Second Punishment Account

by Daniel <>

Hi. This is Daniel again. My dad has asked me to write this account of a recent punishment as a humiliation. Last time I did this, I got lots of e. mails suggesting further punishments. Some of these my dad carried out. My bottom is still sore.

Well, here goes.

It was a Saturday afternoon. Dad had gone to the shops. He was meant to be away for an hour. I took this opportunity to raid his stash of porn that I had recently located in the spare room. I selected a tape and took it to the living room. I put it in, got my dick out and started wanking. The scene on the video had two guys and one woman. They were treating her pretty roughly and really giving her a good seeing to. I got really into it and was close to cumming really quickly.

Then suddenly my arms were grabbed from behind me, I was turned over the back of the arm chair, my bare bottom facing right in the air. I hadn't realised that my dad hadn't gone out straight away, and I had been so engrossed in the video that I hadn't heard him come in.

'You filthy little pervert,' he shouted. But at that moment I couldn't help myself and I came all over the back of the chair. The video was still playing. Dad didn't notice my accident though as he was too busy getting his belt out from the loops of his jeans. He slammed it right into me. Hard. Harder than ever before. The whacks kept on coming, the leather biting into my flesh. The pain was excruciating, and I lost count. Dad had never been so mad. He kept up the shouting all the time, telling me that a 15 year old had no business looking at porn, that I shouldn't have gone through his stuff, and that I shouldn't be wanking in the front room. He really let me have it.

Then he stopped. I was sobbing with the pain and the fear. I had forgotten all about the damp patch. Dad lifted me on to the floor behind the chair. He saw my spunk rubbed into the chair. He just grabbed the back of my head, forced it down to the chair and shouted. 'Look at that _f_u_c_k_ing mess. Lick it up, you little _s_h_i_t_.' I don't know why, but I just did it. I was beaten into a submission. I licked up the cold spunk where it had smeared right across the chair.

It took me a good few minutes. I looked up, but Dad just grabbed the back of my head again and pushed it along the chair. 'You missed some.' But this time, it was warm. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Dad tucking himself back in, manoeuvring his big _c_o_c_k_ through the fly of his jeans.

After spanking me, he had tossed himself off looking at me sobbing, bare-arsed, licking up my own cum. The video had stopped by then. After I had finished licking the chair clean, he grabbed me by the ear, marched me along to the bathroom and threw me in the shower. He turned the cold on full and shouted, 'Get yourself clean, you little piece of scum. I expect you down for your tea in half an hour. After that, we'll have to see about punishing you for making me miss the closing time at the shop.'

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