From Puberty to Submissive Slave All in the Same Day

by Victor <>

This is a true story. A little blurred by time but more or less as it happened. It must be unusual for a boy to reach puberty and get _f_u_c_k_ed the same day.

I was 11 years old and I had passed the exam to Grammar School. At my Prep school there was an expectation that everyone passed and that year only one boy had failed. He had been taken away by his parents and placed in a fee-paying school in the hope that something could be made of him.

My best friend was a girl called Susan. She was very pretty and she was also 11 but going on twelve. She had passed to the High School and we were to go our separate ways in just two months and off to a single _s_e_x_ environment at secondary school.

I was a Prefect and so was Susan. We had various tasks to perform in the morning. Like checking in the pupils so to establish they were on time. Make sure they had on the correct uniform etc. We could give a maximum punishment of 50 lines.

The girl's uniform was shirt, tie, very short skirt, long socks and light brown knickers. The boys wore the same but with short pants.

The last duty of the day was to fill the coal buckets because this was 1951 in England and central heating was a thing of the future. The coal was in the cellar next to the small gym, which was also in the basement area.

Susan was often a pest when we were alone down there. She had grown pert little breasts and her bum was rounded and pretty in her school panties. She had started to bug me for the last three months or so by pushing her hand up my pants and feeling my dick. The first time she had done it I had lost an argument with her.

I said it was daft.

She said that she wanted to do it and if I was her friend I would let her.

I would stand there while she felt me but as my balls had not dropped it did nothing for me at all. She also wanted me to feel her in her panties and rub her tits. I got a kick out of doing this at first as I had always been curious what girls had in their knickers. Soon I was bored with it, which must have frustrated her to some tune.

That morning I felt funny. I was looking forward to her feeling me and I was would you believe looking forward to feeling her. I had a funny hot thrill running from my _c_o_c_k_ all down my legs and up my bum.

We were about to go into the coal cellar when as usual Susan started to feel my dick up my short school pants.

She started with surprise. My usually limp three-inch penis was rock hard and over six inches in length. As she took hold of it I became glued to her hand. She rubbed it and almost strait away I cum all down my legs and the inside of my shorts. The feeling of my first climax was fantastic and for some reason I lost all interest in what a few moments ago was my whole throbbing existence. She seemed to understand and didn't do anything more nor did she ask me to feel her. We were therefore early to class.

The two teachers who took the top class were brother and sister. He was the Headmaster and between them they owned the school. They were very old, over forty. Neither of them was married and my parents called him a Nancy boy and her a blue stocking. Later we understood that they were paedophiles that got a kick out of feeling up the kids in their care. As pre-pubescent kids we had not found anything wrong in the way they sat the young kids on their knees and felt their bums as though from affection. The sister was taking the first period, which was art, and we sat together and got on with the lesson.

Susan was very touchy feely and it must have been obvious to the experienced sister that she was turned on. Soon she had her hand in my pants under the desk and I started to get very randy. I put my hand up her skirt and into her panties and rubbed her slit. She had begged me to do this but she was always wet and it put me off. Now I found her slick wetness a big turn on and started to finger her cunt. She took hold of my hand and guided one finger to a little bud just inside her slit.

Rub it she whispered. She went rigid and let out a low animal moan.

What's the matter girl asked the sister sharply.

I uh I've got a pain gasped Susan while I pretended to draw with my crayon.

The sister set the trap.

Victor she told me, take Susan for a walk to see if her cramps ease.

Yes Miss I stuttered and we left and scrambled down the two flights of stairs and out of the door into the garden.

Oooh Vic Susan purred lets go in the bike shed.

I needed no second asking and we entered the shed and shut the door.

Susan lay on her back on the old park bench that was kept in there and I for the first time put my hands up her skirt and pulled down a girls panties.

She grabbed my hand and put my finger on her little bud.

I started to rub it and she moaned a deep shuddering moan and started to pump her crutch up and time in time to my finger.

We were lost in this new found and fantastic activity. My _c_o_c_k_ was rock hard and black and I wanted to cum again. Oh how I wanted to cum again. I had no experience and little did know that I was going to have the best time of my life that very day.

The door burst open and the Headmaster stood there. He looked triumphant and we could not deny anything. We were caught and we knew it.

That day the afternoon was a games period and all the school broke up at 12.00 Noon. After Lunch the two enthusiastic young teachers who doubled as games teachers took the kids in a long crocodile file to the local baths. It had always been beneath the dignity of the two owners to take part in the games activity so it was not unusual for them to stay in their private quarters the whole afternoon.

The Headmaster said. No games today you are both in detention for the afternoon. Come to my study at 2.00 O'clock and I will talk to you both then.

We got through the rest of the morning in a dream. Soon the bell went and we had a try at eating lunch. Then with much clucking and a great deal of noise the school set off to invade the baths. At five to two we were both outside the study and bang on 2.00 O'clock we were called in. They were both there and he was holding the cane.

The Headmaster spoke to me and ignored Susan.

As you know he intoned it is a rule that we always ask permission from the parents of a boy who needs a whipping. In this case I think that would get you into more trouble, as I would have to tell them what you had done. Also I would have to revise my recommendation for you both to go to your schools of choice, as no school would want either of you after what you have done.

I was terrified and so was Susan.

If you will accept punishment from us this afternoon and you explain why you did what you did no more will be said the Headmaster told us.

His Sister nodded agreement with every word.

My Sister will spank Susan and I will strap and cane you is that understood?

We both said yes as we had no choice.

If you mention anything that happens today we will tell your parents and make sure that you are not accepted into your new schools.

Come here Susan said the sister.

Susan went to her and with no more ado Susan was pulled over the Sisters Knee. Her short skirt was pulled up and her panties pulled down to her knees.

What was Victor doing to you the Sister demanded.

Was he doing this?

She pushed her hands in-between Susan's legs and into her wet slit.

Don't Miss, Susan murmured.

That just added twenty to your spanking the Sister told her.

Did he do this she asked again and started to rub Susan's clit.

Yes Miss said Susan.

Did you like it asked the teacher.

Susan was getting turned on, as the Sister was lesbian and very good at finger _f_u_c_k_ing a girl.

I think so miss Susan gasped as the Sister worked her up.

Susan started to push herself against the Sisters knees as she opened her legs to get more of the urgent feeling which was sending her potty.

The sight of this woman fingering Susan and made a large bulge in my pants as my dick went hard. It transfixed me.

You dirty little boy the Headmaster shouted. Look at you now you are like an animal. I will cane you after this girl is spanked.

Susan was well away She was lifting her body so the teacher could rub her cunt, which was by now dripping.

Do you like it demanded the Sister.

Yes Miss Oooh yes Miss please don't stop Susan gasped.

You dirty girl said the Sister and hooking a leg over Susan's legs she started the spanking.

I did not realise what it was like to be spanked when you are turned on and in any case I had always liked watching kids get a spanking.

Susan was spanked very hard. Her bum was soon pink and she begged for it to stop and promised to be good and promised she would never do it again.

I had been spanked a lot at home but these spankings were soon over. This spanking went on and on.

Susan at first cried and then blubbered but the Sister kept spanking her.

Then the Sister stood her up and with a quick few tugs and pulls took all Susan's clothes off. Susan stood there crying with her bum bright red and her hands over her cunt.

You can watch victor get the cane said the Sister and then I will spank you again. You are both going to be spanked all afternoon to get the evil out of you.

Come here Victor the Headmaster snapped.

I went to him and he pulled my pants down and then my school underpants. He then just carried on and took all my clothes off. My dick was stuck out and cum was dripping from the end.

Did Susan touch you he asked?

No Sir I lied not wanting to add to Susan's misery.

That is 10 more strokes he said.

Did Susan touch you he asked?

I did Susan shouted.

That is twenty-five more spanks the Sister said.

Did Susan touch you he asked? Yes Sir I said.

Like this he asked and rubbed my dick at the very end. The thrill flashed through me like a fire.

Yes Sir I moaned as I writhed with his touch.

Right over my knee he said.

He took the 18-inch long leather strap and pinning my legs like Susan had been held he strapped my bum. I had been spanked at home but I had never had the strap. It was incredibly hard and it wrapped round my bum each time he spanked me. I shrieked with the fantastic sensation but I liked it.

All my previous spankings had been before my dick worked and they had just hurt. This strapping hurt Oh how it hurt but between each lash the inside of my bum pulsed with a deep urgent thrill and I wanted my _c_o_c_k_ rubbed.

I was dumped on my feet and the Headmaster told Susan to get over his knee.

The Sister sat on the floor at the side where Susan's head hung and started to talk to her about what was rude and how could she let a boy touch her like that.

I just stood transfixed as these two teachers felt up this pretty young and very willing girl. The Sister started to rub Susan's tits and Susan really liked it.

Then the Headmaster strapped Susan's bottom.

She reared up and gave a deep cry and started to cry like a baby after only two lashes. He gave her over twenty very quick and very hard. She was plonked back on her feet and fell hiccupping into the Sisters arms.

The sister started to feel her all over and then laying her on the floor she pushed her fingers into Susan's cunt and started to lick her all over including her bum slit.

Susan wanted it and she was just a limp _s_e_x_y girl who just had to cum.

The Sister pulled her over her knee and spanked her bottom again but this time not so hard. Susan loved it and after about fifty sensual spanks the sister pushed two fingers up Susan's bum which her other hand roamed over Susan's tits and pussy.

I was hot as hell and I wanted my _c_o_c_k_ rubbed. The Headmaster pushed me over the back of the chair with my face pointing at the two females. I was very turned on with what was happening to Susan and I could not help but see everything the Sister did to her. I started to tremble with _s_e_x_ and push my dick against the desk.

The Headmaster gave me twenty-nine strokes of the cane.

I know that as it started at twenty-five with me counting each stroke and with Susan searching my face to share each new sensation. I miscounted four times and he just gave me an extra stroke.

I was giggling with the caning towards the end but as soon as the last stroke landed the Headmaster fell against me and started rubbing my tits and legs. It was fantastic but soon I was back over his knee and being made to ask for a spanking.

I begged for a spanking and like Susan I was sensually spanked for ages.

Then Susan started to cum, The Sister was rubbing her G Spot and when Susan Cum she did like a boy. Fluid shot out of her and she just lay there and abandoned herself to be serviced by this lesbian Sister.

My spanking stopped and the Headmaster took off his pants and stood there with a nine inch errection, cum dripping from the end. He opened a draw and pulled out a tin with some goo in it and shoved a glob of this into my bum. I was _s_e_x_ed up and randy. He mounted me and his _c_o_c_k_ pushed right into my bottom. It hurt a lot and I screamed. He pulled out and pushing me back over the desk he strapped me very hard.

He then pushed one finger into my bum and found that spot, which was pulsing with _s_e_x_.

I collapsed over the desk and pushed my bum up to him so he could frig me as deeply as possible. Then when I was gibbering for it and Susan was watching me get hot he pulled out his finger and quickly strapped me again.

I liked the strap. It made my prostate pulse and he knew it was time. He mounted me and this time I welcomed his _c_o_c_k_. I could feel every inch as it went in to his balls. Then he _f_u_c_k_ed me. The _c_o_c_k_ kept sliding over my prostate and I felt a thrill deep inside me, in my legs, my tits and my balls. Then I started to cum and it went on and on and then I cum again and then after only a few minutes I cum again just as he with a great cry burst inside me and flooded me with his seed.

The Sister was humping on Susan's bum with her hand buried in Susan's cunt and soon reached a climax which for sound quality put all those that had gone before to shame. Thus ended my interest in girls only _s_e_x_ and started a relationship, which I found led me to a life of _s_e_x_ual spanking but always over the knee of a strong man.

To be Continued....................................................

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