Jamie's Training - Part 2

by JamieK <J_kaine@hotmail.com>

Phillip Worth settled back into the high-backed leather chair to the right of the fireplace in his den, one leg draped unceremoniously over the arm. He was carefully scrutinizing the actions of those before him. Facing him with legs spread open wide and hands behind his head was his naked 13-year-old son, Jamie. Standing behind Jamie was a formidable creature named Mrs. Thompson.

Addressing Mrs. Thompson with a nod of his head, Phillip indicates she is to get on with her "inspection" of young Jamie. Upon seeing the signal, she reaches down and grasps the boy's _c_o_c_k_ rather tightly just below the head. Much to Jamie's embarrassment it had become quite hard during his bare-ass spanking over his father's knees. Speaking to Phillip as if Jamie were not present she states, "During my first inspection, Sir, I generally like to check to see if the young ones in my charge have been using proper personal hygiene." So saying she suddenly jerks the _c_o_c_k_ in her hand rather roughly straight upwards, forcing Jamie up onto the balls of his feet. She pulls his _c_o_c_k_ straight up towards his navel causing his balls to jut forward towards his father's ever-watching eye. As she directs her comments towards Phillip, she jerks the _c_o_c_k_ towards him as well, nearly causing Jamie to lose his balance. Jamie bites down upon his lower lips trying not to cry out with the discomfort that she is causing his genitals. Painfully pushing back the foreskin over the purple head of the boy's _c_o_c_k_, Mrs. Thompson begins to dig around the base of the head with her nail. She does not cut into the tender _c_o_c_k_ flesh, merely scratches and digs into it causing the boy to cry out in pain.

"Mrs. Thompson, kindly slap the boy's balls sharply once each for his outburst," Phillip calmly states.

Still holding his _c_o_c_k_ tightly in one hand, she rapidly slaps each of Jamie's balls harshly once each. Jamie tries with all his might to not make a sound but a grunt escapes his lips.

"Repeat it again, Mrs. Thompson. Apparently young Jamie does not understand the concept of silence."

Jamie looks quickly from his father to Mrs. Thompson. His eyes follow the path of her downward swinging hand and watches as it smacks into each pulsing, tender ball. With tears streaming down his cheeks, Jamie is able to remain silent. After a brief pause to see if Jamie will be able to control himself, Phillip indicates to Mrs. Thompson to continue.

Mrs. Thompson continues her inspection by showing Phillip what she feels is evidence of poor hygiene practices. She uses her fingernail to jab down into the boy's sensitive piss slit causing fresh tears to spring forth from his eyes. Phillip, making note of the tenderness of the slit, remarks to Mrs. Thompson, "Perpaps there is some sort of infection trying to settle into the boy's penis, Mrs. Thompson. Do you have a treatment plan for this?"

"Yes Sir, I do. Shall I describe it to you or demonstrate it?"

"For now simply tell me what it is and then you may begin the treatments at your leisure."

"Yes Sir. There are two phases in this process that requires the use of alcohol and q-tips. In Phase One, I soak several q-tips quite generously with alcohol. Holding the penis quite tightly, I slowly inset the q-tip down into the _c_o_c_k_ head. Pushing only the cotton portion completely into the head, I hold the penis still and allow the burn of the alcohol to begin. The young men usually begin crying and begging at this point from the pain of the burn. Slowly it will subside and the q-tip is jerked out and the process is repeated several more times. Each time it is repeated, the new q-tip is inserted farther down into the _c_o_c_k_ until only the opposite cotton head remains outside the _c_o_c_k_ head. If this treatment has not been used on the boy for very long, the treatment will end here with the jerking out of the q-tip. If the boy had been through several treatments, then Phase 2 will begin at this time. The q-tip will remain inbedded full into the boy's _c_o_c_k_ and one or more additional alcohol soaked q-tips along side the first one, thus stretching the urethra quite nicely. The q-tips will remain inside the _c_o_c_k_ for at least 10 mintues before removing them all at one time. The stretching is necessary for some of the activities planned by Mr. Liston, Sir."

"During your experience with young men, Mrs. Thompson, what was the largest number of q-tips forced into any of their young _c_o_c_k_s?" Phillip asked quite interested.

"I believe it was 4, Sir, but I believe young Jamie here has the ability to withstand the pain and take more, if you wish."

Phillip, quite interested, merely nods his head to show his understanding.

Taking the boy by the shoulders, Mrs. Thompson turns him around to face in the opposite direction. Pushing down on the back of his head, she forces the boy to bend over. "Spread your legs wider and keep your knees straight, Jamie. Take your hands from behind your head and reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart. Wider, boy...Good, now stay like that. I want your father to be able to see every part of your crack and asshole." Turning, Mrs. Thompson directs her words towards Phillip, "Sir, with your permission, I need to go and retrieve something to aid me in the inspection of the boy's rectum. I will return right away."

With a nod of approval from Phillip, Mrs. Thompson quits the foom leaving young Jamie in his humiliating position. After a few minutes, Phillip cleared his throat to remind Jamie that he was still there, staring at his son's small puckered hold. Jamie was so embarrassed, he wanted to faint.

"Jamie," Phillip quietly speaks, "I want you to know that you are pleasing me very much with your display of tears and blushing."

Knowing how he must look, Jamie shivers and moans, "Ohhhhhhhh, Dad, why are you doing this to me?" The boy's voice is slightly muffled because of his position.

"Because I love you Jamie. I love everything about you, even your embarrassment and discomfort. But mainly, Jamie, because I can," Phillip told Jamie softly.

At that moment, Mrs. Thompson returns with a short, thick handled wooden spoon. Taking a tube of KY jelly out of her pocket, she spreads a thick layer over the handle of the spoon. "I will now insert this spoon up into the boy's rectum. This will determin if an enema is necessary to start out with, Sir."

"Oh, by all means, Mrs. Thompson, please continue," Phillip said with great fascination showing on his features.

"Now, Jamie, I expect you to be very still and very quite. You are not to move a muscle," thus said, Mrs. Thompson proceeds to rub the rough end of the handle over the boy's puckered rosebud. Slowly Mrs. Thompson begins to push the handle against the boy's tender nether hole, forcing it to open up and accept the spoon handle. After inserting only an inch Mrs. Thompson, with a wicked gleam in her eye, looks up over the bare butt of her young charge into the raptured face of Phillip. Turning back to the task at hand, she begins to force the handle to dig into the boy's bowels by pushing the bowl of the spoon all the way over to the left and then the right as she pushes the spoon farther and farther up into the boy.

"Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, please stop," Jamie cries out.

Getting the result she was looking for, Mrs. Thompson shoves the rest of the handle up into the boy. The only thing showing is the bowl of the spoon.

"Stand up, Jamie," demands Mrs. Thompson.

Jamie stands up slowly, feeling the handle move around inside of him as he does.

"Turn around and walk over to your father."

Jamie slowly turns around and makes his way over to his father. Jamie looks down at the floor, tears of discomfort and humiliation flow down his cheeks. Not only has the spoon being shoved up his butt added to his humiliation, but also his _c_o_c_k_ has gotten even harder and has begun to leak out the tip. Phillip smiles quite pleased to see Jamie's condition. He takes Jamie by the arm and turns his around.

"Jamie, you look quite fetching like this with the spoon sticking out of your ass. Perhaps we should have you go and meet the new staff like this. What do you think, Mrs. Thompson."

"Excellent idea, Sir. I would, however, like to make one suggestion, if I may. With Jamie's outburst, I do believe a punishment is in order."

"Yes, yes...quite right. Lay over my lap again, Jamie, you naughty boy. I am going to have to redden your backside some more."

Taking the boy they the arm, Phillip guides him over his lap. Jamie's bowels feel the pressure that the spoon is causing while having to lie on his stomach over his father's knees. Phillip places his left arm over the small of the boys back and pulls him in closer. He takes his other hand and begins to rub it over the boy's ass cheeks, admiring their plumpness. Much to Jamie's add embarrassment, he runs his hand down over the spoon sticking out of the boy's rectum. Phillip takes the bowl of the spoon sticking out and begins to gently twist it back and forth inside the boy. Jamie can feel the spoon twirling inside. His _c_o_c_k_ twitches at the feeling and he begins to squirm.

"Jamie, spread your legs open wide....wider! Good, now we can begin."

Thus said, Phillip begins to swat Jamie's cheeks first one and then the other, narrowly missing the spoon each time. Soon Jamie is wiggling and crying, but Phillip continues until the boy's entire ass is bright red. After 50 or so swats, the boy ceases to move about and just lies upon his dad's lap crying loudly but no longer fighting the spanking. This is the point Phillip has been striving for. He continues to swat the boy several more times and then stops. He runs his hand over the boy's hot cheeks pushing against the spoon as he does. Each time the spoon is moved Phillip can feel the boy's _c_o_c_k_ twitch and hear the boy moan softly. Phillip knows the boy is getting close to cumming. Standing Jamie up beside him with tears running down his cheeks and mucus running out of his nose, Phillip addressing Mrs. Thompson.

"Assemble the staff, if you please, Mrs. Thompson. I do believe young Jamie here is at the point that he is ready to be introduced to the new staff."

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