Spanked By a Cop

by Hard spanker <>

I was the oldest of 3 boys. Dad drank every night, and I could plan on getting my ass whipped 3 or 4 nights every week. Most were normal spankings, belt, hand or paddle on a bare ass. However, if he was pissed off at life (a reasonably common event) he would leave bruises that lasted a week. He was particularly fond of spanking when I was in high school, he wanted to make sure I grew up to be a real man. We lived in a pretty small town, so any mischief would be reported back to him.

One night when I was a junior, I was drinking with two buddies. One couldn't hold it, so we were sitting on the gutter while he was puking. The other kid with me's dad was a cop. He just happened to drive by with his partner, who was a young punk about 25, and saw us. They both got out to investigate, so we were caught. Steve's dad said he could take us in, or we could go to the woodshed. If he took us in, I knew I'd get whipped every night for a week, so we said, he could administer the punishment.

Steve's dad and the other cop, Mike, took us to Steve's garage. Jim (the kid who was puking) was told to sit outside and finish puking, then he'd get his. Steve's dad offered Mike the choice of which ass to whip, mine or Steve's. Mike said that Steve's dad should punish him, being his father. This meant that Mike got my ass. We were both told to strip, which we did without hesitation. I noticed that Mike watched my every move as I stripped. He had that look in his eye that I knew I was in deep _s_h_i_t_.

When I took off my underwear, Mike's mouth dropped open. My _d_i_c_k_ is 8 inches long soft, so it really hangs down. It doesn't get any bigger when it's hard, but most guys in the locker room would be willing to trade. I could tell he was envious, and I could also tell by his look that he would make me pay for being so well endowed. Well he did. Steve's dad gave him a paddle to use. It was a frat style paddle with about 3/4 in. holes drilled in it. Mike gave me the underage drinking speech and ended telling me I would get 150 swats. After about 20 I was moaning and after about 50 I was crying and screaming. I couldn't believe how into it he was. He showed no mercy at all. He was a real prick (which I got confirmed later). After he was done, he made me turn around, shake his hand and thank him through my sobs and tears. I did notice that he was rubbing his crotch and figured he go jack off as soon as he could. Steve didn't get it as bad as I did. Jim, who was in really bad shape was spanked a few swats by Steve's dad. Steve's dad then sent Jim and Steve to bed at their house. Steve's dad and Mike took me home. Steve's dad knew my dad real well, so he said that nothing would be said to my dad.

Well, Mike _f_u_c_k_ed me over. He and dad were at the barber the following Sat. and he let it slip what had happened. Well, he and dad came home, and dad gave him the chance to whip my ass again. This time, he used his belt, which was about 2" wide. My dad was encouraging him, pointing out where it wasn't red enough, or how to make it sting more. A real help he was. When it was over, I could really see his hard on through his very tight shorts. And as I suspected, it wasn't very big.

Well, I was really pissed at Mike. Having seen how excited he got whipping my ass, I figured that he was gay. I planned to get back at him. Jim (the puker) and I had had _s_e_x_ on several occassions. In addition, Jim was a photographer for the school newspaper and had access to a dark room. He agreed to help me get back at Mike.

My dad had some farm land about 5 miles out of town. He leased it out, with the exception of about 20 acres of woods. There were two ponds in the woods build a long time ago. We really didn't use it much except for fishing. Dad had the DNR stock one of them, so the fishing was good. We had a dock, row boat, tire swing and privacy. I knew Mike like to fish. Jim agreed to take his camera and a telephoto lens out there. He would hide. I was to get Mike to _f_u_c_k_ me, or blow me, and Jim would get pictures of him in the very compromising position. I could then black mail Mike.

I stopped by the station when I knew Mike was there. Dad had told me tht I had to apologize to Steve's dad and Mike for putting them out to have to punish me. Well I did, I acted real contrite. I apologized, and then to show no hard feelings, I invited Mike to go fishing we me. I buttered him up, his good influence would do me good. That kind of crap. He was off on Saturday, so we decided to go out early.

Jim showed me where he would be, and how to get Mike to face for the most damaging shots. I then went back to town. Mike picked me up at 6:30am and we went out. The first hour or so wasn't eventful. Just fishing and talking. Mike let down his guard a little. I joked about being horney, Mike agreed. As it started to get hotter, I started to get undressed. first the shoes and socks, so I could put my feet in the water. Then the t shirt. After about 2 hours, about 8:30, with piss poor luck, I suggested that we go for a swim and then come back to fishing. Mike agreed. He asked me if I had brought a suit. I told him no, that I usually skinny dipped, or swam in my briefs. However, I said if that would embarass him, we could swim in our shorts. Mike said that we were both guys, and since we'd both seen plenty of guys in the locker room, skinny dipping was fine.

We stripped. Mike's _d_i_c_k_ was small. I knew that the cool air helped it shrink. but I also knew that I was a lot bigger than he was. We swam around, and then started horsing around. We both were in pretty good shape, and I think I was a little better swimmer. We started dunking and playing around. He rubbed up against my _d_i_c_k_ a few times. I returned the favor in a very casual way. After a few minutes we got out and started to dry off in the sun.

We started talking about _s_e_x_. I played like I didn't know much when he asked if I'd ever had a blow job. I said no, that I didn't even know what one was. He then said that my education had been neglected. He offered to show me if I promised not to tell anyone what we did. I said sure, I'd really appreciate him showing me what real _s_e_x_ was about.

He then started to play with me. I made sure that I positioned myself perfectly for Jim to take the pictures. Mike jacked me up hard, and made several comments about what a good looking _d_i_c_k_ I had. He then told me what a blow job was, and proceeded to give me one. I told him when I was getting close, and acted embarassed. Mike kept sucking until I came.

After I had come, I asked him what cum tasted like. He told me to suck on him. I made sure that I got him with my teeth a few times. he encouraged me and gave me pointers. I acted like my mouth was tired, and backed off and started to talk to him. I asked him what _f_u_c_k_ing felt like. I wondered how it would feel as a girl being _f_u_c_k_ed. He told me that two guys could _f_u_c_k_, and he would show me how. He tounged my ass, and used a couple of fingers to warm me up. He then explained how it would hurt at first, but that I would really like it by the time it was over. Well, I didn't want to bust his bubble, but his _d_i_c_k_ was pretty thin, and only about 4" long. I took it with ease, but acted like it was a big deal. I made sure that I was positioned perfectly for the pictures.

After Mike came, I told him that I really appreciated him showing me what real _s_e_x_ was like. We talked and fished a little more nude. We then got dressed and went back to town. As soon as I had put the fishing gear away, I went back and got Jim. He had taken 3 rolls of film. He was also so turned on, we had a great suck fest on the dock then went swimming, got out and _f_u_c_k_ed each other.

We then went into town and to his darkroom in his basement. We developed the pictures, and several came out great. There was a great one of him blowing me. You could easily see who both of us were. There were several of him _f_u_c_k_ing me, and a couple of his face while he was comming.

I could now set the trap. I dropped by the station on Wed. to offer to go fishing with him again. He accepted very quickly. On Sat. we went out to the pond. I made sure that I had the pictures. While we were fishing, I told him I had something to show him. He turned around, I think he expected to see me naked. I showed him the pictures. He was pissed. He grabbed two of them and tore them up. However, he knew he had been had. I told him to calm the _f_u_c_k_ down and listen to me. I told him that he was a real prick, telling my dad had been out of line. Now he was going to suffer some of the same pain I had. I said that I would spank him 3 times for each one of the ones he had given me. Each would be about that hard. After his 6 spankings, it would be over, unless he harassed me again. I told him that if he gave me any _s_h_i_t_, the pictures would be shown to the police chief, and I would say that he made me do it with his gun.

He gave in. I went to a little shed that was by the pond. In it was some rope. I tied his hands to a tree branch, so that he couldn't get away. I then took his belt and a paddle I had hidden and said he would get 150. I laid into him for all I was worth. After about 30 he was balling like a baby and begging me to stop. I kept reminding him that my screams hadn't made a difference, so his wouldn't. Boy I had fun. Seeing his bruised ass and hearing him scream was worth it. When it was over, I untied him and let him get dressed. I told him that the remaining 5 would be given whenever and wherever I said. I also pointed out that Steve and Jim would participate in one of them.

He got the message. I had fun, and he never messed with me

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