My Councilor Part 2: the First Session

by Luke James <>

The appointment with Jeff was now over; it was time to get dressed for my first session. Jeff left the room telling me to get dressed. I pulled up my new white briefs and the feeling was strange, I had not been "bald" down there in many years. As I dressed I became aware that my _c_o_c_k_ had gotten hard. Once I was fully dressed in my uniform I looked at myself in a mirror, I now looked just like a very large little boy. I then went out into the shop to pay for my appointment. Scott was at the counter and I told him that I was going to use my credit card to pay for the appointment. Scott asked if I wanted him to make a record of my account number so that if I needed anything else (and he said that I might) they could just bill it to my card and send it out. That sounded like a good idea and told him to go ahead and do it. Scott then gave me the address of the place I was going to.

I drove to the address, and parked in the parking lot of what looked like an old convent. I rang the bell and a man that fit the classic stereotype of the English butler answered the door. I was asked my name and then escorted into a large library/study. I sat down in a large leather wingback chair. A few minutes later a rather stately looking man came in. I stood up when he entered and he introduced himself as Mr. Toms. He told me to sit and after sitting down at his desk began to interview me.

"I have been rereading your e-mails today, and think that I can help you." He told me. Mr. Toms went on to say that my lack of control over my _s_e_x_ life was a very large part of my problems. He then explained that he would modify my behavior by "getting to the seat of the problem".

"Shall we begin?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir; I am ready to begin." I told him.

"Good" he responded.

Mr. Toms then instructed me to remove my blazer. I removed my blazer and folded it placing it neatly on the chair. He then told me to drop my pants and undershorts. Once I had done that, Mr. Toms told me to masturbate myself. I was a little shocked at this but began to stroke my _c_o_c_k_ anyway. Once my _c_o_c_k_ was fully hard, Mr. Toms ordered me to bend over his desk. He then began spanking me with his hand. After receiving 20 swats, he told me to stand up and continue masturbating. I was just about ready to cum when Mr. Toms told me to stop and again bend over the desk. Again I received 20 swats. Once again he then instructed me to continue masturbating. This time I ejaculated. He then spanked me again this time giving me 50 swats. Mr. Toms then told me that I was to masturbate again, only this time I would be spanked with a paddle. The second set went just like the first. By the time I had cum a second time my _c_o_c_k_ was just as sore as my butt was. Then Mr. Toms told me were going to do it a third time, only this time he was going to use a paddle me while I masturbated. I complained to him that my _c_o_c_k_ was very sore and that I didn't want to jerk off anymore.

"You are going to do as you are told, young man, or you will suffer the consequences!" Mr. Toms said.

"But sir," I said, but he cut me off.

"Strip, boy, and bend over and grad your ankles, boy" Mr. Toms commanded.

Mr. Toms then took a cane out of a cupboard. I knew I was in trouble now. I quickly removed my cloths and placed then with my blazer. I received 10 strokes to my already sore butt. By the time it was over I was begging and crying big time.

"Now then, boy, are you going to do as you are told?" Mr. Tomes asked.

"Yes, Sir" I replied.

I then began to once again stroke my now very limp dick. As I stroked my _c_o_c_k_, Mr. Toms paddled me. When I finally came, which took a long time, Mr. Toms ordered me to again bend over. He then gave me 10 more strokes with the cane. When it was over he sent me to stand, still naked, with my nose in a corner. I began to rub my sore ass but Mr. Toms ordered me to put my hands on top of my head and keep them there.

While I stood in my corner there was a knock on the door and someone entered the room. Mr. Toms told that person that he was going to be punished for missing his last appointment. The person was then told to strip and was then given 25 strokes of the cane then sent to a corner. Hearing the punishment and knowing full well that the person could see both my naked body as well as my well-punished butt made my _c_o_c_k_ hard again. After a while Mr. Toms told me to gather my cloths and follow the butler, whose name I learned was Andrew, to my room. When we arrived, Andrew told me to take a cool shower then get dressed again. He also told me he would be back to "collect me" In half an hour.

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