Robbie's First Spanking

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My names Robbie, I am sixteen years old, dark hair, brown eyes and a good body for my age, my father left when I was young so I had never received any physical punishment, that was until my moms new boyfriend Paul moved in.

I did play on the fact that mom never punished me, but not now, if I do something wrong I know that Paul will punish me and each time he makes the punishment harder and longer.

His son Danny moved in also, he was pretty cute, fourteen years old, blond hair, smooth body, slim build you know the type. He knew his dad well, including when he was about to get his butt spanked by him.

Within a few days of them moving in I witnessed one of Danny's spankings, and after that every few days or so he would get his butt smacked.

Paul would just say "Go to your room", and Danny knew what was coming.

Danny always obeyed, and I found out why later, he knew the spanking would only be worse if he disobeyed.

A few minutes later dad would go upstairs and I would listen as his hand cracked Danny's bare ass cheeks, 'Crack, Crack, Crack' and Danny begging him to stop the beating, but it would carry on for a long time, I could hear Danny's cry's for mercy "No dad, please stop", Paul would stop for a few seconds to lecture Danny on his misbehavior and then start again 'Crack, Crack, Crack', gees I could not imagine the feeling in Danny's butt and did not want to either, my _c_o_c_k_ was always rock hard after listening though and I would go to the bathroom and jerk off as soon as Danny's spanking had finished.

A few weeks weeks later Danny and I were arguing in his bedroom, it was about something stupid as usual, we argued a lot, I felt he was kinda invading my space, coming into my moms life like he did.

Paul shouted upstairs for us to be quite, we quietened down then Danny called me a "Faggot", I yelled at him "_f_u_c_k_ you, you little _s_h_i_t_", we started fighting on the bed.

Suddenly the bedroom door flew open and Paul walked in and split us up, he took hold of Danny and placed him across his lap, one quick yank and Danny's shorts & briefs where around his ankles. It happened so quickly I didn't know what was happening, I soon found out, Paul raised his hand high over Danny's butt and slapped it hard onto his defenseless, quivering, naked bottom, god his hands looked big as they spanked Danny's butt, they almost covered the whole cheek when he landed the strokes on the crown of his ass.

The spanking continued and I stood mesmerized as Danny's backside got redder and redder, first hand prints developed, but soon each cheek was just a bright red, stinging hot patch. Paul did not let up, he carried spanking the left then right cheek some strokes a few seconds apart, but every one with the full force of his arm, he must have given him over a hundred strokes. My _c_o_c_k_ was bursting, Danny's ass was so cute.

He lifted sniveling Danny off his lap and let him lay on the bed, " Now its your turn Robbie",

"Oh please Paul no", Paul just took hold of me and before I knew it I was in my room, I begged him not to punish me but it proved to make things worse, he grabbed hold of me and pulled off my T-shirt. My pants & jock soon followed, I was naked and about to receive an inevitable spanking.

I was scared and embarrassed, I stood there totally bare although luckily my previously hard _c_o_c_k_ was almost limp now.

His lecture on why he was going to punish me seemed to last ages but I did not take much of what he said in until he said the word 'Strap' and then I was really scared.

Soon I was over his knee and he started to beat my bare ass, god it hurt like hell, he was an expert at hand spanking and boy did his hand hurt, he alternated between each cheek, over and over, pausing occasionally I thought a few times it was over but he soon resumed my punishment.

My _c_o_c_k_ and balls hung down and I could feel my butt hole exposed to his view, every so often cold air circulated the room and breezed over my reddened bottom.

'Crack, Crack, Crack' I was in tears my butt hurt so much and I instinctively reached back and tried to protect my defenseless bottom with my hands, that made him really mad, he grabbed my wrists and pushed them into the small of my back, doubling the pace of the spanking I screamed for him to stop but he was in control and I could not do a thing apart from lay across his lap and accept whatever he wanted to give me. I lifted my head to see what was happening, his hand sailed down hard onto my right cheek and I saw the ripple of the hard stroke go through my cheeks. He pushed my head back down and carried on, a few minutes later he started to count "98, 99 100" and he stopped. Tears flowed from my eyes my ass hurt so much.

"OK Robbie, you took that well but I'm warning you it won't be long before you are in this position again, and next time your getting the strap, so I better show you how it feels", he stood me up and then placed a couple of pillow on the center of the bed, "Get over them", "Please no" I begged, "Just do as you are told", I placed my body over the pillows, they angled my buttocks in a good position to take a strap. Meanwhile he pulled his thick leather strap through the loops of his jeans and doubled it, "All right Robbie you take these like a man",

'Whoosh, crack", god my ass was on fire but I took the four strokes and my _c_o_c_k_ was throbbing as it rubbed onto the pillows.

"Just remember the feel of the strap Robbie, because next time you won't be getting just four strokes".

"OK Paul I murmured", he left the room and I placed my hand onto my bottom, it was so hot, I started to jerk my _c_o_c_k_ and soon came into the pillows, I just hope Paul doesn't see the marks, I think you know what I'll get if he does!

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