Dennis and a Full Moon

by Tom C

I live in comfortable neighborhood. Middle income white collar workers. I have a 3 bedrrom house all to myself, and get along very well with my neighbors. My best friend was woman I went to High School with. Mary was not as lucky. She raised a son and daughter alone after her husband abandoned her . Dennis, now 16 and Pam, 13 had to fend for themselves while their mom worked. Mary was quite the liberal mom: time outs, extra chores, not TV, etc was the way she disciplined her children. Many times they came to my home and misbehaved. Mary would "time out" the two, but the peace never lasted long. I kept my mouth shut, but thought to myself those children need firmer guidance. Especially Dennis. People today don't want to admit it anymore, but boys (anyway) need strong role models and active discipline.

Mary called me on evening, she had an opportunity to go to a seminar for three weeks in Massachusettes that would bring her a promotion. I was thrilled for her. She had one problem: while her sister would gladly watch Pam, having Dennis was out of the question. Mary asked if I he could stay with me. There is nothing I wouldn't do for Mary...but Dennis for three Mary asked me why 'is he so bad?'. I replied: "yes". 'What would it take for you to agree?' Mary asked. "Permission to discipline him the way I see fit", I responded. mary wanted to know what that meant. I explained simply: "a good old fashioned spanking". Mary laughed and said: 'get out of the dark ages'. I responded: "my way or no way". Mary chose to think about it.

The next evening Mary called and said : 'I'll agree that if he needs a few swats it's ok, but nothing more', my answer: "no compromise". Finally Mary said: 'OK, maybe it'll do some good'

That Friday night Dennis was brought to my home. As Mary was preparing to leave, I asked: "have you informed him of the house rules?" Mary looked at me and said: 'no'. I looked at Mary and said gently: "do so now, or take him with you". She asked me if it were alright if she wrote down that I had permission to spank, but not to show it to him unless it was necessary, I agreed.

So, there was this 16 year old punk. 5'7" his brown hair cut in a crew, light green eyes that were accentuated by his tanned olive skin. He was a wild kid, and had the scars on his face to prove it. He was also quite good looking. I was suprised to see rough and callased hands on someone so young, his fingers lead to chewed finger nails. He was full of piss and vinegar. I brought him to his room, he unpacked kicked up on the bed and turned on the TV. I invited him to feel at home and asked for lights out by 11:30.

The next day was uneventful. I did my thing, Dennis sunned himself at my screened in pool. We went through the first week with only a few hitches. On Saturday my neighbor invited Dennis to a pool party her teen girls were having. I asked Dennis, who was still in bed, if he wanted to go: "kewl" was his answer. he jumped out of bed and went for his bathing suit. He placed his thumbs on either side of the waist band and looked over his shoulder at me and said: "only girls get to see my butt". I left the room. I gave Dennis some soft drinks to bring along and a pool towel, and off he went clad in his yellow neon suit.

I could hear the party in full swing next door, and was glad for my peace and quiet. At 6:00p. m. Dennis returned; suntanned, looking warn out. 'Did you have a good time?', "yeah", he responded. He went to his room for a nap.

At 8:00 Dennis came out of his room, still wearing his bathing suit. I had mine on too, and asked him if he wanted to go swimming, he followed me out to the pool.

The night was very warm, the full moon lit my pool deck. Life was good. Then the phone rang. It was my neighbor, she could hardly speak: "I need to tell you something" 'what', I inquired, "well my oldest daughter just came to me and said that Dennis was trying to force himself on a few of the girls, when the refused, he called them some bad names". I was beside myself. I offered an apology, and said I would take care of Dennis.

I went outside where his majesty was enjoying the pool. I knew what I was going to do, but first I questioned him: 'did anything happen today that you want to tell me about?' He looked at me, I guess making the phone call connection, and said: "that bitch is lying". I ordered him out of the pool. Naturally, he refused, so I went in after him. I guess these punks think they are pretty strong, he struggled, tried to pull away, and resisted as much as possible. Once on deck, I took him by the arm over to the side, there I grabbed a plastic oar and began to swat his butt. He tried to get loose and yelled: "what the _f_u_c_k_ are you doin' man?" I didn't answer, I just continued to restrain him, and paddle. The plastic oar didn't do too much, and his struggling while wet made it easy for him to get away. I chased him around the pool, catching and loosing him. He was running and trying to look to see where I was, in doing that he ended up running into a chair. I got him. With deliberate force I held him in place while I sat down. I turned him toward me and ordered him to pull down his suit. "NO _f_u_c_k_IN WAY MAN". So, holding him with one hand I tugged at his suit with the other, but he had it tied snuggly. I reached to pull the cord out to untie it, he pulled back bending toward me to move his middle away, I just stayed steady and on course. I grabbed one cord and pulled, the knot was undone. I took the waistband and shook it to get some slack. He looked at me and said: "". I had a heart. If I were to spank him outside..well, it wouldn't be good. I gave him a solid swat over his bathing suit and sent him inside. I followed soon after. I went to my room, which was next to his, and I could hear him laughing and saying what a schmuck. I proceeded to the bathroom where i took a fresh cake of soap. I walked into his room. There he was ready to remove his bathing suit. He was standing in the same place he was earlier that day. He looked over his shoulder at me. I went at him quickly. I took the desk chair sat in it and pulled him over my knee. His legs flew up. I didn't give him a chance to talk. 'So, I'm a schmuck' I said. Holding him down with my right arm I slipped the soap into his mouth and directed him to chew. He fell off my knee and tried to run. I grabbed him and pulled him back. He fell off again. This time running outside. I grabbed the soap and went after him. I caught him much the same way as before pulling him over my knee. He kept his teeth clenched making it impossible to put the soap in his mouth. So, I spanked his covered butt to distract him. He yelled: "OW". I got the soap in and ordered him to chew; he spit it out. I decided to get to the heart of the matter. I began to pull his bathing suit down, he pleaded: " I proceeded anyway, The moon gave just enough light to reveal his tender smooth butt. The contasting tan lines and firm shape was a sight to behold. He tried to put his feet on the ground to stand. This lifted his bottom up higher and giving full view. I had a firm grip on him, he wasn't going anywhere. I began spanking him. He started cursing at me. I reached down for the soap and pushed it into his mouth. I continued the spanking. While enjoying watching his bare butt quiver I remarked: 'I bet you won't even want girls to see your butt now'. With that there was a loud collective laugh from next door. The girls were outside and listening. Dennis heard this too. He began to cry...very softly. He was limp with shame. I decided to continue the spanking inside. I stood him up, pulled up his suit and marched him inside. He came along with no struggle. The soap still in his mouth. Once in his room, I closed the door and the blinds. Once more I took him over my knee, pulled down his bathing suit and spanked him. I couldn't help but notice this in the mirror, especially the bar of soap in his mouth. I decided to remove the soap, then continued the spanking. He was crying, sobbing and telling me how sorry he was. I felt he learned his lessen. I helped him to his feet.

A little later I showed him his mom's letter. He read it and said: "are you going to tell my mom?" I answered: 'yes'. He lowered his eyes and walked away. The rest of his stay was not perfect. I had to spank him 3 more times; I think he knew he finally had the bond he needed.

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