Spanked at the Supermarket

by Jason Arnone <>

It is important for me to state up-front that this actually did happen to me. I have not fictionalized this account of a very humiliating (and also erotic) event in my life.

My dad was a tyrant when it came to me, his only son. My sisters were princesses and I think that Dad had homo_s_e_x_ual leanings which led to his almost hatred of me. He spanked me on a regular basis and always on my bare butt. He also felt that humiliation was part of punishment. He would tell me I needed to be "taken down a peg" when he spanked me. He also employed the method of standing me in the corner with my pants down after a spanking and it didn't matter to him if my sisters saw which of course, they frequently did.

This particular event happened when I was 14. My mother had died the previous winter and so her softening influence no longer protected me. Dad really came down hard on me after her death and spoiled his "princesses" even more. We had gone to the supermarket one Friday night (all of us as he refused to leave us unsupervised) and while he was shopping, I wandered off and ran into a friend of mine from school who was with his mother. We wandered out of the store and down the plaza to a news stand. We went in and looked at comic books. I lost track of the time, and when I finally went to find Dad and the girls, Dad was searching for me. I found the girls in the car and they warned me that Dad was pissed.

Dad returned to the car and he was FURIOUS! He grabbed me by the hair and threw me against the car. Fortunately, my friend and his mom had left by this time. Dad told me to get my pants down and he was going to give it to me right there. I begged him not to and but he didn't care. It was not dark yet and the parking lot was busy which meant people saw me as I pulled down my pants and underwear. Dad often used a belt instead of his hand and this was one of those times.

The parking space next to us was empty and a lady with two little girls pulled in while Dad was flogging me. I was mortified when one of the little girls asked her mother if I was bad. The mother simply hustled them away.

When my butt was good and red I was allowed into the car BUT I had to ride home with my pants down to "take me down a peg". My butt was too sore to really sit so I kind of leaned on the front seat to keep my bare ass off the vinyl. My sisters got a close up view of everything I had and Dad even stopped for gas on the way home (fortunately he pumped it himself). When we got home it was dark luckily because I had to hobble into the house with my pants and underwear around my ankles. Once inside, I had to help put groceries away before I could pull them up. I had just begun growing pubic hair and was very self-conscious about it. When my sister asked why I had a "furry peeper" my older sister laughed and I nearly died of humiliation. This was not the only time Dad did this to me.

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