The Gym Part II

by David Reynolds <>

It had been 6 days since the last time I was at the gym. It was still very fresh in my mind. I could not wait for midnight Monday to come around for our second meeting. I was still very sore and a little bruised, but needed to workout so I would not lose my whole workout program. My partner was meeting me and we had decided to play racquetball and then hit the weights.

I was not in agreement to that because I knew that he would once again want to bet on racquetball. That would mean my butt would be on the line again. I was not at all sure I wanted to do that. Monday night was right around the corner.

He got there late as always and I was right. Right to the racquetball court and the wagering began. I was not going to lose, I kept telling myself. I am not going to lose. The wager was made. The loser would get 10 licks.

It started out slow but I was in the lead. I pulled it out all the way through and never gave the lead up. I was in heaven. This big strong muscle bound man was going to get 10 of my best licks. He has lost to me before with licks on the line but I never gave them. The licks were to be on the gym shorts but that's ok the view was well worth it.

Game 2 started out much the same way. Double or nothing was the wager. I knew this was going to be a tough game. He did not want to get hit and just as badly he wanted to nail my ass again. (I think it made him mad when the other three did what they did. And he was going to show me what hurting was.) It was back and forth the entire game. The final score was 23-21. I pulled it out at the last second. Now I was going to get 20 licks on that ass. I was beside myself and he was sweating.

Game 3 and the final game. Mac wanted to double or nothing again but I refused. That would mean 40 licks, he could not take it and I did not want to give it. I did however agree that he could put his underwear and gym shorts up against the 20 licks. If he won no licks, If I won 20 licks on the bare. It took a while but he agreed. Now I was sweating. I could not blow this chance. 20 licks on that ass there was no way I was going to lose this game. It didn't hurt that he was sweating like a pig. The water was pouring off of him and I was acting as calm as ever, which worried him even more. From his first serve that went to double fault he and I both knew he was in trouble. You see we have this standing bet that if one of us does not score before the other hits 7 the game is over, and the wager doubles. He could not hit anything and I was hitting everything. The score was 6 to 0. One point away, I served the ball and the volley went on and on and on. He was trying his hardest to score a point. But it was too little too late he returned the volley and it fell short.

I could not believe this was happening. This macho man with muscles on top of muscles was going to be standing in front of me totally naked, waiting for me and the big paddle to start in beating that perfect ass. I was having a hard time with this. I know that seems hard to believe but he is my best friend and he is not into spanking unless he is spanking me, he likes to see me squirm, and he like to see how hard he can hit. But a wager is wager and he wanted to make it. So I would have to follow through with it.

The drive to his apartment was quite. He did not say a word during the whole drive. I had a big lump in my throat as well. I wanted to do this so bad, but I did not want to hurt him. He was big and tough as an ox and scared like a little boy.

I am not sure why I was having such a hard time with this. I spank men all the time. Sometimes just a few swats with my hand on their bare butts, to giving them 20 or 30 licks. There are even some that I spank every month hard for as long as they can take it. But this was different. Very different.

We entered his apartment and went right to the bedroom where the paddle was kept on the far wall. It was his old frat paddle. Somehow he managed to get threw college and never had it used on him. I am not sure why that was, maybe because of his size and muscles. He is a very big man.

I did not know what I was going to do. I wanted so bad to hit him and hit him hard but I was having a tough time doing it. You see it's me that likes it rough. I often look forward to losing at racquetball to feel the power of his arms when he brings that paddle against my bare ass. He knows I like it hard, the harder, and the longer, the better. He never lets me down. I think he is the man that has ever spanked me like I wanted that did not ask why? He just did and did as best he could. Often if the bet was for 20 licks he would give 40. One year for my birthday he gave me two hours of what ever I wanted. He tied me across the bed and spanked my butt hard the whole time. Except for breaks when he was showing off his muscles. He is like a big kid. The big kid I had grown to love and admire. There are not many men that can handle gentlemen my size with ease. And there are even fewer that spank a butt as hard and as long as he does. Most men are scared they will hurt you. Or there not man enough to do it at all. But, a wager is a wager, and I knew he would not let me out of it. So here we go.

He took his shirt off and like every time he takes it off in front of me it sets me back and makes me catch my breath. Tan muscles on top of muscles. His arms were nearly the size of my califs. He had just enough fat on him to make him look like a 10. I was having a hard time controlling myself. And if I was having a hard time, he was bearly moving. I started to act like it was no big deal. I told him to take his shorts off. He did very slowly. He had on his white boxer briefs. What an ass! The kind you see in the movies. This was the first time I had seen him with out his gym shorts. He bent over and grabbed the bed and acted like he was ready. I asked him what he was doing and told me he was ready. I informed him the bet was on the bare not on the underwear. At this point I was going to see that ass, there was no two ways about it. He kept his hands on the bed so I reach up and put both my hands on his waistband and pulled his shorts to the part of the way down. Before I could get them all the way down his ass started to shine. If you thought his chest and arms was something to see his ass was everything I had ever dreamed it was and much, much more. Standing there, naked, ready for me to do what ever I wanted to do to it. He was shaking, some from the coolness and some from the fear of what was about to happen. I told Mac we would do 5 at a time. I spread his legs and had him get on his elbows, to spread his cheeks and expose the tender part between the butt and upper thighs. It was taking me a while, I felt helpless, and I couldn't do anything but stare. What a perfect ass he had. I finally got in control and was ready. He told me he was ready too. So I pulled back and swung hard. He jumps but stayed pretty still. There was a perfect paddle mark across his white ass. I waited about five seconds and the put the second one in the same spot. And then the third, fourth, and fifth. He was all red. Including his eyes. Tears were forming. I'm the one that wanted to cry. I could not stand this. I wanted so bad to take my shorts off, hand him the paddle, and take the licks for him, after all it was me that like to get my butt kick by him.

We took about a 5-minute break and he told me that he was ready to continue. He got right back in the position I had put him in. I was still in haven I could not believe how beautiful that ass was. It even looked better now that it had a red glow to it. I stepped back and landed five hard licks just below the spot where the last five landed. By this time there were tears running out of his eyes. I had him lay on the bed and got some baby oil from the bathroom and started rubbing it in to help ease the pain. What an ass!!! I rubbed and rubbed and rubbed. I had seen some of the baby oil had gone in his crack but he was not saying a word, so I thought I would go for it. What the hell!!! I ran my finger up and down his crack. He did not say a word and just laid there. I know without a shadow of a doubt I am the first male to touch this macho man's butt. He is a ladies man if ever there was one.

We took about a ten-minute break this time. The whole ten minutes I rubbed and massaged his butt. Every inch of it was massaged. He finally said, "well lets get this over with." He got back up and told me "let's do ten this time". I said OK, if you're sure you want to. I told him it would be OK with me if he wanted to drop the rest. He assured me did not and also warned me that I had better not let up or the next time he spanked me they would be super lights, instead of hard the way I liked it. I could not believe I was hearing this. Here was the man that did not like to be spanked at all, let alone be naked in front of another man. He wanted it and wanted it hard. I also noticed that his dick was growing and getting hard as well, all eight inches of that masculine muscle. It took everything I could do to keep it out of my mouth.

He got up and got right back in the same position as before. I laid 10 of the most perfect licks right on the center of his butt. He was crying like a little whipped pup. Tears were flowing down his face. He ass was totally messed up. Crimson red from top to bottom, with welts everywhere from the paddle. There were bruises beginning to form on the inside of his crack. The sides and along the bottom were also turning purple.

He lay back on the bed and threw the baby oil at me. I still could not believe this was happening. After a half-hour of rubbing his butt we decided he had enough for the night. We would take up there Wednesday night after the racquetball games. I stayed the night on the couch and he laid on top of the covers all night naked. Every so often I would go and rub his butt to help ease the pain. A night I soon will not forget. The best part is Wednesday night this will happen all over again. I think he is looking forward to it as much I am. I do in a way feel sorry for myself though, I can not imagine how hard he will hit the next time he gets a chance at my ass. I will try to make that happen ASAP.

Part two of this three-part story is totally true. This did actually happen the way it was described here. I did change his name.

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