, but you may stand with your face in the corner until I say. Now go."

Teddy, still sobbing, rose and ambled over to the corner. His pants and briefs still bunched around his ankles, he extended his face into the corner, where he then began to sob uncontrollably once more, humiliated, broken, and sore, his butt quivered.

About ten minutes later, "Pull up your briefs and slacks, straighten your uniform, stop crying and get out!" Doyle commanded. Teddy had no trouble following this instruction, and in a hurry.

Teddy opened the door of Doyle's room to see Andrew, the Head Prefect, but being ashamed and humiliated he avoided any eye contact and quickly left swept past Andy. Which was fine with Andy. He didn't need an explanation, he knew what Doyle had done and he was persuaded Doyle needed the same done to him.

If Doyle was "almost" a black belt, Andrew was a black belt and with stripes. Andy had pitch black, loose, curly hair and almost the same color eyes. He was exquisite looking! In the showers, it was said that all of the boys noticed his hairless, tanned and tone frame, but what they noticed too was the way his tan line vanished into a perfect pink complexion. Any boy who had ever been spanked by this guy longed to see what some of his own treatment would do to his own backside, but because Andy was so fair, no one ever really considered causing him pain for too long. Most just envied him, that's all. Like Doyle, his family was one of the more prominent in the schools, but his own family's wealth made Doyle and his folks look like they were in the poor house. Doyle didn't like this and they didn't get on well. Andrew was quite pleased, then, to have learned Doyle was punishing Teddy without a good reason. So, when Andy entered and shut the door, Doyle knew this wasn't a social call.

"Okay, Doyle," Andrew started, "I've bared the butts of nearly every junior student at Jarvis, as well as a few seniors, and everyone knows there are just some rule violations we as prefects just don't enforce. You spanked Teddy really hard and you did it without a decent cause. Now, its your turn."

Outraged, Doyle replied, "No you're not: you're not going to spank me! It was a clear violation and I had every right to blister his butt! We will just go to the Headmaster to see who's right here," and with that Doyle unsuccessfully attempted to walk past Andy. He was stopped abruptly when Andy shoved him to his bed.

"Look, you spoiled punk! Everyone hear hates you. You are not getting passed me; you are going to taste your own medicine! There are two ways we can deal with this matter: either you can cooperate with me, alone in this room, or I can call in the guys to help. It's that simple. Now, what's it going to be?"

Doyle knew he had no choice, and this was the worst punishment he could receive. "Okay. What do you want me to do?"

"You will get undressed from head to toe, right now. I will watch for a minute to see that you start and then I will leave to fetch my brush...."

"Oh, please," Doyle interrupted, "Please don't use that."

"Shutup," Andrew said. "Do what you have been told."

Doyle, who had been feeling so exultant only moments earlier, was now feeling quite unsure of himself. He backed further from Andy, who was waiting, and removed his blazer. Though noticeably upset, he laid it neatly on his bed. Slowly he unfastened his tie and did the same. Unbuttoning his shirt, he pulled it loose from his slacks, and his young, muscular chest began to show.

Andy left but soon returned with his brush. As Andrew had hoped, Doyle hadn't gotten much further; he was just removing the shirt, laying it too neatly on his bed. Sitting now on his bed, Doyle removed his shoes and socks. Then, rising to his feet, Doyle turned away from Andy for the removal of his slacks and briefs.

Andy thought about insisting that Doyle face him, but he allowed Doyle this comfort. Besides, this just enabled him to view the part of Doyle's anatomy he longed to see the most: his butt! Andrew wasn't at all interested in Doyle's front; he was a guy, after all!

Doyle thought twice about removing his belt from his waistline and left it in the slacks, unbuckling it only to make it possible for him to unfasten his pants. Then, the moment for which Andy had been waiting: Doyle let his slacks fall to the floor! WOW! Doyle had never showered at the same time as the other boys, and Andrew was glad, because he might have well competed with him as the object of their envy. Doyle was lean and firm, also with a tanned and tone, hairless frame. Only Doyle, with his blonde hair and blue eyes, somehow had that boyish innocence that made him far more appealing! But, then came the briefs, and Andrew knew this one would be fun! Doyle's butt would be by far the most firmly-rounded supple butt he had ever spanked. The slacks and briefs now lay as the crowning touch to Doyle's clothes on his bed, and Doyle was facing away from Andrew with his bottom bared.

Pulling himself together, "Okay, Doyle, you have been wise to cooperate to this point. Please bend over the bed so that your hands are clinging to the other side of the mattress and your feet are just slightly off the floor." And so he did.

Doyle could sense Andrew approaching him on his left side from the rear, and he knew the brush was in his hand. That brush: made from oak, it was about seven inches in diameter and about one-quarter-of-an-inch thick; boys who have experienced a "brushing from Brother Andrew," as it is called, have said that he swings that brush for distance.

Andrew retrieved two pillows from the head of Doyle's bed and, instructing Doyle to raise up, he placed them under Doyle's midsection. This served to raise Doyle's feet even more and sort of arch his butt. Feeling Andrew press the brush against his skin for measurement, Doyle shivered under its coolness.

Andrew couldn't help butt smile when he noted with pleasure that, with the brush forcing Doyle's butt flat, his butt was about seven-and-one-half inches in diameter, exactly the right size for the brush, but they would get to that later and he laid the brush within his reach and stood back to admire Doyle's frame once more.

Doyle's hairless frame was breathtaking! Again, approaching Doyle from behind, Andrew changed plans in an instant, raised Doyle up and led him to the chair where he, Andrew, sat down. Repositioning Doyle across his lap, he quickly and forcefully began to spank Doyle....

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! First one cheek and then the other! Andrew rained swats down on Doyle, and Doyle began to whimper.

Slowly, Doyle's butt began to change colors, but the firmness and resilience of his butt drove Andy onward! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Over and over again, Andy's hand punished Doyle's bare flesh, changing its color from pale flesh to red meat! Then, unnatural colors! SMACK! SMACK! Approaching 200, Andrew slowed the licks to steady, hard, strategically placed swats. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! And, at 200, Andrew let Doyle remain crying across his lap. (Which is exactly what Doyle had given the other boy, Andy had learned from Teddy in the hall when he went to get the brush-a fact that was not lost on Doyle.)

Doyle laid there crying, he bottom still sore; he was now ashamed of how he had treated Teddy. But, his punishment was not over.

"Get up and go reposition yourself on the bed, Doyle."

Now, broken, feeling he deserved this and much more, Doyle raised himself up. Shivering uncontrollably from crying, he more than once almost lost his balance. Slowly, he made his way to the bed.

Andrew just watched, never having been quite so satisfied with his punishment of a boy. What a body! What vulnerability! He's just a spoiled punk who needed to be taught a lesson, Andrew thought.

Fast approaching Doyle, Andrew raised his brush and brought it hard, square, against Doyle's already-punished bottom. THWACK! Doyle screamed, "Ohh-hh-hh, I ammm, soooo-ooo-oo sorryyy!, please not again!" Again, THAWCK! Doyle began to buck, but Andrew just braced himself to one side and against Doyle's left hip so he could continue to swat his butt. THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! Twenty five swats in all.

Doyle's bottom was bruised and blistered and he was crying uncontrollably on the bed when Andrew coolly said, "Get dressed," and left the room.

An hour later, Doyle's composure regained, he left to report to the Headmaster the injustice he had suffered at the hands of Andy.

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