Stepfather Decides to Put His Big-Shot Senior in His Place

by Tad <>

My name is Tad. My mother and father always let me do what I want. I'm a senior in high school this coming fall. My father is off with his 2nd wife and I hardly ever see him. My mother just remarried. Though I never liked the guy, Stan, we've moved into his house and I figure I could tolerate him.

I am 6'3", blondish brown hair, blue eyes, 175 lb. According to what everyone says, I am seen as very handsome and very well built. My girlfriend is head of the cheerleaders, and Jenna is georgeous. I am captain of the football team, B+ student, was planning on applying to ivy-league schools. The guys I am friendly with are pretty athletic.

My world is suddenly changing since I found out what my stepfather, Stan, is really like. Now my life is a living nightmare.

Stan barged into my bedroom on Saturday morning (no knocking) and starts yelling at me for not doing the chores that he had assigned. He said his 2 daughters, who go to the same high school here in suburban Chicago and live in the house here, do their chores.

And he continues ranting and raving. I said "_f_u_c_k_ you."

Stan says "Tad, let me tell you something. This is my house and the changes I have decided on will take place immediately. And your mother has agreed to do it my way. So don't try and discuss this with her."

The miserable idiot continued, "Tad, if you think you're a big shot and you're not going to adhere to my rules and my new life for you, let me mention one thing. I have 2 term papers that you did (that I found in your desk) now locked in my safe deposit box. As you know, they are plagiarized. I will not I may, I WILL -- personally bring these to the school if there is any reluctance or back talk on your part."

"What the hell were you doing in my desk drawer?" I said.

"That's 2 bad words you've used. I am officially forbidding any more in my house. As for your desk drawer, this is my house and I'll go wherever I please, so don't even go there in conversation anymore. The reality is that you will be kicked out of the school if I report this, you will be lucky to get into one of the public schools, and you definitely will not get into the kind of college you want to go to -- if I follow through on this. I will report it if you -- from this moment on -- do not follow my instructions. You are my responsibility now. And although my rules are going to seem harsh, this is what is best."

"Please, Stan, let's work something out." I said kind of changing my tune.

"You call me Sir from now on. Do you understand? And i will not even wait until Monday to meet with your principal if there is one deviation from my instructions. You are lucky I don't feel totally compelled to report this anyway. Do you understand?"


"Not yeh, YES SIR."


"Get out of bed, brush your teeth and wash your face. Remove your underpants. And stand in the hall back to the wall. NOW." Stan said and was obviously not relenting.

"PLEASE, Stan -- I mean, Sir."

"One more stall and I really will follow through with the other plan."

I was in a daze as I walked into the bathroom and washed up and brushed my teeth. My mother wasn't even home and would not be home until much later. And he obviously was serious about my not discussing this with her. There I am -- now without my underpants, stark naked, standing in the hallway facing him. I'm thinking what a prick he is. And then I realize my prick is hanging out and his daughters could walk out of their room any minute.

"Number 1, Tad. You will remain naked until I give you permission to wear something. I will make a stop at the store today to get that something, which you will not be wearing any time this weekend. This weekend you will remain grounded in the house, naked at all times."

"Sir," I said pleadingly. "My friends are coming over in an hour."

"That's tough, Tad. I'm not making adjustments. You're going to have to earn your way to privileges."

"Please, sir, I --- "

"Tad, I'm sure they've seen you naked in the school showers. And I'm sure the girls [meaning his daughters] will be discreet about what they say to anyone."

"PLEASE . . . SIR I --"

"KEEP YOUR MOUTH CLOSED. YOUR modesty is not my problem."

"Here's the situation. Do not try and discuss it with me. Just DO IT. Any comments on your part will increase your punishment and your responsibilities." Stan, now confidently smiling -- with the look that one has when he's got somebody under a barrel.

Stan continued. "I've made a list of chores for you to do -- everything naked because you're staying that way until told otherwise. If you give me a list of plans you have, I'll call your girlfriend and anyone else to tell them your activities are cancelled until further notice. No phone calls -- in or out. Now first, inside your bedroom and get on your bed -- face down (after you get me the rope from the garage on the top shelf."

I am getting petrified. I've never been spanked in my life so I figure that's not part of his plan. This is getting scary.

At this point I'm just doing what he says. I laid down on my stomach. He order me to put my arms at the metal corners of the bed -- same for the feet. Each foot and each arm were tied to the bed.

I'm pleading like a child. "Stan, please, I'll do anything you say, please --- "

Stan says "Well you've got that right. You'll do anything I say, including closing your mouth. The door to my bedroom is open and both girls are now looking into the bedroom.

Stan took off his belt and mercilessly starts belting my butt and my back thighs nonstop for 20 minutes. I am yelping like a kid -- screaming for him to stop. Then he untied me and said to start my list of chores. Otherwise, instead of waiting until tonight to finish the spanking with his paddle -- with me bent over grasping my ankles -- in the living room, he would do it now.

Quickly I started cleaning the kitchen, emptying the trash, carrying the boxes from the basement to the 2nd floor. My butt was killing me and I could see from the hall mirror that I was incredibly marked up. The girls are passing me many times while moving about the house. No conversation.

The doorbell rang. _s_h_i_t_, I thought. Bob, Skip, and Danny are here. "Just tell them I've had a change of plans, I said to one of the girls. Tell them I won't be seeing them today."

"To the contrary," said Stan. "Invite them in and I will explain the situation -- everything except the cheating on the papers, of course." The boys looked stunned watching me naked, his penis now very erect and he's dusting the tables.

"We can come back another time," Danny said.

"No you're staying," Stan said authoritatively. "Tad, you continue with your chores and come into the living room in 5 minutes. I'll get the boys a cold drink in the meantime."

In five minutes, I awkwardly walked in.

Stan said "I've explained part of this to the boys. And I'll explain the rest to you and them together.

I couldn't believe this humiliation was going on.

Stan proceeded to explain that I would probably apply to the local dinky public college -- instead of something ivy league -- unless he (Stan) decided otherwise. Apparently my mother has put all the finances in Stan's hands.

Stan said that beginning Monday I would be working for the rest of the summer in a small office owned by a friend of Stan's. It's a 4 man office and Tad, he said, would be doing whatever odd jobs -- always naked -- that Stan's friend ordered him to. The money would go directly to Stan, who would put it into the proper account. For the rest of the summer, until further notice, Tad would be unavailable for any personal plans. He told the boys that they could come over any time as long as they realized that Tad would be naked while at home and going to bed at 8pm -- since he would be getting up at 5am to get the bus to his job.

I cannot believe he started talking further about my discipline. "For the next week," Stan continued, "Tad will be forbidden to jack off. This means he will be walking around the house a large amount of the time with a hard dick. At the end of next week on Saturday, I will expect you boys to come over at the same time. I will be shooting his load right here in the living room. I have invited some teachers from the school and the football coach to emphasize the discipline that is taking place. And this way I can enlist their cooperation to follow through."

"That will be Tad's jackoff for the road, so to speak." Once he has dried off the cum next Saturday, I will insert his chastity belt and put the key in my safe deposit box. The day before school starts, I will remove the chastity belt with the understanding that if he wants to shoot his load, he will come to me -- naked -- and ask me politely to do so." Stan continued as if he were giving a homework assignment. He's enjoying this enough that he was smiling throughout the talk.

"One more thing, Tad." STan annoying continued. "If there is any disobedience either here or at the office, then I (or Mr. Walker, your boss at the office) will send you to the shower, where you will come out wet and skip the towel and skip drying off. Starting with your underarm hair, you will be shaved. Frankly, there isn't that much hair on your body, but instead of looking like a teenager, your body will look the age I feel you're acting. Mr. Walker and I are very thorough. Between the electric shaver, the Mach-3 safety blade, and the sheering scissors which are particular good for starting on the hair around your prick and balls, there will not be any hair left. Since it takes about 4 months, i understand -- sometimes longer -- to grow it back (if i decide to allow you to grow it back rather than get a weekly shaving), your sessions in the gym shower are going to be embarassing. it's one thing when the boys see you whacked, black and blue, with red marks ass and back thighs -- since you will be getting a minimum of one friday night spanking per week. But the hair is something even the most discreet high school boys are going to gab about around school."

I realized that my saying anything just made things worse.

"Now come over here and stand in front of me with your hands folded on top of your head."

Stan massaged my dick just enough to get it into a long hard erection. Then he said "Back to work. I think the next chore on your list is washing the living room windows. You get started and I'll get the boys a refill so we can chat a bit." Stan was really enjoying this.

And he made it very clear that I would still be doing chores plus joining them for dinner naked -- along with the next door neighbors (including their 10 year old son and 16 year old daughter) and two other couples -- all of whom know my girlfriend, who Stan is going to call to explain my new situation.

Other than this time that Stan gives me on the computer (where I share my humiliation to you readers), my breaks are spent -- by his orders -- lying on the floor in the hallway with my legs spread and my arms stretched above my head. Stan is keeping my dick hard -- with the understanding that if I so much as touch it -- the new paddle (the big one) will be used after he ties me up.

All my mind can comprehend is getting my load shot. And it's going to be a full week before Stan does that. Then the chastity belt will stay on until school starts.

The only begging I do is asking Stan to shoot my load. Stan laughs each time I ask. The last time, he said "You earn it and when the time comes, I'll jiggle your little dick. Meanwhile, I told you not to keep asking. I know it's only 7:30 but get into bed, lie on your back, and I'll be in in 5 minutes to massage your dick into a hard erection. I know that's the opposite of what you wanted but I'm trying to get the point across to you metaphorically -- through your dick -- that you can't have everything you want. In fact, you can't have anything you want without going through me. Get going!"

My only communication lines are writing you this disgusting but true story. I had heard of stepfathers who smugly and sadistically do this kind of thing. I never believed it could happen to me. MMSA Stories readers, what can I do?


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