Student Programmer - Bounced Check!

by Wedgie Man <>

I delivered the software to my client, and he was quite happy! Despite all the screwing around, Chris actually did a _d_a_m_n_ good job! Over a week had passed since I last saw Chris and if nothing else, I needed to return his boxers to him. Also, I figured I should let him know that my client was happy and that he did a good job. I was about to call him, when as fate would have it, the phone rang and it was Chris on the other end! We made small talk and I figured he called to ask about me returning the boxers. Imagine my surprise when Chris hemmed and hawed and finally said, "Um, Eric, there was a problem with the check you gave me!" "What," I practically screamed? He explained that he deposited the check the day after I gave it to him and that 2 days later his bank called to say the check was returned by my bank for insufficient funds! I told Chris I'd call him right back and I immediately called my bank. I got my branch manager on the phone and after a bit of digging, she said that the bank had made a mistake. Apparently their new scanners misread my check and they thought the check was for a lot more than it was! She said to tell the person I wrote it to to re-deposit the check and that she would reimburse me for all expenses incurred by both parties. I thanked her and called Chris back to apologize and explain the situation. I told Chris to re-deposit the check and that I would mail him a check for the service fees he incurred. "No offense, Eric," he said, "but it's rough for me to get to the bank and I really could use the money; would you mind paying it all in cash?" Considering the circumstances, I had no problem with that, so we agreed that I would come out to his house after work that day. "I'll bring your boxers also," I added, to which he replied, "kewl, I have your briefs and thong all washed for you also."

I left work early and arrived at Chris' house at 5:00. Chris answered the door and for the first time was fully dressed! I commented on his "formal" attire (jeans and a t-shirt) and he just laughed (I had on Levi Dockers and a golf shirt, tucked in). I gave him the cash and apologized profusely. I also gave him a bag with his boxers in it. Chris took the bag and the money and told me to come upstairs and he would give me my underwear back. I said that I could just wait downstairs, but he said he had something to show me anyway on his pc. I followed Chris upstairs. He offered me a soda, but I refused it, as I really wasn't thirsty and I wanted to get back home early. "What do you want to show me," I asked? "Nothing really," Chris admitted, "I wanted to talk to you." I asked what he wanted to talk about and Chris hemmed and hawed and finally said, "you know, Eric, the bounced check really caused me a lot of trouble." "I'm really sorry," I apologized again, "but it wasn't my fault, as you know." "Yeah, I know," he replied, "but it was embarrassing as hell because I wrote a check after I deposited yours and mine bounced and the check was to a friend, so he got charged a fee and now thinks I'm irresponsible!" Again, I apologized and reached into my pocket to pay Chris whatever the fees were for him and his buddy. "It's not about the money," Chris said, "but now I look bad!" Chris told me how much the fees were and I promptly paid him. I offered to write a letter to his bank and talk to his friend and he appreciated the offer. "I'm truly sorry for all of this Chris," I said humbly, "I don't know what else I can do at this point, but if there is, please tell me!"

A devilish grin came instantly to Chris' face and he said, "you know Eric, you really blistered my ass good the past two times when I _f_u_c_k_ed up! I think....." Before Chris even finished his sentence a wave of horror came over me because I knew what he was about to suggest! He continued, "....I think that because you _f_u_c_k_ed up here Eric that you deserve to get your ass spanked!" "Yeah, right," I said. "I'm serious," Chris replied, "it won't make up for what happened completely, but if I deserved to be spanked when I _f_u_c_k_ed up then you ought to get spanked when you _f_u_c_k_ up!" "Chris," I said, "I'm really sorry, but I didn't _f_u_c_k_ up the bank did and I'm not going to let you spank me!" (I said this even though my _c_o_c_k_ was starting to bulge in my white Jockey boxer briefs at the thought of getting spanked by this stud)! "Well, you don't have to let me spank you," Chris said, "but then I guess I'm going to have to call the placement office and tell them that you bounce checks!" I was astonished this little college kid was blackmailing me, and with my own tactics! "That's not fair Chris," I protested, "you know it wasn't my fault and I've done everything I can to make good!" "No less fair than when you were going to do it to me," he quipped! I knew I was sunk. There was no way I wanted to lay across this kid's knee and get spanked, but I couldn't let him brand me as a dead-beat either!

"Ok, Chris," I relented, "I guess fair is fair, so let's get this over with, but don't get any wild ideas I'm keeping my pants on!" Surprisingly, Chris didn't object; he nonchalantly grabbed the ping-pong paddle off his dresser, sat down on the edge of his bed and told me to lie across his lap. "No paddle, Chris," I protested. "Fine," he replied, "then you'll have to get spanked in your underwear." I knew I was beat, so I agreed to let him use the paddle. "Ok," I said, "use the paddle." I think Chris figured I'd be afraid of the paddle and would agree to take off my pants, because a look of disappointment came over his face. I laid across his lap and told him I was ready. Chris tugged on the waistband of my jeans and pulled the jeans tight across my ass. He let me lie there for what seemed an eternity and then, like the calm before the storm, the paddle came crashing into my jean-covered ass.... CRACK! I Jumped from the impact, which only brought more fury. Down came the paddle. SMACK....SMACK....SMACK! Chris really started laying into my ass. The jeans softened the blows a bit, but for sure, they stung! Chris laid into my ass with about 20 rapid-fire spanks. SPANK..SPANK..SPANK!! I started squirming on Chris' lap and my ass was starting to burn. "How much longer," I asked, "my ass is starting to hurt?" "Oh, I'll let you know when you've had enough," he replied, with a big-assed grin on his face. And with that said he came crashing down on my ass again....SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! He gave me about 30 more spanks and now my ass was on fire! "I think you have too much protection," Chris said, "I'll have to take care of that." Without saying another word, Chris un-tucked my shirt from my jeans, grabbed the waistband of my underwear, and yanked as hard as he could, giving me the wedgie of my life! My boxer briefs were crammed so far up my ass that I might as well have been wearing a g-string! "That's better," Chris said, and resumed the spanking. SPANK! SPANK! SPANK....SPANK! I was in real pain now. Here I was laying across a kid's lap who just a week ago was laying across mine. My ass was flaming, my boxer briefs were crammed up my ass and yet my _c_o_c_k_ was as hard as nails! I couldn't take much more and pleaded with Chris to stop, or at least just use his hand to finish up! "I'll switch to my hand," Chris said, "but then you have to take your pants off." I started to protest, but Chris simply said, "it's either lose the pants or I continue with the paddle!" Reluctantly, I agreed. I stood up and unbuttoned my jeans and started sliding them down. "Lose the shirt too," Chris commanded. I just took it in stride. I took off my shirt and finished taking off my jeans. Chris' eyes were focused on my still rock-hard _c_o_c_k_ and I instantly became embarrassed. "Looks like somebody is enjoying his spanking," Chris chuckled! I grinned sheepishly and said, "it's from the wedgie" and started to de-wedgie myself. "Leave the wedgie in place," Chris said.

I started to lay down across Chris' lap again, but he stopped me and stood up. "It's getting hot in these jeans with you laying across my lap," Chris said, "do you mind if I take my jeans off?" My ass hurt so much that I didn't care how he spanked me, as long as it was over soon! "No, I said," you might as well be comfortable! Chris took his shirt off to reveal his well-defined pecs again and slid his jeans off, revealing yet another pair of boxers. "Much better," Chris said, "ok, let's get on with it!" I laid back across his lap, _c_o_c_k_ straining against the front of my boxer briefs and a g-string up my ass! Chris plaid with my ass a bit and admired his handiwork and then resumed. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Chris picked up the tempo and spanked each cheek in succession. It didn't take long for my ass to glow red. With each crack, my ass got more and more sore, but my _c_o_c_k_ got harder and harder. One thing was for certain: I did not want to cum while getting spanked that would be way to embarrassing! Chris obviously had other ideas!

During the next 30 or so hand spanks, Chris started tugging on my boxer briefs as he spanked me. This caused even more pressure on my already-hard _c_o_c_k_ and caused me to gyrate on his lap! Chris kept up the pace and if he didn't stop soon I knew I would cum in my boxer briefs! "Chris," I said, "my ass is on fire; how much more?" "Just a little longer," he replied, "I want to make sure you've learned your lesson!" Chris then increased the tempo and increased the pressure on my balls by yanking my undies higher and higher! Then, he started running his finger up and down my crack in between spanks! I was doing all I could do to hold back the inevitable rush of cum out of my balls. "What are you doing," I asked. "Oh, just teasing you," he replied. I knew exactly what he was trying to do! Chris kept up the routine for about 5 more minutes, until my ass was so sore that tears started forming in my eyes! I was gyrating like crazy on his lap and begging him to stop. "Not much longer," he said, and then did something that blew my mind! Chris reached under me with one hand and grabbed my throbbing _c_o_c_k_ through the cotton. He then took his finger and started massaging my sphincter through the g-string! I was going crazy. Chris started stroking my _c_o_c_k_ and exerting more and more pressure on my asshole. In-between he would give me a hard spank or two. It took about 2 minutes and I could hold out no longer! My balls erupted a volcanic load of cum and filled my boxer briefs! Chris knew he had gotten me and continued stroking my _c_o_c_k_ to get every last drop!

Chris flipped me over on his lap and admired his handiwork. He then said, "I guess you really did enjoy the spanking!" It was no use trying to hide it the front of my boxer briefs were drenched! It was then that I noticed that Chris was rock hard also, as I could feel his _c_o_c_k_ pushing thru the cotton of his boxers and into my back! "Yeah, I guess we're even," I said. "Not exactly," Chris replied, with a sinister grin on his face. "What do you mean," I asked? "Well," he said, "this wasn't supposed to be pleasure for you, so I guess I'll have to spank you again now!" There was no way my ass could take another beating and I told him so. "I've got a better idea," he replied. He pushed me off his lap and pointed at the bulge in his boxers. "I think I should get some pleasure out of this," he said, "so if you don't want another spanking, then you'll have to suck my _c_o_c_k_!" I was mortified! Not only had I never done that before, I couldn't believe he was asking me to do that! I told him that I didn't think that I could do that. "It's either suck my _c_o_c_k_, take another spanking, or I call the placement office," he said! I knew it was futile to protest, so I told him to lay on the edge of his bed. I then slid his boxers off, revealing his rock-hard 7" _c_o_c_k_, already dripping pre-cum. I spread his legs and ran my tongue up and down the shaft of his _c_o_c_k_! He jumped in ecstasy. I ran my tongue along the inside of his legs and gently sucked on each of his smooth balls and then finally took his _c_o_c_k_ into my mouth! It was a weird feeling and he was leaking pre-cum into my mouth, which was very salty. I knew that the sooner I got this over with the better, so I grabbed his balls with one hand and slowly took more and more of his _c_o_c_k_ into my mouth. I built up a good rhythm and Chris just purred. After about 3 minutes, I knew Chris was about to cum, so I started to pull my mouth off his _c_o_c_k_. "No," Chris commanded, "I want you to swallow it!" I didn't really want to, but I knew arguing would be pointless! I picked up the pace and casually worked a finger into Chris ass as I sucked deeper and harder. Chris was now arching upwards and actively _f_u_c_k_ing my face as I finger-_f_u_c_k_ed his ass. Within minutes, Chris unloaded what seemed like gallons of hot, salty cum in my mouth. I couldn't keep it all in and it dripped down on the sides of my face! I sucked Chris dry and then went to the bathroom to wash up.

When I got out of the bathroom, Chris was still laying on his bed. He looked up at me and said, "that was awesome!" "Glad you liked it," I said, "now we're definitely even, right?" "Yeah," he said, "but I have a confession to make." "What's that," I asked? "I really didn't expect you to suck me off and I wouldn't have really called the placement office; I just wanted to see what you would do!" I actually figured that all along and said, "yeah, I know, but I figured I beat your ass good the last few weeks and I did cause you a lot of grief with the check!" Chris admitted that he was trying to get me to cum in my briefs just so he could plot the next phase! I told him I knew that too. "Since we're confessing," I said, "I might as well tell you that both times I spanked you I came in your boxers!" "I know," Chris said, "I felt it!" I was now a bit embarrassed, and my face flushed. "Don't sweat," Chris said, "you made me cum in mine twice and I would have today if I kept up the spanking much longer!" I smiled and felt better.

We both got dressed and said our goodbyes. I told Chris that I had some other projects coming up and he said he was looking forward to working with me again and hoped I _f_u_c_k_ed up again real soon! "Same here," I said, as I left for the drive home.

(To be continued....suggestions for the next chapter??)

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