Tad (The High-School Senior) Gets 2nd Phase of Humiliation From His Stepfather, Stan

by Tad <Chrisvirginia@hotmail.com>

I just finished cleaning out the garage -- stark naked with a continuing hard on, which i can't soften without touching it and my stepfather, stan, forbid that. 2 hours earlier i was in the living room washing the windows (everything now is naked -- i even have to be naked at the job stan got me with in friends's office).

in the living room, my buddies had just dropped by and stan explained that i would be unavailable for the rest of the summer. a little embarassed at watching me naked and being punished, obviously just whipped badly, and with a hard on that i couldn't touch, my 2 buddies were going to go. stan persuaded them to stay and join him for a cold drink while i continue to do the chores. nervously, they accepted.

suddenly, about a half hour later while i'm in the garage cleaning out my stepfather's crap that he's accumulated for the last 20 years, i hear stan and my 2 buddies laughing like hell. i could not imagine what could be so funny or why they would be so chummy and chatty.

this true story is making my life sick.

by the time i came inside to the living room to vacuum (the next item on my list), stan's daughters are back in the kitchen and obviously they can see me clearly though they too are not allowed to talk to me. my mother had said just 4 days earlier that i should not walk around the house without a shirt on -- now that we are living in a house with 2 female high-school seniors. yet they will be in the same house with me walking around naked and with that _d_a_m_n_ boner that is too embarassing for words. it won't soften on its own. my buddies keep looking and it, and surprisingly, laughing.

stan walked into the room and the 3 of them (stan and my 2 buddies) start chatting and laughing again. i couldn't believe this. i feel like crap -- the 2 guys who play football with me (i overhear stan tell them he's not sure whether he'll let me continue as captain of the team or even play on the team) now that the guys this morning have mentioned some of the antics i've participated in -- like referring two nights ago to my stepfather as a "stupid piece of _s_h_i_t_" who is not going to affect my life.

stan says sarcastically to the guys "i wonder if tad will be putting on his college application that his new guardian is called "stupid piece of _s_h_i_t_." i am falling apart yet if i slow down with the chores, stan will have me bend over for the paddle with everybody there.

the couple from next door was then at the door and stan invites them in. they sit down and start talking with stan and the guys. obviously stan had told them about my situation and advised them to observe me but not talk to me.

next thing, i hear stan say to the guys "well, let's get in the car fellows. we'll have lunch at the club and then go out on my boat this afternoon." can you believe this?

then stan walks over to me and says to the guys "i realize this will be HARD for tad" -- at the same moment he says HARD he takes his hand and lifts my hard prick up about an inch as if to display it.

"oh, tad before we leave, about the errand i just did while the guys were relaxing and you were finishing up in the garage. on the occasions that i allow you to wear anything, this is what it will be. you'll only be wearing these when i take you out to help me with errands and to wear to and front work." he reminds everyone that he will work naked in the office this summer.

he pulls out 2 tank top shirts and 1 pair of ultra-skimpy bikini swim trunks and 1 pair of loose fitting sweat shorts. the only thing i can wear on my feet are the horrible stupid looking sandals he bought me.

i tried on the bikini swim trunks that are 2 sizes too small. literally they are so tight and so small that you can see the hair around my prick at the top. stan says "given how little hair you have on that thing, i'm surprised." they all laugh. "anyway, it looks like i may have to shave your underarms and prick anyway. your legs and chest have almost none so getting you to look the age you're acting is not going to be a challenge." my prick is bulging ridiculously in the bikini swim trunks.

then he tells me to hurry up and try on the sweat shorts cause he made a reservation for lunch at the club for the guys and him and falk, the guy next door who just came with his wife. she's going to wait around til my mother gets home.

the sweat shorts are so large and loose that even though the erection shows loud and clear they slide down. you can see even more of my hair around the prick with these. the tank tops are skimpy, and stan says tough luck. "i'm not running a fashion show, stan. for the amount you'll be wearing them, it's no big deal."

he then orders me to do 100 jumping jacks for everybody. i said "I thought you had to leave so promptly." stan's face turned red. he takes off his belt, pulls me by the prick over to the sofa (a long hard prick) and orders me to lie face down with my arms extended high. he is hitting me so viciously with the belt and yelling more insults and comments like "if i have to keep you at home stripped naked until you're 18 and take away every activity and privilege and beat you black and blue every day, i'm going to wipe that smart aleck attitude off you."

around the 40th belting, i am pleading and crying like a fool. "Please, stan, stop, i'll do anything."

"you little _s_h_i_t_, you'll do anything i say whether i stop or not." he continues on. the black and blue marks, the welts, the redness on my butt, legs, and back thighs look like they'll never heal.

stan adds "when mr. walker (my boss beginning monday for the rest of the summer) sees this, he'll understand why you have to work naked there and why he has free rein to whip you, keep your prick hard, and if necessary, shave you. now get the hell up and start mopping the basement floor. when the guys and i get back, we'll inspect."

this is really happening. what do readers think?


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