Spanked By Neighbor (True Accout)

by Spkatlanta <>

When I was 20, I rented a house in a college town (I was a student). Next door was a family with two teenage boys and a younger girl. They were nice people so I became a friend of the family. The father was also the care-taker for my house and others owned by the landlord.

I knew they believed in spanking because I could hear it being administered at times. I had not been spanked since I was very young and not often even then. The concept of spanking did interest me and I often thought of what it would be like to be spanked by the mother. Being straight, the idea of being spanked by the father never entered my mind. I could never tell who the main disciplinarian was from the sounds next door. I mostly heard some smacks and lots of crying.

Since Mr. Wilson, the father next door, did maintainance on my house, he had a key and could enter as needed to do repairs and such. He always knocked first though.

One day I was smoking pot when I heard a knock on the door. I was real stoned and decided to ignore it. I though it was a friend from school stopping by to kill time as he often did on Fridays before he went to work. To my surprise, the door was unlocked from outside and in walked Mr. Wilson.

I tried to hide the joint but it was useless. The smell was everywhere and strong. He went from his usual smiling self to furious instantly!

"What the HELL are you doing?!", he yelled.

"Just relaxing after a long week", I answered. "I can do what I want in my own home!", I said rather loudly.

"Not here you cant!", he yelled. "This house is owned by Mr. Jenson and if you get caught doing that crap, he could loose it! I have to tell him about this, its my job"

"What will he do? How does he feel about pot? Its not like its hard drugs", I said.

"He has no tolerance for that crap, neither do I. He will evict you. I am sorry but I could loose my job if he finds out I know and said nothing.

"Please dont tell him", I pleaded. "I promise I wont do it again."

"I wouldnt but how can I be certain you won't do it again? I cant just let you off that easy. I know what I would do if you were one of my boys. You'd never even think of doing that junk again."

"Please, anything, just dont tell him!"

"Well, let me think on it a bit. Right now, give me all that junk and I will flush it down the toilet"

"Okay", I responded. It killed me to turn over $100 worth of stuff to him but I nkew that was the first step in not being evicted.

He told me he would get back to me later that afternoon with his decision. I was despritly hoping he would show pity on me. Halfway through the semester is no time to try to find housing.

That afternoon was stressfull for me. I had no idea what would happen. I even tried to find another place to live but there was nothing in my price range near by. I could move in wiht roommates but I hated that. This small house was perfect in location and price for me.

Finally, at about 7 PM he knocked on the door. I answered it right away. He had a concerned look on his face.

"First", he said, "I really should inform the landlord. I really should. It is his property and has a right to know what goes on here. But, you are a friend of the family and practically a member. Because of this, I am giving you a choice."

I was excited, this meant I'd stay. I'll take any choice that allows me to stay.

"You can move out on your own, knowing that an eviction will happen. Or, you can stay but under my rules and you will be treated like one of the family if you break them."

"I'll stay", I blurted out. I was thinking that he would just come over more often to make certain I was not doing anything wrong. I might even have a curfew but I am not much of a partier anyway.

"Wait, let me explain what that means. When one of my kids get out of line, they get a spanking. That's what will happen to you, also."

I was shocked! He could not be serious. Spanking a 20 year old college student? I couldnt even answer him I was so shocked.

"Not what you expected?", he asked. "Well, think it over and let me know in the morning. If you do stay, you'll get your first one tomorrow for this pot thing." Then he turned and left.

I had no idea what to think. I was scared and curious. Would he do it? And would it be on my bare butt? Surely not, not the first time.

That night I could hardly sleep. All kinds of things ran through my head. How would he do it, how hard, how long, etc. One thing I did know, I had no choice but to stay.

When morning came around, I was scared! I was real scared when I heard a knock at the door. I knew it was Mr. Wilson.

"Well, what is your decision?", he asked right away.

"I want to stay", I responded timedly.

"Certain? You know what that means?"


"That is a surprise. I just knew you'd rather move. Wait here, I'll be right back", he said.

About 2 minutes later he returned with a paddle. It was made from a 1X4 and was about a foot long. This really made me scared! I had never been paddled. My parents usually used their hands or a belt.

"Now, lets go to your room", he said. I followed him in. "Pull your pants and underwear to your knees and bend over the bed."

I was shocked. Not only am I getting paddled for the first time, I never got spanked on my bare bottem. Reluctantly, I complied. I was SO embarrassed being exposed like that. It was some releif to bend over the bed to hide at least some of me.

"You're going to get 20 licks", he said. "I hope that is enough to make certain you dont do this again."

SMACK came the first one. The pain and shock was more than I expected. SMACK came another before I could even catch my breath. After 13, I thought I was going to die and I stood up to plead with him to stop.

"Please, I cant take anymore!", I cried. Yes, a full tears bawling like a kid cry.

"Get back over that bed!" He yelled. "Do that again and I will add 5 more"

I bent back over. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. I couldent stand it so I stood up again. I thought I would die!

"Thats 5 more", he yelled! "BEND OVER THAT BED"

Once more, I bent over. At 20 smacks, I stood up again. I thought certainly he would let me slide on the extra five. No chance.

"Thats it", he yelled. He then grabbed me by the arm, sat on the bed and pulled me over his lap. There I was a 20 yo college student with pants and underwear to my knees over another mans lap about to get the five extra, so I thought.

"Now, we are going to start over. Your getting 25 more since I have to hold you down." Then he started to deliver the 25. He was fast and firm with them. Strangly, I felt like he really cared while I was being spanked. It wasnt _s_e_x_ual but rather comforting being over his lap being spanked.

I struggled some but to no avail. He held me down.

When he was done, He let me up. I pulled up my pants quickly, and painfully!

"Now, I hope we dont have to do this again", he said then left.

I vowed to not have to but I did get spanked 3 more times and once with a friend visiting. That was really embarrassing!

I sometimes long for that firm fatherly style discipline. I may oneday find that father figure that will spank this straight male and want nothing in return but the satisfaction of delivering well deserved discipline.

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