Asian Roomate Fun Spanking

by Micheal Paine <>

This story is all fiction and therefore fun for all. I hope you like it.

I just moved to a new apartment close to the university I am attending. I am a blond hair 5' 11" surfer looking hunk. I needed a roommate. I wanted a preferably an Asian roomy. They tend to be more responsible, and many times, quite more intelligent. After just a week of placing ads in the various apartment rag mags, I found a new roomy. He is dreamy. He is chinese, about 5' 9",150 lb. short black hair, and cute as can be. He has the most cutest butt I have ever seen. His name is Eric. As an extra bonus, he has the hottest wardrobe I have ever seen. He follows the skateboarder baggy pants oversized T-shirt look. Seeing those pants worn low, and seeing from time to time his boxers peeking out of the waist of his pants just sends me. Well, months later Eric continued to be the hot Asian stud that kept me having a nice bulging boner in my baggy pants too.

I wanted to spank that cute butt of his so bad, I wanked myself off in my pants just daydreaming about it. I would discover I had soaked my boxer shorts by cumming, and my baggy pants would have the nice wet dark stain to prove it too. Well, I couldn't take it any longer. Tonight was going to be the night. It had been a long day, and I wanted Erics' ass under my hand. After dinner, Eric and I were sitting next to each other on the couch. Well I was admiring Eric who was wearing these cool blue nylon cargo drawstring pants, and an Adidas soccer jersey that is a gorgeous shiny blue color too. I started playing with him, rubbing his legs and then playfully grabbing his tits through that hot jersey. He playfully resisted but Eric was clearly enjoying himself.

Finally, I yanked him over my knee, and started spanking that cute nylon covered butt. SPANK..SPANK..SPANK...SPANK..SPANK...and on and on I spanked. He stopped resisting, and seemed to be enjoying it. I reached under neath him and felt his crotch. It was huge, and getting bigger. I started rubbing that shiny nylon crotch, and got back to spanking him at the same time, my spanking became more severe, as did my wanking action on the front of his pants. Eric was moaning with pleasure. I spanked him a good 45 minutes straight while I wanked his hard nylon covered tool. Suddenly he tensed, and he shot a huge load in his boxer shorts. It soaked through his nylon cargo pants.

Leaving a gorgeous wet patch slick and dark. I told Eric he was naughty, and with that I grabbed the waist band of his cargo pants and yanked them down. Wow!! He was wearing these hot silk boxers. Now with an impressive cum stain on front. I spanked that silk covered butt to next week. Erics' butt was scorching hot. I discovered Eric was getting hard again, and his _c_o_c_k_ slipped out of the fly of boxers and rubbed on my leg of my cotton cargos. He kept rubbing his dick on my leg. Still laying a great spanking on those silk orange boxers of his. It was like spanking a tight bunned sunkist orange. Good enough to eat. Eric though surprised me and spunked on my leg of my pants with all the punishment I dealt him. I let him up, and we kissed each other. Clearly we had a great time.

Eric sneaky as he is loosened my belt on my cotton cargo pants and yanked my belt out of the loops of my pants. We laughed, but he then threw me over the coach and I felt the thick strong leather slash through the seat of my cargo pants. Even with pockets and my boxers underneath, they proved no match for Erics powerful swings. Eric swings that belt giving my butt nice diagonal strokes on both cheeks, then one at a time and straight across. Eric was whipping me good. I rubbed my crotch on the coach arm as he gave a good licking with that belt. Suddenly, I tensed and shot my load in my pants. The soaking patch on my pants was huge. Since my pants are baggy to begin with, Eric didn't bother with my snap and zipper fly. He grabbed the sides of my cargo pants and with one mighty yank ,down they went. My boxers now at his mercy. Eric threw me over again on the coach and gave me another 150 or so great licks with the belt.

I was crying with joy and pain. Eric then pulled me over his knee, with my cargo pants like handcuffs on my ankles, escape was impossible. Eric then grabbed the waistband of my boxers and yanked down so hard, they tore apart. This just got me hard again. He spanked me with his hand extremely soundly. I shot another huge load of cum on his leg. Eric started laughing again, and picked me up, and gave me a hug. We then went to the bathroom, showered up and had some great _s_e_x_ after. M. P.

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