Katman's Story

by Katman

My SPANKING Life After reading every ones stories, I feel that it is only fair for me to write mine, right now I am a BI married male 26 with kids, my wife knows my love of being spanked and I am very lucky to have a very open minded wife..... now here is my story chapter one

I have always known from a very young age that I like the spanking thing, I can remember at a age of 5 seeing a friend who was 7 being spanked, his dad had him stand on the coffee table, and raise his hands over his head, he then pulled off his shirt, then told him to put his arms down, my friend was already crying, I was watching wide eyed ,as his dad unbutton his pants and pulled them down, he placed a hand on his shoulder as he raised his legs and his dad pulled off his pants, my friend was standing there in his underwear, I still can see his butt sticking out of the snug white briefs, his dad placed his hand on his butt and asked him hand or paddle, then the pleading started trying to talk him out of the spanking he was going to give him, but it did no good, he swatted his sons butt hard with his hand, and said again hand or paddle, as my friend placed his hand on his butt he said the paddle. he then told him to get off the table and get it, as he was gone his dad told me if he chose the hand it was bare butt, paddle his underwear was allowed to stay on. oh I said, kinda hoping to see his bare butt spanked, but I did not want to push it, he came in and his dad told him to lay over the arm rest, and spread his legs, his butt stuck out nicely, and his dad stood beside him and placed his hand on his back, and raised the paddle and SWOOPS then SWAT it landed on his one cheeck, his legs kicked up and he started to relay cry, them more came and soon the room was filled with sounds of paddle hitting butt and boy cries, about 20 swats was placed on my friends but, his legs kept kicking up and down and crying then his dad stooped, he stood him up and started to talk to him softly, while rubbing his butt, I could see the redness coming through his briefs and then his dad stooped and told him he could go into his room but he was to stay in his underwear the rest of the night, and since I was still going to be there for about a hour or so till my parents got back I could go up, when I went up, my friend had his underwear down to his knees looking at his butt, I walked over to him and he was still crying, I looked at his butt and said wow was that red, he knotted, and I asked if I could touch it and he said yes, I still remember how hot it felt, I rubbed it all over, he said my cool hands felt good on it, and I rubbed for a long time, then he walked away and pulled his underwear back up, I asked him if he thought my butt got that red when I was spanked and he said probably, I was thinking in my mind that the next time I was spanked I was going to check, I thought it was cool looking. I was not really spanked alot, my stepdad was a talking type, but he would spank me as he saw fit, and it was funny, I never ever minded being spanked, ( I know some of you are saying yea right, no kid likes to be spanked) but I did, I did from a very young age, something about it, sure it hurt and I cried but the way it felt after it was done was great. I had to wait about a month till I got spanked, I did not try to do things to get spanked, so I had to wait till I messed up, and soon it was no more talking I was going to be spanked, my step dad stripped me this time naked, I was placed over his knee and he swatted me with his hand alot, not sure how many but it was a lot, he was done and told me to go to my room, I ran to the bathroom and turned around at the mirror, my butt was red, not as red as my friends butt but he had a paddle on him, I rubbed in, it was warm to touch, as I was rubbing it my stepdad came into the bathroom, he was worried that he spanked me to hard, he asked me if I did and I said no he said okay just checking because I ran to the bathroom. well that was when I was hooked on spanking, between the age of 6- 9 I pretty much saw a lot of friends spanked, I decided that I liked the bubble butt ALOT more then the flat ones, they seemed to bounce and get redder more then the flat ones. well that is chapter one, chapter 2 is going to be about a friend of mine when I was 10 that moved in he was a adult and I will tell you more about him later..........

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