The Personal Ad - Part 2

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"The Personal Ad Part 2 By Reb Drafter69@earthlink. net

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I never considered I would actually be spanked when I placed the personal ad in the spanking website.

"Male, 57, 6', 230 lbs in desperate need of spankings that some would consider severe. I have done some terrible things in my life and need to be punished. All limits are set by the spanker as are the choice of spanking implements. Would prefer a spanker under 30 but it is not necessary. Buffalo, NY 847-24XX"

I had done it on a whim. The idea of being spanked turned me on, but at my age I had doubted that anyone would ever respond but here I was facing a weekly spanking from a 19 year old boy with red hair and the ability to reduce me to a sobbing little boy in just a few minutes.

Jason had responded to my ad and after a very hard spanking with my trusty wooden hairbrush last week, had set up a schedule of spankings for every Thursday at 7:00 PM.

During the days that followed my first spanking, I battled with questions for which I could not find any answers. Why did I feel this need to be punished? Why was it important for the spanker to be younger? Why had I slept so peaceably after the last spanking? As the days passed I thought about the questions but never found any answers that explained my need to surrender myself to a boy for his punishment.

Wednesday evening I spent tossing and turning. I was frightened by the spanking that was coming in just a few hours but I was also strangely excited. The pain would be there but what concerned me the most was that I would not be in control. I especially hated the crying in front others. Real men didn't cry like I had last week. All my life I had always been in control of my life and the idea that a 19 year old boy was taking some of that away from me both scared and excited me. Was that what this was all about?

The alarm jolted me when it finally rang at 6 AM. This was it..............Thursday! Spanking day!

With a smile I questioned, "what the hell I had gotten my self into?"

The day dragged at a snails pace until finally at 4:30 PM I started for home. Max (my cat) met me just inside the door and as usual demanded to be showered with attention. After petting and feeding her, fixed myself a light supper and settled down to wait for 7:00 PM.

I had dozed off in the chair and when the doorbell startled me. Was it already 7:00 PM? There was Jason standing at my door. He looked even younger than I remembered and for a moment I chuckled as I recalled checking his student ID Card to be sure he was really 19 years old. His hair had been cut even shorter than last week. He looked like he was going for a military look.

Removing his coat he told me to be seated so we could talk. After spending almost a hour we had talked mostly about myself and my attitudes toward my life.

Jason surprised me when he asked, "have you always needed to be in control of everything?"

"What do you mean?" I responded.

There was a sudden change in his voice as he said, "don't play games with me Ron. From the various things you have talked about it is obvious that you always set things up so you'll be in complete control. Now answer me, have you always needed to be in control?"

This boy had cut right through all my verbal games and it sent a chill through me that caught me off guard.

As I lowered my head I softly replied, "Yes Sir!" I think this confession bothered me because I knew it was true. Did I always maneuver things so I would be in control?

"Stand up and remove all of your clothing!"

The idea of being nude in front of this boy really bothered me. Over the past few years I had put on too much weight and now I suddenly felt very self-conscious about my body. I hesitated for a minute until he said, "If I have to tell you again you will be punished extra for your disobedience. Is that clear!"

Quickly I removed my clothes and threw them in a pile on the couch. Standing nude I felt very vulnerable, a bit confused and lost in thought. A sharp slap on my upper thigh jolted me back to attention.

"Do you always throw your clothes around?"

"No Sir.........."

"Fold them neatly!" It was not a request..............

Once the clothes were folded he had me stand directly in front of him. Instinctually I started to put my hands in front of my genitals and was quick instructed to interlock my fingers on top of my head and to leave them there.

"Ron, there is no question that you are spoiled rotten. You maneuver your life so you will always be in control. From the things you have told me I suspect that you also maneuver people so you'll always be in control."

"That's not.......................................... "

A rapid set of stinging slaps on the back of my upper right leg stopped me from finishing my objection.

"You are not in charge of this conversation! There is NO conversation! Simply stand and listen to what you are being told! Is that clear?"

"Yes Sir."

"Now, as I was saying, from what I can see you are a living your life as a spoiled adult who is busy acting like a child. " He continued for several minutes lecturing me and then it happened; I started to get an erection. Oh _s_h_i_t_, why now? Almost as if instinct took over I lowered my hands to cover myself and in cat like fashion Jason was on his feet. His hands taking me by both ears he pushed his face to within a few inches of mine.

"What were you told? Were you told to put your hands on your head? Are you capable of obeying anything you're told?" His questions were coming so fast I could not answer.

Letting go of one of ears he dragged me like a little boy across the living room, up the stairs and into the bedroom and directly into the corner where I placed without ceremony.

"Don't move an inch!"

By this time I was acting on instinct and my instinct told me to do as I had been told. I had tried to take control of the situation downstairs and deep down I knew it would cost me dearly. Why had I pushed him on purpose?

Within seconds Jason returned to the room carrying both the hairbrush and a 15" maple paddle from my workshop which was dotted with air holes to increase the sting.

"Come here!"

I turned and slowly walked toward him knowing what was coming.

Without ceremony or further comment he pulled me over his left leg and again placed his right leg over my ankles. This was the same position he used last week but what happened next jolted me. He instructed me to place my arms outstretched and snapped handcuffs on my wrists.

"The last time I was here you struggled so much I found it hard to concentrate on your spanking. This time the handcuffs will keep your hands out of way."

"But you never....................."

Smack! The hairbrush landed squarely on the top of my right thigh just below the cheek. The sting shot through me and it was quickly followed by a steady stream that seem to concentrate mostly on the tops of my thighs. It didn't take long before I was trying to kick my legs and squirming to escape the reign of fire on my thighs.

For the next 15 minutes the hairbrush was used mostly on the very tops of my cheeks and the crease between the cheeks and thighs. It didn't take as long for me to return to the crying-like-a-baby stage as it had last week. All I could do is lay there and take this spanking from a very determined young man. Why was he only concentrating on those two areas?

Finally the spanking was over (at least I thought it was over) and I was again placed in front of him while being lectured with my hands still held by the handcuffs. Over and over I found myself promising to try harder in between the sobs and my runny nose until finally I was placed in the corner to think about the spanking I had just received as well as the session with the paddle that was coming..................................

"Oh God not more........" There is no way I can take anymore. I started to turn around to voice my objection and realized that Jason had anticipated my response and already had the paddle in his right hand. Before I had any time to response Jason pushed me to the bed and over the edge while he stood along side holding me with his left arm while he used the wooden paddle on the unspanked part of my cheeks.

The paddle cracked against my cheeks in a non-stop fashion until the cheeks of my butt were a deep reddish purple and covered with hundreds of small dime size blisters. "_d_a_m_n_ that paddle!" It had been designed with those holes to cause blisters but I had never realized how well it worked.

The rest of the spanking became a blur until I heard Jason tell me to stop acting like a baby and "stand up".

I was doing that famous two-step that I had seen others do after a severe spanking and now it was me hoping around like a idiot. Jason didn't give me any time to recover but simply reached over and removed the handcuffs warning me to place my hands on my head. This time there was hesitation on my part in doing what I had been told. I guess even I was not too old to learn.

"Ron, I am going to put you in the corner for the next one hour as a test of your willingness to do as you are told. While you are there I will be working on a paper that I have for school. When the hour is completed you will volunteer your backside for 24 more paddle swats. There will be 12 on each cheek. They will be very hard and if you do not do this voluntarily I will not return again. It's up to you! You have 1 hour to decide."

With that, Jason stood me in the corner and taking a small kitchen timer from his backpack he placed it on the mantle and set it for 60 minutes.

Since I could not see the timer I had no way of seeing how much time was left in the corner. At first I composed myself and then started to get bored. I had never realized how 60 minutes could feel like an eternity. I thought a lot about Jason and what he had said about my trying to control everything around me. I also wanted this whole spanking to end. Did I really want Jason to return again next week. Was he right? Did I want (need????) another spanking like this? Hell, I didn't look forward to sitting at my desk tomorrow.

Who was I fooling? It was true that I didn't want another spanking from Jason but deep down I already knew that it was exactly what I needed. 57 years old and I needed spankings!

"Ring" The timer startled me and I heard Jason ask, "What have you decided?"

A slight smile of approval crept across his face as I took the paddle from the bed and heard myself say, "Sir, I'm ready for the rest of my punishment."

"Bend over and place you hands on the bed. You will keep them there and you will do it on your own. Is that clear?"

My response was to assume the position he described and with a slight hesitation in my voice, "I'm ready Sir................................."

(to be continued in part 3)

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