Follow-Up to Discipline Help Required

by Seanb <>

Dear MMSA Stories Readers,

There have been many follow-up requests to find out what decision was made. I would post the suggestions given, but there were too many to post.

This weekend I had to endure a rather severe punishment. It started out with dad pulling my pants and underwear down and taking me over his knee. I was very embarrassed about being naked over his knee, but this was about to be the least of my worries. I spent what seemed like an eternity, but was in actuality probably only five minutes or so, getting my butt spanked over and over. I will have to admit, it wasn't long before I was howling in pain. None of the individual spanks were so bad, but as the heat built up in my bottom, it was terrible. This part of the punishment was for coming home tardy for the third time.

The next thing dad addressed was the smoking. He said that smoking was a dirty habit and insisted on cleaning my mouth. I had to keep a bar of soap in my mouth for five minutes. At one point I thought I was going to spit it out, but I realized that it probably wouldn't be wise. I didn't want to provoke any more punishment than I already had coming.

The final part of the punishment was, for me, the worst. Since I was very young, it was made clear that lying would not be tolerated. Dad reminded me of this fact with the new paddle he got. It was like a regular frat paddle, only it seemed to be a bit lighter. At first I thought this would make it better, but I realized that it could sting like nothing I've ever felt before. I guess the holes that dad drilled in them helped make the swats even worse. Dad had me get on my hands and knees for my paddling. (Actually, he gave me a choice to bend over and grab my ankles, but made it clear that if I fell out of position, I would get extra swats.) I then got ten of dad's best paddle swats on my bare butt. He gave me about ten seconds in between each crack just to make sure that the heat set in. I'll tell you, this was a lot more painful than some people might think.

I know you might think I hate my dad for what he did, but I know he only wants me to be more responsible for my actions. Although these lessons were hard, I don't think I will forget them anytime soon. (In fact, my ability to sit has just now gotten better!) The good news about the punishment is that once it was over, I didn't have to worry about it anymore. (Except for doing a little extra yard work this weekend.)

As I told some of you individually, I think the worst part of this situation is knowing that now dad has that paddle. He has made it very clear that he won't hesitate to use it again. He said he felt it gave "good results." In the past, I've managed to get away with murder. I constantly got warnings for my misbehavior. But now, I think dad will be quick to pick up his trusty paddle. I better be on best behavior, or I'll probably be feeling some more swats again soon.

Again, thank you all for your encouragement and support. I hope I don't need this kind of help again soon, but knowing me...I probably will.


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