Londons Privileged Anarchist

by Xahrid <>

Fact there were anarchist- anti-capitalist riots in London on Monday 01 May 2000 . Considerable damage was caused, even the organisers have condemned the wanton vandalism of the Cenotaph, Parliament square and Churchill's statue.

Fact The London Times ( 04 May 2000) reported that at Horsferry magistrates court, 13 people ( mostly foreign nationals) accused of rioting had been remanded in custody until their next court hearing on 10 May

Fact one of the arrested persons is 17 yo Matthew M...a pupil at Eton College

The remainder of this text is fantasy and does not knowingly relate to any person.

Shortly after 7-00pm the police inspector from the Diplomatic Protection Squad walked into a London police station , showed his warrant card to the desk sergeant and very shortly conversed with the duty inspector. At the close of the conversation he made a call on his mobile phone. Less than 5 miles away the minister answered his private line , listened to the incoming message and groaned. ( The facts were bad enough on their own but the timing and context made them 100 times worse, less than a year ago another government minister had been embarrassed by his sons involvement with soft drugs, , now days before a round of crucial local elections his own son had been arrested for riot and it was about to become public that yet another socialist minister paid to send his son to one of the country's top fee paying schools~ and that privileged youth was now accused of riot.

He listened to the protection officer, agreed to the proposal with a curt " do what's necessary" and then he hung up the 'phone.

Back in the police station 17 yo Matt was fairly cool, he was feeling rather hungry and wished he'd eaten a few hamburgers as they trashed the symbolic American fast food outlet. One by one the other occupants of the cell had been taken for questioning and now he was alone. The cell door opened and 5 police officers in riot gear burst in.

" OK Kid- strip" was the friendly greeting

Matt continued to lie on the bed and- not too politely- declined to move

The instruction was repeated and still Matt did not move

There was no third chance, a baton was pushed across his throat, his arms and legs were pinioned and a young police officer started to strip the boy. Once the tatty sweater was peeled off some classy kit became apparent, the Ralph Lauren polo shirt was removed to show a well formed chest , pecs and developing six pack, once his armani jeans were peeled off the lad was left in just a pair of black Calvin Klein boxers, but they did not stay on for much longer. In less than 2 minutes Matt was naked. 1m 85, 80 kg of youth, athletic, shoulder length black hair a flaccid 6 inch circumcised penis and a mass of shiny black pubic hair- he was by now very embarrassed and frightened. When told to stand he leapt to obey. Being naked infront of 5 police men was bad, the body search was worse than he could have imagined. His ears, nose, mouth and hair were inspected. In turn he had to raise each arm and foot so that his arm pits and the soles of his feet could be scrutinised and then things became infinitely worse, his testicles were mauled, his penis manipulated till it hurt and then he was told to spread his legs and bend over. Until now his rectum had been unassailed during his privileged life but 2 fingers probing deep inside him changed all that in a not very pleasant fashion. After his examination he had to watch whilst his clothes and other possessions including the wrist watch were examined. As each item of clothing was finished with it was spread on the floor. A sniffer dog was brought in and once the clothes were discounted , Matt had to kneel on the floor and submit to inspection by the dog. After licking his balls and penis the dog sniffed Matts arse and then lost interest in the boy. Matt was told to stand whilst the contents of his wallet were explored . His school library ticket and home address provoked interest otherwise the officers seemed bored. His clothes and possessions were placed in a bag and Matt was left in the cell naked.

Later 2 officers returned to cell, Matt was handcuffed and ( still naked ) led through the holding are to a police van, he was wrapped in a coarse blanket a sack reeking of vomit was placed over his head and the van set off.

He had now idea how long the journey lasted, but on arrival he was taken to another cell, the cuffs and hood were removed, Still naked, Matt was finger printed, blood and saliva samples were taken and finally he was photographed from the front back and both sides.

The boy was guided to a basement cell and locked up. He was too cold and too afraid to sleep. Later, much later 3 officers came.

"OK Kid- this where you start to learn what deprivation and hardship really mean"

Matt was taken along the corridor to another cell it looked a cameo from history inside was a large bench and yet another officer holding a birch. Struggling had no effect, but he mad a valiant effort, the boy was bent over the bench and strapped down

"Criminal Damage , riot and affray has a seriousness indicator of 10, as you are nearly eighteen that means you will get 180 strokes of thebirch"

Matt squirmed and protested, there was a mistake they couldn't do this, his father was a government minister. But all to no avail

"Shut up kid your an anarchist even if your father was a minister he'd disown you"

The birch began to crash into his buttocks. The officer was an expert, Matts buttocks and thighs were rendered raw, and the lad began to roar with pain. One of the officers was counting the strokes and had reached the figure52, the birch officer was about to redirect his attentions to the crack between Matts cheeks when events took an unexpected turn- Matts bowels and bladder relaxed and the boy both crapped and peed himself. The punishment stopped immediately. Matt was freed from his bonds and returned to his cell.

There was however, no release. The officers returned with an assortment of jugs of water, tubes and funnels. Matt who was in exquisite pain was turned onto his leftside and without regard to the soreness of his arse an enema tube was deftly inserted into his rectum. For 30 minutes the soapy water was poured into hiom, then quite abruptly the tube was pulled out and Matt was taken to a lavatory. The fluid gushed from him infact he really did feel as if the world fell from his bottom, He was allowed to clean and then taken back to his cell and allowed to sleep. Later ( who knows how much) the cycle was repeated , Matt was taken to the flogging cell, bent over the trestle and the missing 8 strokes were applied, swiftly augmented by a further 60.Back in his cell Matts was released from the handcuffs and given 30 minsto drink 2litres of water and eat half a loaf of bread. He wasn't hungry but was too afraid to decline the offering. The officers returned, refitted the hand cuffs and left the boy handcuffed to a ring in the wall. The cell was wholly devoid of hint about time of day/ passage of time etc and Matt was very scared ( and sore),

Later, much later they came for him again and he was returned to the birching block. This time there was a new tormentor , wrongly Matt thought he looked to be more lenient, in fact he was just less experienced. The first 10-15 lashes were ( sort of ) all right they hurt but it was bearable, but the next 3 kissed the top of his legs exactly where the back of his thighs joined his backside that was bad indeed but the next 2 were worse, not only did they assault his crease but inpart they curled round his balls. Matt felt really sick and worried by now. The beating continued and Matt who had collapsed into uncontrollable sobbing had to be carried back to his cell. He sought comfort in sleep but failed to find either. When he heard the lock being turned he thought they'd come to beat him again, and dashed to the corner to curl up and hide. Strong arms grabbed him and pulled him to his feet. The handcuffs were reapplied but the walk was away from the birching room. Sticky tape was put over his eyes and mouth and he was guided into what he thought was another cell, but the door was tinny and when an engine started and the cell began to move he realised that it was a motor vehicle and probably a van. The motor crunched up a gravel drive then stopped Matt felt the cool air on his skin as the door was opened . Without ceremony he was pushed from the van and dumped on the ground, he heard the van drive off but did not know what to do.

He heard footsteps on the gravel, hands gripped him and tore off the tape, Matt blinked in the early morning light and saw his father. The boy cried with joy and tried to tell his story. But there was no sympathy to be had.

" Come on lad- get dressed and I'll drive you to school- the headmaster wants to talk with you".

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