Tim Part 1 - the Bell Wire Whip

by Johnny Rio <Johnny@nystar.com>

This is about a rather unfornate act which Tim committed when he was only 11 years old. If you are looking for a _s_e_x_ story, or a story about a mild spanking, you can skip this one.

Ever since Tim was about 7 or 8 years old he had an obsession with whips and whipping. This was not because his own parents whipped him. In fact, it was most likely the opposite. Most of his friends would occassionally be whipped with a belt or something like that, whereas Tim's parents would only give him the mildest of spankings.

Tim would make homemade whips out of whatever materials were available and would try them out on himself. The whip in this story is made out of flexible bell wire, which is about the thickness of spaghetti, but having metal inside it, is much harder. The whip was 22" long. It had six tails, each of which was made of three stands of bell wire braided together. The tails were 14" long, and the handle, made of all the strands twisted together, was 8" long. This whip could and would draw blood, so if that disturbs you, you might as well stop reading here.

Tim was generally not considered a bully by those who knew him, though I suppose that by any objective standards, he was. He was much stronger than most of the kids his age, and many of their big brothers as well. He had started when he was 8, lifting tiny dumbells for hours at a time, and working up to adult sized dumbells. Later, in high school he would come in second in the state-wide wrestling championships, and he would eventually become one of the strongest men in Louisianna.

He was not considered a bully because of his kindly and affectionate nature. He would never punch or even slap another boy in play, knowing that that the softest of his punches were too hard for them. But when he had reason, punches would come fast and decisively. His sadistic rituals would be isolated from his other behavior, and his objective in his rituals was always to inflict pain rather than to humilate or frighten, which the other boys seemed to find acceptable to some degree, though he certainly could be frightening at times.

The whipping in question takes place on a hot weekday morning during summer vacation when there were no parents in sight. He had given other boys spankings before, but this would be his first whipping. He chose Sean, not because Sean was a boy he disliked, but because he liked Sean very much and knew he would understand.

Tim was going to take Sean to this abandoned farm house. The whip was in his backpack, along with some other items. Sean knew nothing about the whip, but was a little apprehensive knowing about Tim's sadistic tendencies, but he knew that Tim wouldn't take no for an answer, and he wasn't expecting anything too bad.

When they finally got there and when in side, Tim said, "This is what I want to show you".

Sean was horrified as soon as he saw the whip. He considered running away, but realized that he would have very little chance of getting away from Tim. As if to emphasize the point, Tim's strong hand was around Sean's slender wrist. Tim said, "Don't worry, it will be all right. Just be brave, okay?"

Then, "I'll let you whip me first, you can whip me as hard as you want". As if to reassure the boy, he handed him the whip and started getting undressed pulling off his shirt. Sean had seen Tim's muscles before, but never ceased to be impressed by them or by the whiteness of his body.

Tim, not wanting to frighten the other boy, and trying to distract him from his upcoming ordeal said, "Here, you can feel my muscles if you like", and offered him a flexed bicep to squeeze. Though this was not Tim's intention it occurred to Sean that Tim's large muscles might give some indication of how hard the whipping would be. Tim quickly untied and removed his shoes, then, with one motion, his shorts and underware.

"Heres what we'll do. We'll take turns giving eachother sets of 6 lashes. Whoever screams first gets 12 extra lashes". Sean had no doubt who that someone would be. Meanwhile Tim said, "Go for it!" and he was leaning with his thick arms on this work bench and his ass sticking out.

Tim's ass was pale pink, and Sean could see the veins though the skin. Tim spread his legs and turned his toes in to make it stick out more. Sean considered finding something heavy to clobber Tim with and then run away. He realized that he probably couldn't knock Tim just with is fists, and that Tim wouldn't give him a chance to get anything else. "C'mon", Tim said, "I don't have all day". Though in fact he did. Sean takes a half-hearted swing at Tim's ass with the whip.

"No! Thats not what I want", Tim said, raising his voice. "Now you do it hard, or I am going to give you twice as many!" Tim didn't enjoy receiving pain, but the idea of exchanging whippings, albeit, with a smaller and weaker boy, fit well with his sense of fair play.

Sean realised that he would have to do his best. He put his left had on Tim's lower, reached up as high as he could and slashed the whip down as hard as he could on Tim's white ass. Blood flowed immediately, and Sean was scared. "You're bleeding!" He said.

"Never mind that! Harder next time and don't leave the other cheek out!"

Another cut. The wire whip didn't make the cracking sound of a real whip or a belt, but it certainly did cut. And it made a swishing sound almost like a cane.

"Harder, next time!"

Sean was starting to get angry and he started whipping Tim harder and harder. In his enthusiasm he went well past the 6. In fact he gave Tim more than twelve cuts in all. Blood was running down Tim's legs left and right. Tim turns around and gently grabs Sean. Sean is horrified for a second when he realizes that Tim might take revenge on him for giving too many cuts. But Tim is smiling. "My turn!" he says. Then he says, blood still running down his legs and getting on the floor. "You give a might fine whipping when you put your mind to it!" and he kisses Sean on the lips, as he was known to do.

"I'm sorry but I'm going to have to tie you up", Tim says. Sean is scared. He knows that he is not going to whip Tim again, and that he is going to get the 12 extra lashes. "Don't be scared, be brave!" Tim advises him. "Help me clear this stuff off this bench".

It takes them over half an hour to get all the stuff off the bench. Tim is not drawing the punishment out on purpose, as he will sometimes do later when he becomes more experienced. He just wants to get the bench clear to tie Sean up. Sean keeps trying to look at the bleeding welts on Tim's ass.

"Now take off all your clothes", Tim says. Tim watches Sean carefully as he undresses. Sean is more scared than he as ever been, or ever will be in his like, and rightfully so. Then he gently helps him up unto the old work bench. He takes clothesline and scissors from his backback and slowly and carefully ties Sean's arms and legs, while reminding him to be brave.

Tim thinks of what it would be like to hit Sean on the balls with the whip, but he realizes that he would not do that. This is the kind of whip that chews up flesh. He gently raises the middle of Sean's body from the large wooden table. "I'm just going to tuck your balls in so I don't hit them accidently", he says, and does so.

He then gently strokes Sean's ass. Sean's ass is the most beautiful thing in the world for him. Unfortunately this does not mean mercy to Tim, at least not yet. Sean has no tan lines. While Tim likes to be covered with clothing while outdoors, Sean likes to be naked, and he is all over his body. His ass is not muscular like Tim's, and it certainly isnt fat, but it has just enough of a muscle to make it a good ass to whip.

Tim swings the whip a few times to get aim. The whip hits Sean lightly during these practice strokes. Sean flinches at the pain, but doesn't cry out. Tim has to explain that the practice strokes dont count. Then Tim pulls back the homemade whip over his shoulder. And aiming for only one cheek (the left one), he strikes Sean's ass full force. Sean screams. Blood appears and starts to run down the side of Sean's ass. Sean is crying loudly, and screaming, "Please don't whip me anymore". Tim puts his hand on Sean's shoulder. Sean understands that Tim isn't going to stop.

The second blow is even harder. Specks of fresh blood fly off Sean's ass on to the bench and even on to Tim's naked stomach. Another scream. Tim does four more, faster, one right after the other, but harder each time. Sean keeps screaming and crying long after Tim is finished.

Tim says, "Okay I'm finished". I'm sorry I whipped you so hard. I'll make it up to you somehow". Sean can feel nothing but the pain in his ass. In fact, his ass will hurt intensely for several days, and the pain from the bruises will not be completely gone for more than 3 weeks. It will take several years before the scars fade to the point where they cannot be seen.

Tim has taken out some disinfectant and some cotton from his backpack, and he is gently cleaning Sean's wounds. Then he takes out some large no stick bandages and applies them to Sean's ass, using some tape that he brought with him. "You should put some ice on it until its better", Tim says. "Don't worry, I'm never going to do anything like that to you again". As Tim bandages Sean's ass, he still hasn't lost his interest in inflicting pain, but he feels that he has perhaps destroyed the beauty of that which he considers the most beautiful. He never uses the wire whip again. Sean somehow understands, and forgives him, and they remain friends. And Tim does make it up to Sean for having whipped him so badly. "Do you want me to bandage you?" Sean asks.

"No, I'll be okay. I just won't put my underware on because the blood will make it stick".

To be continuted when Tim is 14.

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