Ecstasy at My English School

by Victor <>

I had waited for this moment for ages. I was 14 years old and as randy as a tick. Our school was boy's only and my friend Gerald and I always sat together in class. In most cases we sat at the next desk but in science lessons we all sat on benches which meant that we were very close together.

Gerald was Anglo-Indian. He was small for 14 and his hairless body was coffee coloured and quire beautiful. I had taken a chance some time ago and placed my hand on his dick. He pushed me off several times but I knew he liked it and I kept trying. He let me do it after about three lessons in the science lab and soon it was him who took my hand and placed it in his lap.

We couldn't do much but the feel of his _c_o_c_k_ through is short pants made me rock hard. I would go home and lock myself in my room and wank myself off while all the time thinking of what I would like to do to Gerald.

After about six weeks of this enjoyable but frustrating state of affairs fate took a hand.

We were doing biology and we were all given little screwdriver things to peg out a rabbit for dissection Instead of a screwdriver end it had a sharp point.

Gerald was messing about with a lead pipe that ran under the laboratory bench and for some reason pushed the point of the screwdriver thing into the pipe. Water shot out and the teacher rushed from his desk and soon realised what Gerald had done.

The teacher told Gerald off in no uncertain terms but as this was an act of vandalism there was only one punishment. Six strokes of the cane.

This kind of punishment was administered by the Head Master between 1 PM and 2 PM each day. As it was 9.30 in the morning Gerald would be caned bare in about four hours.

Gerald howled and begged but the teacher was adamant.

Our next lesson was in the gym with Jack the P E instructor. Jack was a very powerful man and ruled with an iron hand.

We had heard that he had spanked several boys so hard that they could not sit down for days but he had punished no one in our class.

We got changed in the locker room into vest and shorts and Jack told us to do press-ups.

Gerald was next to me and he was driving me mad by whinging about his trip for the cane. He was terrified but the thought of being caned was turning him on. He exuded musk and his dick was showing in his shorts.

I just had to touch him so I put my hand up his gym knickers and fondled his dick.

Jack spotted what I was doing and the next thing I knew was that I was dragged to my feet by the ear.

I will not have this king of nonsense in my class Jack said and just picked me up like a doll and carried me to the podium on which his desk was placed.

He sat on the top step and placed me face down across his knee.

I looked up and my eyes locked with Gerald's.

He was transfixed with the prospect of my being spanked in front of the whole class.

Jack told the class to sit in a semi-circle and watch what happened to boys who did what I had done.

They all sat and waited for my spanking.

I had to take it but I was determined not to make a noise and I looked forward to bragging how I had taken my punishment.

Jack pinned me down so I could not kick and just pulled down my gym knickers.

He then started to spank my bottom in the most intense way I could ever have imagined. Gone was my resolve to keep silent. Instead I squealed with the fantastic spanking. It was so hard and so fast that my bum was just a glowing coal. I could never have imagined such an intense sensation.

I kept looking into Gerald's eyes as the spanking continued.

Jack stopped spanking me for a moment to reach into his desk drawer.

He pulled out a short leather strap, which was thick and about six inches wide.

He pinned me down again and then started to strap me my bottom and my legs. He used all his strength and I cannot explain my surprise at the soaring sensation in my bottom.

Each stroke was a punishment in itself and he just kept on strapping me.

I started to cry and blubber and beg please sir please sir no more pleeeease no more.

He just kept on with the spanking. I was hysterical by now and I was almost giggling with the strapping. Tears were running down my face and I was shrieking each time the strap wrapped round my bum.

He must have strapped me for over five minutes. I wet myself and my dick was black and as hard as iron.

The spanking stopped. I was stood up with my school knickers round my ankles.

I just bawled and bawled.

It took me a while to understand what Jack was saying.

He told Gerald that he should be spanked but as he was to receive the cane at lunch time three strokes making it nine would be added to his punishment. He also said that I would get three strokes of the cane at the same time.

Gerald started crying and begging not to be caned and I joined in begging that I should not be caned as well as having received a strapping.

All to no avail.

At 1.00 PM we were both sat outside the Headmasters room. We were dressed in shirt, tie, blazer and short grey pants white school knickers and white socks and gym shoes (not to mark the school floors).

Jack had gone in to speak with Mr. Robinson our Headmaster.

The Headmaster opened his office door and called us both in. He told us to take off our blazers, pants and shoes.

We were left in our shirts and underpants.

I am going to cane both of you at the same time he told us.

Gerald would receive three strokes of the cane. I would then get one stroke Gerald another three and so on.

Jack stood at the back of the Headmasters desk and Gerald was placed over it with his legs dangling and his bottom in the perfect spanking position. Jack held both his hands so he was stretched over the desk.

The Headmaster took a short cane, which was flat on one edge.

This we later learned was so it would not mark us too badly.

Gerald was crying hard and begging not to be caned.

I sat watching knowing I would be next and my dick was throbbing.

The Headmaster brought the cane down with a hiss onto Gerald's bum. He went ridged and let out a shriek. The next stroke was harder and the last harder still. Gerald was allowed up and he jigged round the desk holding his bum and bawling at the top of his voice.

The Headmaster motioned for me to approach the desk and I saw Jack was waiting to hold me down. However the Headmaster began talking to us.

You realise that I will have to inform your parents that you have been involved in homo_s_e_x_ual acts and that I will have to put a note in your file which will mean you will have a great deal of trouble in being accepted by a University.

Gerald was the first born son of an Indian family and he would be ruined if his parents were told as he could well be dis-inherited.

I did not want my step-father finding out and I was mortified that I would not be able to go to University.

The Headmaster then demanded to know what had happened between us.

We told him that we had rubbed each other up through our clothes and that was all.

He told us that if we expected him to keep quiet and not put a note in our file we would have to accept a much stricter punishment.

We had to agree.

The Headmaster led me to the desk. He pulled down my knickers and exposed my bum and my black dick, which was giving me the thrill of my life.

I see you have been punished already he said and he pushed me over the desk. In doing so his hand strayed onto my _c_o_c_k_ and a flash of pure pleasure shot through me.

Jack held my hands and I was spread eagled across the desk.

The Headmaster started to rub my bottom where Jack had strapped me saying that it must have hurt but it was all my own fault.

My _c_o_c_k_ was pressing on the edge of the desk and I had a warm glow in my legs and up my bum.

Then he thrashed me with the cane.

Not the one stroke but about ten but very fast.

A great thrill flared inside me and the pain was translated into throbbing pleasure. I knew instinctively that they wanted to have _s_e_x_ with me. I was amazed but well past the point of no return and I wanted it badly.

His caning and what had happened to me had transfixed Gerald. He was asked if he wanted to receive the last six strokes of the cane and have his parents told and his file marked.

Oooh Noooo sir please Noooo he begged. Right then said the Headmaster. You both have to come to my office every day of term and you will submit to whatever we decide to do to you.

We both agreed.

Jack sat in the high-backed chair in front of the desk.

Gerald was then stripped down to his knickers and placed over Jack's knee.

Jack spanked him like he had spanked me and Gerald was sent so high with the fantastic spanking that he like me almost giggled with the intense sensation.

Jack spanked him for a long time and as I watched, very turned on, the headmaster pushed his hand up my knickers and rubbed my bum hole. I could not resist and I sank onto my knees and buried my face in the carpet.

Jack took a tin of Vaseline from his pocket and taking a large glob still holding Gerald over his knee he pushed it up Gerald's bottom.

Gerald loved it and opened to Jack's finger so he could be deep frigged.

The Headmaster lifted me up and placing another chair next to Jack's so that I was lying the opposite way to Gerald and we could look into each other's faces as we were serviced.

The Headmaster took the Vaseline and having lubricated his finger he pushed it up my bum.

I looked at Gerald and saw that his face was a mask of lust as Jack now had four fingers inside him and was in fact finger _f_u_c_k_ing his young bum.

Gerald started to grunt and moan with the frigging and as the headmaster also got four fingers up me I was having massive thrills from my prostate. They asked us if we liked it and we both said Yeeeeees.

Jack stood up holding Gerald like a toy. He placed Gerald over the desk and spanked him very hard.

This only served to turn Gerald on more and he was pushing his bottom up to be spanked and he hoped frigged some more.

Jack then pulled down his pants to expose an enormous _c_o_c_k_, which was as hard as a rock.

He rubbed some Vaseline over the tip and without a word he pushed his _c_o_c_k_ up Gerald's bum right to the balls.

Gerald started to keen, as he was _f_u_c_k_ed stupid.

He squeaked each time the _c_o_c_k_ _f_u_c_k_ed his arse and within seconds he reached his first prostate climax. It went on and on and at last Jack withdrew his steaming _c_o_c_k_.

Gerald just sat on the floor and looked well _f_u_c_k_ed and happy.

The Headmaster then stood me up.

I had pre-cum dripping from my dick and I was trembling from my deep frigging.

Do you want to go back to the playground he asked.

No I murmured, not yet.

What do you want to do he asked.

You know I said.

No I don't tell me said the Headmaster.

I want you to do it I said.

Do what.

What you were doing earlier I said.

Do you want what Gerald has had he asked.

Yeeees please I said desperate for it.

Well, as the afternoon lessons start soon, its too late now to do anything but to complete your punishment. However as it is normal for boys who receive the cane to be given the afternoon off to recover you can both come to Jack's house at 2.30 and you will be seen to there.

Jack then picked Gerald up and placed him across the desk.

The Headmaster took out from his desk a proper school cane, thin and whip like.

Gerald was naked and his bum was still bright red from Jack's spanking.

Jack held him down and the Headmaster caned him hard nine times which was his original punishment.

Gerald shrieked with the whipping but he wet himself and I could see he was again very randy.

I was then placed over the desk wearing only my socks and with Jack holding me down the Headmaster told me I was to get the same as Gerald.

I said I was only to get three strokes and was told I would get twelve for arguing.

He whipped me with the cane.

I could not see for tears and I just stood there blubbering and holding my dick, which was leaking cum and pee.

All pretence had gone. I was their slave.

We dressed and left the school buildings.

Jack lived three streets away and we had half an hour to fill.

We talked about what had happened and we decided that we wanted it so we would go along with what they said.

Just after 2.30 we presented ourselves at Jack's house.

He was not married so there was no chance of being disturbed.

The Headmaster made drinks from lemonade and ice cream.

Jack took my pants off and my knickers.

He put me over his knee and spanked me hard enough to hurt but not as hard as in the gym.

He just kept spanking me and I was soon a wriggling, lustful boy of 14 who wanted to be frigged.

He just kept on spanking and then he pinned me down and spanked me very, very hard.

I again became hysterical and I blubbered and shrieked as he smacked my bottom.

The Headmaster had sat Gerald on the couch and Jack pushed me over the back of the couch with my bottom in the air and so my face was next to Gerald's.

Hold his hands the Headmaster told Gerald and Gerald kneeled up on the couch and held both my hands and looked into my eyes.

Gerald was fascinated at watching me as I was serviced.

Jack again spanked me very hard and I went ridged with the intensity of the spanking. Then before I realised what was happening he pushed his _c_o_c_k_ up me to the hilt.

Gerald had watched my face as I was spanked and his _c_o_c_k_ was already throbbing.

Now as Jack's prick transfixed me my nostrils flared and my face set in a rictus of _s_e_x_. I cooed each time the _c_o_c_k_ went in and trilled each time it was withdrawn. J

ack started to pump faster as _f_u_c_k_ing Gerald had already turned him on. He cum up me in great pulsing spurts and pulled out of my bum leaving me bereft and _s_e_x_ crazed.

I would have let anyone _f_u_c_k_ me at this point, all I had was an aching void where that wonderful _c_o_c_k_ had been. Gerald was on heat and was writhing on the couch and trying to rub himself on the cushions.

The Headmaster had in the mean time stripped naked.

He had a thin wiry body and his _c_o_c_k_ was much thinner than Jacks' was but very long.

He ignored me and sitting on the couch he sat Gerald on his knee with Gerald's back to him and as Gerald sat down the Headmasters prick entered his bum.

The Headmaster then started to rub Gerald's nipples and his _c_o_c_k_.

Gerald started to pump up and down on the _c_o_c_k_ in his bum and the attention to his nipples drove him mad.

However the Headmaster withdrew and quickly turning Gerald over his knee he spanked him just as hard as Jack had spanked me.

Again he turned Gerald over and with him on his back over the Headmasters knee his nipples were pulled and rubbed until Gerald was a shivering mess like me.

Jack had come up behind me and he rubbed my nipples raw.

We both wanted release but they were enjoying torturing us.

To be continued..................................

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