The Club (Arriving And Red Grid Caning)

by Nalgadas <>

Martin studied in the Escuela Interna del Bosque. It was a boarding school in the middle of the woods. It was a very fine school, with very good teachers, and you could always be breathing the tree's aroma.

Martin was new in that school, he went there after his parents got divorced. He liked that school a lot because he could think about any other stuff and forget about the divorce.

Classes started in september but he arrived there earlier to know the school and to meet some of the school mates. He met a kid named Pete he was 15 years old, just like martin. He was blonde with with brown eyes, a very smart boy. Pete showed the school to Martin, the tennis courts, the locker rooms, the dorms, and all the facilities of the school. Martin saw a little house far away and asked Pete:

Pete, what's that little house And Pete turned to see Martin with a surprised face. Oh, nothing I think it's like a storage house or something.

Coul'd we go there? MMMHH, no we should better get going becuase it's almost 2:30 and we better be in the dining room on time. All right, let's go

The went to the dining room and there was Mr. Jones, the Principal, with all the directives. There were also some students, but not many because they were all in holidays with their family.

After the meal they went to rest to their rooms, and Pete explained Martin, how the school worked, the student and he also tell him about the club.

The club was a group of kids that did homework together, played together, etc. But Pete didn't tell Martin that inside the club there were some punishments.

That night they went and took a bath, Martin was a bit embarrassed but he didn't care because he was going to bath everyday in that bathroom with all the kids. When they were bathing, Martin saw some red lines in the butts of Pete.

And he told Pete.

Pete, What happened to you in your bottom MMMHHH, MMMh, lllast week I went to see my father and he hit me with a stick, because of my grades. OH, I didn't know, and It hurts Sometimes when I sit. And you have you ever been spanked or caned. He asked to know If he was going to take well the spanking in the club No, Never. - He lied, he didn't know Pete as well to tell him about his obsession about spanking Really????? Maybe when I was little my parents spanked me but I don't remember Oh, Ok

Martin had an obsession about spanking. Because when he was about 7 years old, he played games with his female cousin about spanking. One day Monica, his cousin, stayed in Martin's house while his parents where working. And they took turns, first Pete was over Monica's knees and she spanked him until she was tired and then, the other way around. They did it about 1hr 30mins they had the arm very tired, but when they turn around to see their buttocks in the mirror the see a dark red bottom, and when they touched it it was so hot. But none of them cried in the spanking, in fact, the giggled all the time. After that Martin had this obsession, even when she was not with him, he would spanked himself until his butt turned very red.

They went to bed and noticed that they were roommates.

And when they were almost at sleep, Martin asked to Pete.

Pete, Do you like being spanked? What??? Being spanked? Yes Pete knew perfectly that Martin liked something about spanking, so he said Well, when a grown up spanks or canes me I hate it And if a boy spanks or canes you??? Yes I like it Me too, In fact when I was little I used to play spanking games with a Cousin. Have you ever been caned.? No, It must hurt a lot. Well sometimes, and depends on your mood.... Would you like to feel some caning MMMMMMHHHH, no welll maybe Come on, only two strikes Allright

Pete turn on the lights, he went to a drawer in the side of the room, and took out 2 canes. One about 1/2 meter long and about 1 cm of diameter. And the other was the same lenght but thinner.

OK, Martin Choose one But can I cane you after you cane me OK, but the same number of strokes All right, give me in one butt two whackings with the thin one and in the other 2 with the big one. OK, put your pants down

Martin put his pants down and then his boxers and lied on the bed. Pete took the big cane, and test it on the butt of Martin.

Are you ready?? Yes

Pete raised the cane up to the air and hit the buttock of Martin very well THWACK

OUCH, it hurts a bit


AAAHHHH, i've never felt this, It hurts but after that you feel warm and a very good feeling

Pete changed sticks and went to the other side. SWIIISH, WHIIIP

AAAHHH, the thin one hurts a lot more


Pete gave him a strong one thinking that it was the last one.

OUCH, AAAAAAHHHH. Would you give me some more???? What are you sure? Yes, please but first let me see the marks on the mirror

They had a body mirror in their room and he saw, in his right butt two lines very red and upraised and in the other two thin lines but redder. He was very aroused, he loved that. He had a boner.

Ok im ready, please switch me until you leave me all my bottom like a grid.

Ok, but you will not hit me, after all I have some lines All right just cane me until you get tired.

Pete put in a confortable position and got ready the big cane.


Pete just caned horizontally from the lower back to the thighs, and then vertically from left to right. He was surprised that Martin was not crying, he made some noises but only noises, no crying, no tears nothing.

When he finished, boths dicks were very hard.

When Martin got up he turned into the mirror and he saw really a red, upraised grid in his bottom. It was like if someone gave him a big hard spank with a tennis racket there where about fifty lines in total, they were all dark red and when they passed the hand across they could feel the pattern. It was lovely.

Pete asked Martin to turn and showed his butt to him, so he can jerk himself off. S o he did. And they both masturbate but obviously Martin came first, because he was so horny. And some minutes after Pete came. They were very happy. Then Martin rubbed some cream on his butt. And Pete said

Why are you rubbing that? So that tomorrow, my butt will be white and without any lines or anything. That can't be possible Yes it is, iv'e done it dozens of times

Well lets see tomorrow.

They went to sleep very, very quickly. And the next day. When they wake up Pete went to martin's bottom and touched it it was cold and without any mark or line, I dont know what it was that cream but it was "magical".

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