Discipline Help Required

by Seanb <Sean_bradley@hotmail.com>

Dear Friends,

I am 17 years old and will be graduating from high school this coming June. I have been a pretty good kid, as I have been a B average student, been in many school activities, worked several volunteer jobs and am currently our high school's quarterback.

Since I've been about 13 years old, my parents have primarily used grounding as a means for punishment. I was spanked a few times, but mainly when I was younger.

I'm not very proud of my recent actions. I came in after curfew again (for the third time this month) and told my father that I had been helping a friend change a tire. The only problem is that he drove by a local convenience store and saw me smoking a cigarette with some friends. I don't really like to smoke, but I guess I thought it was okay to be one of the guys. So I've now committed three wrong doings....being late, breaking the rules about smoking, and worst of all lying to dad.

I expected to be grounded, again, but dad didn't do that. He said that he was incredibly disappointed in me, and that I had to design a fitting punishment. That's where I need your help.

Since I don't think he'll respect a decision to be grounded again, I'm thinking about asking him for corporal punishment. I asked him if this would be okay, and he said that I had to give him the exact details.

Am I too old for a spanking? If you think I am, how about a paddling?

I don't know how many swats to ask for, what position I should be in, and what I should be wearing. I also don't know what kind of implement he should use. I don't think dad should see me completely naked, so maybe I can at least wear my boxer shorts.

Let me know what you think, and tell me if I'm too old for this kind of punishment. I have three days to make my decision, and I want my dad to be proud of me. Even if it makes me suffer for a while.

Thanks, A very sorry Sean Wilmington, Delaware

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