Orphanage Tales

by Please Sir

Stuart was 10 and his brother, Jimmy, was 8. They never knew their dad and had lived down the street from me with their mother for about 6 years. They weren't bad kids but they were wayward. One day their mum just left. She left a note saying she couldn't cope and was going away. Stuart had knocked on my door and showed me the note and things had gone on from there. I'd said I'd take them in and see how it went.

Obviously there were rules. I insisted on good behaviour, good manners and good schoolwork. The boys on their first day with me were taken into my study and lectured on the importance of all these things. They were told that they could if they wished go into care or they could stay with me. They chose to stay. "Remember" I told them "misbehaviour will be punished, and punished severely".

The first week went by without a problem. The boys were trying hard at school and although their work was poor, having never had support from a proper parent, I could tell they were making the effort.

On the Wednesday of the second week however I was met by the housekeeper, Miss Bullock, who cleaned and cooked for the boys an I. She told me the boys had been late home from school that day. I thanked her and decided I would find out why during the evening meal. The boys were unaware of their coming interrogation as they sat down to their tea. Eventually I spoke.

"Stand up Stuart"

The boy rose to his feet and looked at me in a puzzled, but mildly fearful manner.

"Why were you late home from school today ?"

"Umm, I stayed behind Dad". Both boys had decided to call me dad when they came to stay with me.

"Stayed behind ? Why?" I demanded.

Stuart shuffled uneasily and looked at the floor. I demanded he looked me in the eye and I askeds again why he had stayed behind. Again he shuffled and I noticed tears were beginning to well up in his eyes.

"Stand up James", I ordered his younger sibling. "Did you stay behind too?.

"Yes Dad"

I was beginning to show signs of anger and, after a brief pause, demanded to know "were you kept in detention ? I demand you tell me NOW !"

After the briefest of pauses Stuart blurted out "Sorry dad, we had to stay behind because we had to pick up litter".

Eventually I got out of them that they had kicked over a waste bin in the school grounds and had been given a detention to clear it all up after school.

Both boys were now stood rigid. They feared the consequences of their first venture into disobedience as my responsibility. It was time for me to make them aware of the coming consequences.

"Do you remember when you first came here I warned you of the consequences if you misbehaved?" Both boys nodded. "After you have washed and dried the dinner plates you will both report to my study".

Without another word I stood and went immediately to the study and withdrew a 3 foot bamboo canefrom the cupboard behind my desk. I placed it on the desk so the boys would see it when they entered. After about 20 minutes, the boys taking much longer than usual to complete their kitchen chores, a timid knock was heard on the door.

"Come In" I boomed trying to sound threatening.

Stuart and James approached the desk, eyes fixed on the cane placed prominently on it.

" I warned you what would happen if you misbehaved. Can either of you give me a reason why I should not carry out my threat and give you both a severe beating.?"

Neither boy spoke but James was sobbing quietly and Stuart, although trying to be brave for his brother, was sniffing.

"Clearly your silence tells me you have no excuse for your misbehaviour. I intend to teach you both a lesson you will remember for a long time. Stuart you will be first. Strip down to your underpants. "

Stuart tearfully began removing his clothing, first socks, then t-shirt, then white soccer shorts. He stood tearfully in front of the desk clad only in light blue briefs which were a little too small for him. I had not got round to buying new clothes for them although their mother had obviously been unable to afford to keep up with the growth of her sons. I stood, picked up the cane, flexed it twice and moved to where the boy was standing.

"Bend over, touch your toes" I ordered. The boy obeyed and I slipped my hand into the elastic of the tight briefs and lowered them to his knees. "You are going to receive 12 strokes, you will not put your hand across your bottom and you will not get up until I instruct you to. If you do any of these things while I am beating you the punishment will start again at number one, do you understand".

Stuart sniffled his agreement. I asked James if he too understood as his turn was to come and he sobbed that he understood. I turned my attention to the backside presented to me, flexed the cane once more, and began to administer the dozen promised strokes. Stuart cried out loudly but, fearful of an increased punishment, stayed in position until I had finshed and told him to rise.

"Have you learnt your lesson boy?"

"Yes dad", he managed to say through the tears.

"Very well, without pulling up your pants go and stand in the corner with your face to the wall. James it's your turn now, strip to your underpants."

James took off his socks the his white t-shirt and finally with hands now trembling badly he removed his light blue shorts. Like his brother his briefs were too tightly fitting, the only difference being they were yellow.

"You are younger than Stuart so you will only receive 10 strokes, but the same rules apply to staying still. So if you only want 10 do not get up or put your hand across your backside until I have finished. Bend over and touch your toes".

Once again I flexed the cane before beginning the whipping and then commenced the beating. James made more noise than his brother but, in spite of one severe warning from me at the seventh stroke, when his hand had almost flashed to rub his backside, he stayed in position until I ordered him to the corner to join his brother.

I left the study to watch some television and returned after about an hour. I had ordered the boys to remain totally silent during my absence, I had said the only sound they could make was crying, absolutely no conversation. I had no fears after the beating they had just received that they would disobey me. On returning I sat at the desk and ordered the boys to turn around.

"Without pulling up your pants come to stand in front of the desk."

Both boys shuffled to the desk and stood in fron of me. I ordered them to stand to attention and they both stood rigidly, briefs around their ankles.

"Have you both learned your lesson today?" I enquired.

Both boys nodded and I ordered them to pick up their clothing and go to bed. As they turned and left my study I felt in my mind that the cane would be featuring prominently in the upbringing of these children while they were living with me.

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