The Letter Part1

by Needed It <>


I accelerated down the slip road and eased my car into the traffic on the motorway. My erection was bunched uncomfortably in my jock strap under my grey track pants, I used my left hand to rearrange my genitals while trying to focus my thoughts on the traffic.

I concentrated on the traffic for a few moments then my mind wandered to the school uniform (dark grey shorts, light grey shirt, matching pullover, tie and socks) I had bought a few days earlier from a mail order catalogue, I had laundered the uniform several times and it was now neatly folded in a sports bag on the back seat. I glanced over my shoulder at the bag, my erection was still uncomfortable, I tried again to adjust it.

I glanced at the map laying on the passenger seat with the letter, four more junctions to go, about fifty miles, I had plenty of time. I decided to stop for coffee, I got a take away cup from the drive through and sat in the car park sipping the coffee and smoking. I re-read the letter.

I must be _f_u_c_k_ing mad, my mind raced, my erection still taunted me.


This morning I had got up at five thirty, I couldn't sleep anyway, I drank coffee and read the letter for the umpteenth time, the instructions were quite specific, yesterday I had begun following them. I had my dirty blond hair cut short, not buzzed, just short like a schoolboy in the sixties. I'd also bought a pair of white Y-fronts and three tubes of depillatory cream as specified in the letter.

Now at six in the morning I was about to continue following the instructions. I stood naked in front of the mirror in the bathroom, I quite liked my new haircut, it made me look younger if that was possible, at twenty three I still get asked my age in pubs.

I pierced the seal on the first tube, the white cream looked innocuous enough, I began with my right leg smoothing the cream evenly from my thigh to my ankle. Halfway down my left leg I had to open the second tube, I spred the remainder of the second tube all over my pubic hair and between my buttocks. I used half the third tube on my stomach, chest and armpits.

I stood looking at myself in the mirror for the next fifteen minutes while I waited for the stuff to work, despite being covered in white goo I could still see a body that I was proud of. I'm five feet ten tall, and weigh about one hundred and eighty five pounds, nice solid legs, good butt, nicely defined chest and flat stomach.

I watched the cream and all my body hair wash down the drain, it was the strangest feeling, I stood in front of the mirror again, the boy who looked back looked a bit like me only years younger.


Surely I was mad I thought as I ground out the cigarette in the car ashtray, here I was devoid of all body hair, a school uniform on the back seat, driving nearly one hundred miles to get my backside caned for the very first time by a man I'd never met.

I started the engine and headed back to the motorway, my erection was becoming painful.


For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by corporal punishment, particularly caning. I was born in 1976, corporal punishment was well and truly out of fashion by the time I went to school, I never even heard of anyone being caned while at school but I read about it, firstly in boys stories and later in adult magazines, these stories became my masturbation fantasies and now I was going to make these fantasies reality.


I followed the map drawn on the back of the letter, there was ample parking on the street, I was able to park directly opposite the three storey house where my punishment would take place.

The letter was quite specific. At exactly 1.30pm I let myself in the front door, the hallway was dimly lit, as instructed I closed the front door. The first door on the right had a plaque, STUDY, I was shaking. Outside the door was a simple wooden chair, I laid out my uniform and undressed, my _c_o_c_k_ was bloated but not fully hard, it made a nice bulge in the Y-fronts when I pulled them into place. Within minutes I was fully dressed, there was no mirror to check my appearance but I felt sure that I looked every bit the schoolboy, I certainly felt it.

My _c_o_c_k_ was hard again, it showed clearly through my tight grey shorts as I stood infront of the door, I took a deep breath and knocked three times on the door.


If you would like to read the rest of my first punishment tale send me an email and I'll publish the rest here.

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