Spanked In Front of the Gun Dealer

by Jason Arnone <>

The following is a true account of an incident in my adolescence:

Dad was the NRA (National Rifle association) and he voted, as the bumper sticker says. What I mean is that my Dad was heavily into guns. He shot them, traded them, sold them. There were always men coming by the house to see his guns, buy guns, sell him guns. One time I was spanked in front of the gun dealer.

The man was sitting at the dining room table looking over some of Dad's guns when I arrived home soaking wet. I was 14 this time too (14 was the worst year). This was a few months after the supermarket incident and I had been at Hoopes Park with my friend Jamie. There was a large pond there with a stream feeding it and we were trying to ride our bikes and jump over the stream. Jamie's bike made it but mine fell short and I landed in the stream and became covered with mud. I had on brand new sneakers that I had begged Dad for and I knew I was in for it. I told Jamie not to come home with me because I knew there was a good chance that Dad was going to whip me.

I had hopes of sneeking in and changing without his noticing but, my little sister Amy saw me come up the driveway and she ran in and got Dad. He came out and said to me

"Well Mr. Jason. Put your bike away. Then I want you go straight to the cellar, strip naked, leave your clothes by the washer and meet me in the dining room".

Of course Amy was thrilled by this. I did as I was told though and Amy followed me gleefully to the basement and taunted me as I stripped. I had been bare-ass spanked so many times in front of her by this point that I didn't try super hard to cover up but I managed not to show her too much. I had never walked naked through the house and it felt weird.

I didn't know there was company until I had barged into the dining room to get things over with. I tried to retreat but Dad ordered me to come over to him. The wierd thing is the man barely looked up from the guns while Dad explained to him what I had done and what he was going to do to me. Because of the fact that Dad wanted to look all macho in front of this guy, he gave me the worst spanking I ever got while Amy laughed at me. I vowed I wouldn't cry in front of this stranger but I realized that Dad wasn't going to stop until I did and I ended up bawling like a baby while Amy laughed. The man did smile some when I began to cry and Dad began to lecture the man on how to keep a kid in line. I also developed an erection which I didn't usually do. I think it's because this was my first (but unfortunately not last) spanking totally naked. My ass hurt worse than ever.

Thankfully, Dad allowed me to retreat to my room instead of standing me in the corner as he usually did. I was nearly hysterical I was crying so hard. I desperately missed my mother who had not even been dead a year. I threw myself on the bed still nude, sobbing. My older sister Jennifer took pity on me and brought an ice pack to put on my ass. She sat on my bed and rubbed my back and said soothing things and called Dad a bastard which he was. Amy also came in to say she was sorry for laughing. I was so emotionally spent I didn't think about the fact that I was still naked. Dad laughed and teased me about it later, calling me a cry baby. I can't believe the gun dealer had almost no reaction at all to this but he didn't.


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