Adam & Geoff Part 1

by Jcrl <>

This is a fictional story about a young boy, Adam, and his Swimming Instructor, Geoff. Adam was 14 years old and a well built young boy. He was one of the best swimmers on his team, and he knew it. Geoff was a strong, hard-nosed Swimming Instructor from Germany.

One day, near the end of practice, Geoff had given the Swimming Team some instructions for their next competition about a week from today. Erik, the Team Captain, took over the practice then as Geoff said he had some work to do in his office for the duration of the Swimming Practice.

"Adam Ross?? Adam Ross!! Please report to my office when the practice is over. We have some things to discuss. Do not shower or change." Geoff announced as his head peeked out of his office briefly and looked down upon the Swimming Team.

The rest of the young boys started snickering and laughing at Adam. Adam really had no idea what this was all about, but he knew that Geoff would not hesitate to spank Adam's butt if he felt it was necessary.

It was only a few minutes later, everyone else was already in the showers and Adam was drying himself off. He was a tall boy of about 5 feet, 10 inches and quite muscular. He had red hair and some freckles.

Adam wrapped his towel around his wet trunks, then walked upto Geoff's office. He knocked on the door. Geoff looked up from reading something on his desk and motioned for Adam to enter his office.

Adam opened the door and slowly walked in. He found himself an open chair beside Geoff's desk. He slowly sat himself down in the chair, still quite mystified as to the reason why he was called into his instructor's office.

"Mr Ross! I did not say you may sit!" Geoff growled. Adam jumped to his feet and stood at attention.

"Your record with this Swim Team is exemplary Mr. Ross. I am very pleased with your level of performance. And the Team Captain seems to think so too." Geoff rose from his chair and strode around the erect boy.

Geoff frowns, "But there have been many occasions when you have failed your Shave-Down and I want to know why Mr. Ross!" He stopped behind the boy and slowly picks up a large ruler.

Adam turns his head to look at his angry instructor and says nervously, "I just don't know why...." He paused a moment, then continued, "why its necessary to shave down THERE" He swallowed hard, seeing the ruler in Geoff's hand. He knew he was done for.

Angered by Adam's tone, Geoff said, "BECAUSE Mr. Ross, I want us to be the BEST!! Do you know what that means, Mr. Ross?? Shall I EXPLAIN that to you??"

Adam swallowed hard again, and felt his towel start to slip, "Sir, yes, sir.... I mean no sir, I know what the best means.... You just said that my record was exemplary."

As Adam's towel started to slip, he went to pick it back up, but the instructor held onto Adam's arm and shook his head saying, "Take your trunks off Mr. Ross!"

(To Be Continued)

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