Mr. Trent, the English (Not Math) Teacher, Continues to Be Whipped By His Student Routinely

by Harley <>

Once I got Mr. Trent, my arrogant English teacher, clear about his instructions, I was amazed at how easy it was to just order him about.

Since Trent understood that I would report his affair with the student -- thus concluding his career as a teacher and his life as a citizen without a felony charge/prison term -- he never crossed me. From the first day I whipped him in his classroom after school hours (about a year ago), I never realized how much I would enjoy this routine.

Trent remained stripped naked at his apartment the entire weekend following his first whipping. I stopped by a few times, letting myself in with the key he had given me. For a miserable, sarcastic 38-year-old teacher (obviously vain about his body, considering how surprisingly in good shape he was), this lean -- and formerly confident -- man followed my instructions to the letter, petrified that I would expose his past behavior to all concerned.

"Harley, may I make a request without your taking off your belt and giving me an extra whipping?" Mr. Trent timidly asked.

"All right," I said in a disgusted tone.

Trent said, "Harley, I'm doing everything you said. I'll continue to do everything you say. Can I just ---?"

I interrupted, "Trent, I'll tell you what you can just do. Do you understand?"

"Yes," he replied. Now beginning next Friday, since you'll be wearing a chastity belt OR be under my supervision when without one, I will jack you off once per week -- if you have followed all my instructions and if you specifically request me after school on Fridays to shoot your load. Is that clear?"

"Yes, sir."

During the week after class each day, I told Trent that I would meet him in his classroom after the school day. Each day I locked the door to his classroom and had him strip naked. I took off his chastity belt after unlocking it with the key and slowly rubbed his dick into a long hard erection -- listening to his moaning sounds. Then the chastity belt went back on.

By Friday, Mr. Trent did not forget that if he wanted his load shot, he would have to verbally request it from me. That was a treat for me to hear him say ingratiatingly "Harley, will you come over today and shoot my load?"

I said, "Trent, we'll see. Meanwhile, on your way home from school today, buy some shaving cream, barber shears, and a safety razor."

"Wh-- Why, Harley?"

"Trent, do it -- and you're not helping your case by asking those types of questions? I'll be over at 7pm. At 6:30pm you take a shower, then without drying yourself off, just come out to your dining room and stand wet with your hands folded on your head and your legs spread 3 feet apart? Do you understand? I said in a monotone.

"Y- Y- Yes." he said trembling.

At 7pm when I walked into Trent's apartment, sure enough he was standing there sopping wet. After telling him to raise his arms above his head, I moved the dining room table and got on a chair and tied both his wrists to the chandelier. His dick was moderately hard once I took off the chastity belt. He looked panicky when I took the shaving utensils and shaving cream out of the bag. He knew from the previous week that by questioning me, it only resulted in extra whippings. The welt marks, black and blue spots on the back of his legs and thighs and on his butt were incredible.

At this point, I rubbed his _c_o_c_k_ into a good hard erection, went into the living room, and watched the evening news. I had a good view of this quite good-looking English teacher of mine just standing there -- obviously wondering whether his already marked body was going to become hairless, wondering what other students I might be bringing by his apartment, and whether he was going to have the privilege of having his load shot.

To be continued . . . .

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