Getting a Thrashing From Dad

by Steffan <>

Ever since I was a little boy I can remember being spanked by dad. When I was about 8 or 9 years old it would be his hand or a slipper, but as I grew older, from the age of about 13 I started getting the taste of his belt. If I had been bad I was ordered to my room and wait for him to arrive. The spanking was always administered on the bare bottom. As soon as he arrived in the bedroom he started to undo his heavy leather belt from around his waist as he told me to drop my trousers and underpants. I have to confess that I was always quite turned on by the sight of my dad undoing his belt, also the thought of removing all my clothes in front of him was quite an erotic experience.

I was made to bend over the bed or a chair while he whipped me hard with his belt. His belt was very heavy but soft and flexible enough to make my butt really sting with each thunderous crack. I'd get between six and 12 strokes of the belt. At the age of 14 I discovered the delights of jacking off, so I would always play with myself for hours after a good belting, enjoying that warm stinging feeling on my red bottom. The orgasms I got at that age were very memorable, but I did not produce a lot of cum.

I remember once when I was 16 I got a good thrashing with his belt which made my 7" dick throb so much that I nearly came while the belt landed on my bottom. To my surprise (and my delight) I also noticed that the bulge that dad had in the front of his pants had grown to about three times its normal size. Whaw that was such a thrill for me to see dad's hardon trying to escape from his pants! I had never seen him naked but I knew from the size of the bulge that it must have been about 9.5" long. I tossed myself off that night thinking about what it would be like if we exchanged roles and I were to whip his naked ass with the belt. What a glorious view of his big throbbing dick hanging between his legs I would get!

Since he got a hardon while strapping me I realised that he must have been quite turned on by it.

When I was 19 I left home to go to University in London to study Classics. I had a very good time during the first year. Probably too good as I hardly did any studying. At the end of the first year, when the 1st year exams were only a week away I realised that my results were going to be poor as I didn't have enough time to cram in all of the work in such a short time. I sat the exams and I knew I hadn't done well. I went to stay at my dad's for the summer break and awaited the results to arrive by post. As it turned out I passed four out of the five papers. I would have to re-sit the failed one in the Autumn, but at least I did well enough not to be kicked out, so long as I passed the paper the next time round.

I was happy that I passed four papers, but I was worried about having to confess to dad about the failed paper. I had to tell him. Later on that evening we were having dinner and we chatted away merrily about everything. The conversation turned to crime and punishment. My dad said that he was a firm believer in corporal punishment. 'As you must remember', he said 'you got your fair share didn't you?'

'I remember quite vividly!' I said.

I asked him something I had wanted to ask him for a long time. 'Did you ever get belted by your dad?'

'I most certainly did' he said , 'until I was much older than you! You are now 20, but my dad used to give it to me till I was 25. He didn't use the belt much. He was a firm believer in using a switch. It stings much more than the belt'.

The thought of my dad getting a switch from my granddad aroused me and I notice I was starting to get a hardon.

He continued : 'So don't think you are too old yet to get another strapping from me! ' he said with a smile and a wink. 'I still remember those switchings to this day', he said with a warm smile.

'How many strokes did he give you?' I asked nervously

'Sometimes as many as 20', he said, 'I took each one of them gladly, as I knew I deserved every stinging blow'

'Dad I have something to confess', I said. 'I failed one of my exams at the end of the year. I fear that I should be punished. I wasted a lot of time at collage last year. That's how I failed the exam '

There was a long uncomfortable silence then suddenly my dad asked 'How do you think you should be punished?'

'In whatever way you think apt, Dad', I said nervously. 'Maybe you should give me the switch like your dad gave you'.

Dad replied : 'I think that is an excellent idea if it will make you feel better about failing the exam. I have always wanted the excuse to use a switch on you, son. Now you have given me the ideal opportunity! Now, let's not rush into it. Let's finish off this wine first and relax a bit. Then well go into the garden together and select a nice swishy branch from the willow tree'

After about 10 or 15 minutes dad said that is was time to pay a visit to the bottom of the garden. We went out together. He had a short knife in his hand ready to cut a switch. Three switches were cut and dad flicked them one by one through the air listening to their whistling noise. 'Which one should we use?', he asked. I selected the longest one, which also created the greatest whistling noise.

He said 'Now take the switch to your room and get yourself ready. I'll be with you in 5 minutes.

I was feeling very excited about getting the first taste of the switch from my dad. The hardon in my pants must have been quite obvious to him. I went to my room and took off all my clothes except my shorts - I wanted dad to take them off for me.

He entered my room. He started to remove his belt and said 'I'm going to give you this belt first son in order to prepare your bum for the switch. You will feel the sting of the switch much better once the nerve endings on your backside have been woken up. I'll give you six hard ones with his belt with your shorts on. Now bend over the bed!'

I bent over the bed while the six thunderous cracks of the belt landed on my butt. My dick was throbbing in my shorts. I knew my big pulsating dick would soon be seen on display to dad. My butt was already throbbing with pain, but I knew that was nothing compared with what I was in for next.

Dad slowly removed my shorts to expose my already tender behind. As my _c_o_c_k_ was released it bounced up to its full glory.

Now Dad ordered me to bend down and spread my legs wide open. He explained that the switch is very effective on the tender flesh in the crack of the bottom and that spreading one's legs wide apart allowed the switch to penetrate the delicate parts. He said that I would be given six strokes then a short break before continuing with another six.

'Are you ready, son?' He asked

'Yes, Daddy', I replied

I heard a loud swish, then a millisecond later it landed on my bum. It didn't feel too bad at first but then the pain intensified second by second. It was much more painful than I had ever imagined. He paused for about 20 seconds between each stroke to allow the pain to sink in before giving another. After six strokes my ass was in agony. He told be to stand up and rub my bottom. I stood up and rubbed my butt violently while I danced up an down with the stinging pain. My dick was bouncing up and down to the rhythm of my dance. I couldn't help noticing that dad was also hard and excited. The full length of his erection was clearly visible in his tight blue jeans. Dad touched my hard dick with the switch and said 'I'm glad to see that the punishment is getting through to you!'

The time was now up and I was told to prepare myself for the last six strokes. He said that the last six would be administered even harder than the first six. I did as I was told and bent over remembering to spread my legs wide. They certainly were much harder than the first lot! One by one they landed on my delicate backside causing me the most extreme mixture of pain and pleasure. When it was all over he gently rubbed my butt with his hand saying that I had taken my punishment like a man and that he was proud of me.

He said ' I shall leave you now. You have something to take care of!' , pointing towards my erection. He was right. He closed the bedroom door as he left and I started on the serious business of giving some long awaited pleasure to my dick. As I jacked off I thought of nothing other than the deliciously painful strokes of the switch. I also imagined what my dad was doing at that time. Was he also jacking off? I bet he was! I had the most intense orgasm that I had ever had to that day.

The following day my dad said to me that it had been a long time since he had had a good whipping like that from his dad. He explained to me that I was old enough now to whip him whenever I thought he deserved it.

'Sometimes I think a good thrashing with a switch is long overdue to me' , he said.

I couldn't believe my luck. My dad was actually encouraging me to whip his ass! I knew that soon I'd have to find an excuse to carry out the procedure. It wasn't long before such an opportunity arose, but that is another story.

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