Pernicious Spanking: a Case Study

by Dr. Kenneigh Skrotim <>

Following is an unedited transcript of a recorded interview with a young man who recently was a victim of _s_e_x_ual abuse, including pernicious spanking. This account is offered to familiarize both practitioners and the public with what the author has found to be an increase in the incidence of perverse abuse of youth in America.


This is Dr. Kenneigh Skrotim. I am a psychologist in private practice in Jefferson County, Maryland. I am interviewing today, 4 November 1999, Garth -- not his real name -- who has agreed to speak on the record. Another name mentioned in this discussion is blanked out to protect the rights and privacy of a defendant.

K. S.: Garth, good morning. Would you please state your age?

Garth: Fifteen.

K. S.: Could you describe yourself. Your height, weight. Eye color, hair?

Garth: Well, I'm about five-foot-seven ... and about one-thirty. My hair, I'd say is dirty blonde ... and my eyes ... uh ... I'd say green.

K. S.: Would you say you are slim? All over?

Garth: What- what? Um, I ...

K. S.: Well, uh, and would you state when the experiences you are about to describe occurred?

Garth: It was on August the 7th.

K. S.: This year, 1999?

Garth: Yes.

K. S.: Would you please tell me what happened on that date?

Garth: Well ... I was finishing up my summer school English class ... and my teacher, Mr. _____, told me I failed the final exam and I should meet with him to go over my answers.

K. S.: And was this while you were at the school?

Garth: Yes.

K. S.: What grade were you in?

Garth: Ninth.

K. S.: Where did Mr. _____ tell you that you were to meet him?

Garth: At his house.

K. S.: Had you ever been there before?

Garth: Once. After school.

K. S.: What was it that you went to his house for?

Garth: To pick up homework I missed because I had to be out to go to the dentist.

K. S.: And what did you do at Mr. ____'s house? Did you pick up the homework?

Garth: Yes. He gave it to me.

K. S.: How did you get to Mr. ____'s house?

Garth: My mom. She drove me.

K. S.: Did your mom drop you off, or did she come with you to the house?

Garth: She drove me there, then waited in the car. It was about five o'clock, I think.

K. S.: How long, about how long did you stay at Mr. _____'s house?

Garth: Oh ... just a little while. To get the papers. Maybe ten minutes.

K. S.: Then you left? What did Mr. _____ say to you? Did he ... uh ... do anything?

Garth: You mean ... uh ... he ... um ... he put his arm around me and told me I needed to work harder. I wasn't doing my work.

K. S.: Did he hug you?

Garth: Um ... yeah, kind of.

K. S.: What did you think when he did that?

Garth: Well, I .... At the time I didn't think too much about it. I mean, Mr. _____ was okay, I thought. I guess he was just being friendly.

K. S.: What kind of-can you describe Mr. _____ ?

Garth: Well, he's about 35, I'd say, fairly tall, maybe six feet, not heavy, brown hair, short. A friendly guy.

K. S.: Okay. Then you left the house... after getting the homework ... and he hugged you?

Garth: Yes.

K. S.: Now, Garth, you live with your mom ... and who else?

Garth: With my mom and my sister, Kate. My parents are divorced. My dad lives in Delaware.

K. S.: What, Garth, do you do in your spare time ... like, things you like to do?

Garth: Play Sega. Listen to CDs. Uh, TV, you know, things like that.

K. S.: Do you have friends you hang with?

Garth: Yeah, some guys. We see flicks, ride around, you know?

K. S.: Now, Garth, on that day, the 20th of August, you went again to Mr. _____'s house. For homework, or to do homework. Can you tell me about that?

Garth: Um ... well ... like I was failing the class, you know. So, uh, I wanted to see if I could work to get a passing grade so I wouldn't fail, you know? So, well, I called my mom at work from school to see if I could go home with Mr. ____ to finish my class work. And she said okay, but I should call her when I was finished so she could pick me up.

K. S.: So, you went with Mr. ____ to his house? What kind of house was it?

Garth: Just a town house. Near the school.

K. S.: About what time did you get to the house?

Garth: Uh ... I'd say about four-thirty. About that.

K. S.: And can you tell me what took place after you got there?

Garth: Well, Mr. _____ asked me if I liked spaghetti ... he was having spaghetti for dinner. So, I said yes, and he went out to the kitchen to fix dinner. And I stayed in the living room, looking over the test papers ... my test papers he gave me. I saw the Fs. I knew I was failing.

K. S.: What next?

Garth: Well, after a while Mr. _____ came in with two plates of spaghetti. And he put them on the coffee table. Then he got some forks. Then he came back with a bottle of wine. And he asked if I liked wine with my spaghetti. And I said I didn't know. So, he poured out two glasses of this, like, grape wine. And he sat down ... next o me. And he said, 'Have some, Garth.' And I said I didn't know ... if I should drink it, you know. Like, I'm fifteen? So, he asked me to go into the kitchen to get a smaller glass from the shelf on top of the microwave. And so I did, go, but I couldn't find it ... and so he said, 'It's up on the top shelf,' and I found it and brought it to him. And he poured some wine in it. And he said, 'Go ahead, it won't, a little bit won't hurt you.' So I did. And ...

K. S.: So you drank the wine? About how much?

Garth: Oh, a few, uh, swallows. It was kind of warm ... going down, you know?

K. S.: What happened next, Garth?

Garth: Well ... well ... he, Mr. _____ said to go ahead and eat. And so we did. And... uh ... I kind of ... began to feel real tired all at once. And, and ... I said ... I think I said 'I'm tired,' or something. And then Mr. _____, he said he would wake me up ... and, uh, he started, like, tickling me. Then ... uh ... I ...uh ...

K. S.: It's all right, Garth, take your time. Go ahead. What next?

Garth: Well, uh, he kept tickling me.

K. S.: How was, where was he tickling you?

Garth: Under my arms and my stomach. And on my thighs.

K. S.: Was he making you laugh? Tell me about this now.

Garth: Well, yeah, I was laughing. And he said knew I was ticklish. And he kept it up. And then, I think, he unbuttoned my shirt ... and, uh, he started tickling me on my chest and stomach. And then ... he ... he ... pulled my shirt all the way off. And ... and ... oh ... he started to lick my, like, you know, my ... nipples. And I told him to stop. But he ... kept it up ... and ...whu ... whu ... oh ... uh ...

K. S.: It's okay, Garth. Take your time. It's important you try to remember what happened. Now, take your time. Catch your breath, and go ahead when you're ready.

Garth: ... Well ... as I remember, Mr. _____ kept tickling, until I slid off the couch onto the floor. And he got down and kept tickling ... with his hands. And ... I kept telling him to stop. But, you know, I kept feeling tired, and I couldn't fight him off.

K. S.: So, you're on the floor and he keeps tickling you. Please tell me what he did. What he did to you.

Garth: ... Well, he's tickling ... and then he's got his hand between my legs ... and he's ... he's tickling there ... and I said 'Stop,' but he didn't ... and he's ... he's unsnapping my jeans ... uh ... and I'm trying to stop him ... but he's tickling me so hard that I ... I just keep laughing and jerking around. And then, he ... he's pulling my jeans down ... and my underpants came down with them ... my briefs ... are coming down too ... and ... and ... he's, uh, my, you know, my penis is flopping out ... and ...he's put his hand on it ... like ... and he's making me ... it ... and I tried to push him away, Dr. Skrotim ... but he ... he ...

K. S.: Okay, Garth, let's break for a few minutes, then we'll try to resume, okay?

(transcription resumed)

K. S.: Okay, then, Garth, now can we continue? Try, try to tell me what Mr. _____ did after he pulled your pants down.

Garth: Well, he kept tickling me with my pants down ... and my, uh, penis, was getting, like hard, you know? And he keeps tickling, and then, I think, he took off my sneakers and socks. And when he did that I got up to get away, but I felt so tired ... I ... he like, tripped me ... and pulled me down again. Then, I kind of remember my pants and undershorts coming off ... and ... and ... I was ... I was n-naked.

K. S.: Then, Garth, what did he do then? You were naked ... by the way, did you have on little white jockeys?

Garth: Wha-what ... do you mean?

K. S.: That's-that's okay ... what did Mr. ____ do next?

Garth: Well, I think ...yeah ... now he was tickling my privates with one hand ... and ... and he started rubbing my butt. ... with his other hand ... and I tried to fight him ... but I could hardly stay awake ... so ... he's tickling ... and he's putting his finger in ... into my ass- my-my butthole. But, he's still tickling my, uh, penis, and it's hard, you know ... and I'm so tired ...and it's ... and he's rubbing me ... all over ... and I can feel my ... my penis ... is ... uh ... uh ... he suck- sucked on it ... and ... he put his tongue in my, uh, pee-hole ... and I'm on my back ... and then he's slowly ... rubbing and playing with ... my balls ... and dick ... and now ... I was so tired ... but I felt it coming ... coming up ... and ... he has his finger still under my butt ... in my hole ... and, oh, Dr. Skrotim, I ... he was licking it and sucking me ... and I know ... I think ... I shot into his mouth ... and then I think, I think I passed out ... or went to sleep.

K. S.: Uh, let's stop there for a minute, Garth. Now, you say you passed out or went to sleep. Did you, do you think that you had an orgasm, that you came into Mr. _____'s mouth before you passed out?

Garth: I- I guess, maybe. I know I shot my ... cum ...I shot, yeah. His mouth was on me, yeah.

K. S.: Was this the first _s_e_x_ual experience you ever had?

Garth: Well, yes ... no ... with a guy, you mean?

K. S.: Guy, girl, either?

Garth: Yes. But I didn't want ... with Mr. _____.

K. S.: Had anyone ever performed fellatio on you before this?

Garth: You mean suck me off? Yeah ... first time.

K. S.: Did it feel good?

Garth: Well, yeah, kind of ...

K. S.: Okay. Now, Garth, you said you passed out, or believed you passed out or went to sleep after you ... came ... would you please related what you remember happened after that?

Garth: Well ... well ... like when I woke up ... Mr.- Mr. _____'s ... he was ... well ... let me start over. I was naked on my belly ... on his bed ... and he was ... I was ... my hands were tied in back of me ... with my own underpants, it turned out ... torn and made like a rope ... and I was in this room that had these paddings, like, on the walls. And he was ... my butt was spread ... and he was on the bed, naked, too ... and my ... he had spread my little ass cheeks and was, like, massaging my ass cheeks with his fingers ...and I was still tired and I had a headache ... and he was rubbing his finger around my asshole ... and squeezing my butt ... and I yelled, but he said the room was soundproof ... and so I couldn't do anything. And he kept doing it to me ... and I could feel my dick getting hard under me. I know my ass was real sore ... and ...

K. S.: Garth, do think he penetrated your anus-with his penis? While you were out?

Garth: I ... I don't want to talk about that, okay? I don't!

K. S.: Okay. Then, can we just talk about what else happened?

Garth: All right. Okay. Well, Mr. _____ stopped licking me there and he got real nasty all of a sudden, and said he was going to spank my butt for not taking his class seriously. And I begged him to let me go to ... untie me because my ... my arms hurt from the ... underpants ... but he just laughed and ... then he rolled me onto my side and started to smack my behind with his hand, real hard!

K. S.: What did this feel like, Garth?

Garth: Well ... it hurt ... it really stung, like, 'smack-smack-smack!'

K. S.: Go on.

Garth: He kept, like, spanking me ... but then he would stop ... and ... he ... he ... he ... put his tongue inside me again, and he started licking me ... I could feel his tongue inside my asshole ... really in. In and out, in and out ...and he kept spreading my cheeks ... and my _c_o_c_k_, well, he squeezed it with his other hand, and it was getting hard--really hard against ... the mattress ... like rubbing ... and he started up the spanking and my bottom was getting so sore ... and I, I guess I ... I came then, on the bed under me. I could feel my cum juice, like warm, then cold and kind of sticky, on my belly. And when I came, Mr. _____ said, 'All right, Garth, all right!' And he hugged me, and I felt embarrassed. But then he started licking my belly and penis ... all the sticky stuff off me. But then he puts his finger back in my bottom, and it's real sore ... but he pushes it in ... in me. And works it around inside me. I farted ... and he laughed and said, 'You little stinker!'

K. S.: Is your little bottom smooth, Garth, like, with no hair?

Garth: Uh ... what?

K. S.: That's okay. What happened then, Garth?

Garth: Um ...he got up and came back ... with a pair of red women's panties ... and they're real small and silky-looking. And so he rolls them up, like into a kind of scarf, and he starts whipping the panties against my penis-the tip of my _c_o_c_k_, and it really stung, Dr. Skrotim! And he asked if that hurt, and I think I said,'Yes,' and he said it's what I deserved-that he was going to teach me a lesson! And he kept it up ... smacking the panties against my _c_o_c_k_ ... and he was laughing at me ... and ... uh ... he pulled my penis aside and ... he whipped the panties against my balls ... and I start crying ... and he's still laughing. Then ... oh ... he wrapped the ... like, tied the panties around my dick ... and slowly pulled them up and down my penis, while he started smacking my bare behind again.!

K. S.: Did this feel good to you Garth, at the time? As he spanked you and teased your penis at the same time?

Garth: Well ... no ...uh, yeah ... um ... I guess it did, a little, but I was scared of what Mr. _____ was going to do ... and I couldn't get away ...but he kept it up, and soon I felt like I was coming again ... and I was coming again, and he knew it, and he bent down and sucked my penis into his mouth, past his lips, over his tongue, and I ... uh, came again in his mouth, but not as much as before. He, like, squeezed my balls ... like, to empty them of all my semen.

K. S.: What then?

Garth: Well, I think I almost passed out again ... but ...

K. S.: You passed out again ... was this from the sensation--the titillation of having an orgasm?

Garth: I- I guess so ... but I didn't go out all the way. But this time, he turns me on my stomach and starts slapping my bottom again-and all over my back and thighs, too ... and I hear him spitting into his hands and rubbing them together and then really spanking me hard ... and it stung like hell ... and I started jerking and bucking up and down--and he kept this up for about five minutes, and I was crying, begging him to stop and untie me, but he kept it up ... and my bottom felt so sore, and my prick ... it started to dribble pee, and after a few more minutes, sure enough, my little dick was growing again, and I knew he was watching it swell up again, and he was smiling ... and spanking ... laughing and spanking - smack-smack-smack! Hard! And then, he got down beside me and started licking up and down the underside of my _c_o_c_k_-up to the head--real slow, but I didn't think I'd ... I didn't want to shoot again ... but after a while, I did... I couldn't hold back ... I spurted into his mouth again, but it was almost, like, dry ... not much cum came out. But Mr. _____ still swallowed my little drops of cream and then he licked me off ... clean.

K. S.: Garth, I know that what came next is painful to discuss, but could you please tell me what followed your coming into his mouth this last time?

Garth: He started, like, stroking my body, and sucking my nipples, and licking down my belly, and into my bellybutton, and he licked around the little hairs around my soft dick and balls ... he sucked in my balls ... and he was also fingering my anus again, and, like, caressing my butt, and kissing me and hugging me all over. And soon, I was getting, like, worked up again ...and he got up and sat down on top of me, with me on my back, and I cried out because of the ... my arms hurt so much ... and he was facing me from above, on top, and his _c_o_c_k_ was pressing right against mine! And he was very hard ... and ... and ... he pushed and pushed ... and started to shoot his cum against me ... and it was so much cum that it spread out and covered our bellies and ran down onto the bed. After that, he rolled off me and licked my belly and penis and balls dry ... and then he slowly went to sleep next to me.

K. S.: Is that when you tried to escape, Garth?

Garth: Yeah, I wanted to, but I still was so tired. I just laid there beside him ... I really didn't want to move ... just rest. I tried to get my hands free, out of the underpants, but I couldn't ... felt so tired ... so tired, you know?

K. S.: Garth, do you think he drugged you? Have you ever heard of Rohypnol? Your blood contained a trace of this compound-at the hospital.

Garth: Well, I don't know ... maybe ... oh ... you mean maybe roofies?

K. S.: Yes, that's one of the street names. Do you feel he might have slipped some of this into your wine?

Garth: Sure ... he could have. But I didn't see it.

K. S.: Okay, Garth, can you tell me what happened next. You were too weak to get up? About what time was this, now?

Garth: Yeah. Oh, it was around ten, I'd say. Late. I thought about mom ...

K. S.: Then?

Garth: He suddenly came awake and rolled me onto my side again, facing away towards the wall. Then he got up and went into the bathroom, I think it was, and came back ... and started rubbing some grease-maybe Vaseline-into my butthole. I was crying again now, because I was sore back there, but he said he was going to spank me until I let him _f_u_c_k_ me. And he did spank me, all over my butt... until I was crying again--and kicking and bouncing to and fro he drove his greased finger into me again and again ... and he asked me if he ... if I would let him _f_u_c_k_ me ... and I don't know what I said , but then he spread apart my ass ... my crack ... and pushed his hard dick into my tight hole from behind me ... and that ... that really hurt, Dr. Skrotim. It was already so sore from ... uh ... well ...

K. S.: What did he do to you then, Garth?

Garth: He butt-_f_u_c_k_ed me ... he _f_u_c_k_ed me! ... and _f_u_c_k_ed me! ... hard! And he said this was punishment for not doing my school work and he [garbled] and did it hurt!... I ...I ...[garbled] don't want to talk about it anymore ... please!

K. S.: Okay, Garth. Can you wrap up this story? I'm sorry I've caused you to be upset.

Garth: Well, as I was getting screwed by Mr. _____, there comes this loud noise at the front door, and then I heard a crash and these two cops ran into the room ... and grabbed Mr. _____ --as he tried to go for the window... and my mom came in behind the cops ... and I'm naked, and she thought I was ... letting ... uh, _f_u_c_k_ing Mr. _____ , or something, and she starts smacking me ... my bare behind--for having _s_e_x_ with Mr. _____! But then the cops pull her away, and one of them takes me into the next room ... and untied me, and ... examines my ... penis ... and butt ... and that's when they decided that Mr. _____ raped me! He raped me!

K. S.: Yes. And they took you to the hospital for an exam? And Mr. _____ is in jail awaiting trial?

Garth: Yeah. I'm glad. He hurt me. And I really liked him, before he did that to me.

K. S.: What about the spanking aspect of all this? Did you find his spanking, combined with his _s_e_x_ual contact, in any way excited you? How about the women's panties?

Garth: What do you mean? I, uh, I ...

K. S.: Garth I see a ... a bulge in those jeans of yours? Is this exciting you, Garth?

Garth: No ... nah ... man--hey, what's this ... no ... that's all ... that's it. Out of here [garbled].

(end of transcription)

Note: Garth is undergoing psychiatric counseling and twice-monthly meetings in my office, with my assistant, in an effort to reenact, exorcise and otherwise come to grips with the tortures inflicted upon him by Mr. _____ . He seems to be making slow but steady progress. I welcome inquiries about this and other studies I sponsor into the nature and scope of pernicious spanking of American youth. Please e-mail me at: kenneigh@hotmail. com

-- Dr. Kenneigh Skrotim

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