Spankings at a Friend's House - Matt's Dad Part II

by S.D.

Matt's mom had just given me the first bare-bottom spanking of my life. Not only had I been very embarrassed having her seeing and touching my privates, but the pain was also very excruciating. I don't know exactly how many times she struck our little butts with the paddle, but I imagine it was somewhere around forty. And she spanked very hard. It would be hours before either of us even thought about sitting down.

Nothing was said the rest of the day about the spankings. We all just went on as if they had never occurred. Of course the throbbing pain in my buttocks was a constant reminder of what had happened.

The humiliation of my visit was far from being over. That evening Matt's mom gave us both an enema. I learned that Matt got one every Saturday night. I myself had never had one, but unfortunately that was about to change. The house was pretty large, and the bathroom was bigger than most bathrooms. She took us both into the bathroom and took out two disposable enema kits from the cabinet under the sink. We both had to completely undress, which was still a bit embarrassing even though she had seen me undressed earlier that day. Once we were naked she placed Matt over her lap. I, just like I had with the spanking, had to stand there watching and seeing what was going to happen to me next. She lubricated his anus with her finger and then gave him the enema. He had to hold it in for a few minutes, and then he was allowed to use the toilet. After he finished she cleaned him and then had him get in the bathtub.

I was next, and I was placed over her knees once again. I moaned a little as her finger slid up and down in my anus. Nothing like that had ever happened to me before. Then the enema nozzle was inserted deep inside, and I immediately felt a cold surge through my body as the liquid entered my insides. Of course this was humiliating, and having to remain in position for a few minutes and holding it in wasn't easy. But it was even more humiliating relieving myself right there in front of Matt and his mom, and then to have her wipe me before having me get in the tub with him. Matt didn't seem to mind any of it, but if my mom did all this to me I would have wanted to die.

Matt and I were playing video games in his room all evening after we had gotten ready for bed. His parents did spoil him despite the humiliation he was put through. He had everything including a t. v. in his room. We were told to go to bed several times after ten o'clock, but we were right in the middle of a really long game and wanted to finish it. Finally at eleven his dad came in.

"You two have been told twice to go to bed. Now your both getting spankings," he said as he switched of the tv. "Matt, stand up and bend over."

Matt got up without saying anything and bent over the edge of his bed. His dad raised his night-shirt and then slid his underwear down. With one hand placed on Matt's upper back to hold him down his dad began to smack his bare bottom with the other. He smacked across both of Matt's buns and longways getting right in his crack. Matt was really crying hard, but he remained in position without any resistance. After twenty smacks he pulled Matt up from the bed. His butt was pretty red, and I sat there watching as his dad pulled his undies back up.

"Alright Shane, get up and bend over," he said.

I nervously stood up and bent over the edge of the bed just like Matt had. Somehow I was able to understand that complaining or resisting would only make things worse. His dad raised my night-shirt and peeled my underwear down my knees. I was pressed tightly against the bed with my _c_o_c_k_ scrunched up as it pressed hard into it. I think his dad realized the because he reached a hand underneath me and pulled my _c_o_c_k_ up toward my stomach. He then put a hand on the top of my back and began to swat my bottom with the other. It wasn't as painful as the paddling we had gotten earlier, but it stung enough and his hand covered every inch of my little butt. The worst was when he spanked with his hand pointing downward, getting right up inside my crack. He fingers connected with my hole and it really hurt, as well as stunned me. After my twenty smacks he pulled me up from the bed and pulled my underwear up as I stood there sobbing.

He tucked Matt and I into bed together, and that night I had my first _s_e_x_ual experience with him, but that's another story.

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