The Personal Ad

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"The Personal Ad" By Reb Drafter69@earthlink. net

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I sat at my computer and read the ad several times.

"Male, 57, 6', 230 lbs in desperate need of spankings that some would consider severe. I have done some terrible things in my life and need to be punished. All limits are set by the spanker as are the choice of spanking implements. Would prefer a spanker under 30 but it is not necessary. Buffalo, NY 847-XXXX"

I had often considered placing an ad like this but felt that at my age I was destined to always be the spanker; never the spankee. I also felt quite safe as deep down I knew that I would not get much, if any, response because of my age.

With that thought I confidently pressed the "send" key and quietly smiled.

Several days passed and, since there had been no response, I forgot about the whole idea until one evening when the telephone rang. When I answered it a male voice announced that his name was Jason and asked if I was the one who placed the personal ad.

Not expecting to get any reply I was caught off guard and stammered out a feeble "yes".

I started to speak again and was abruptly cut off my a very dominant man on the other end of the phone. He told me that he was 19 years old, had been raised in a household where children were spanked and that he had always felt it was unfair that adults were not on the receiving end as well. Jason was attending a local college here in Buffalo and was interested in spanking me and if it worked out, he wanted to do it on a regular basis, weekly if his schedule would allow.

I started to speak once more and was abruptly told to be quiet until he was finished. He asked me if I was serious about the ad? I answered "yes" and then threw in a barely audible, "sir". Somehow I sensed that the young man on the other end of this phone was not to be taken lightly.

"Good" he responded. "Are you ready to start tomorrow evening?"

I quietly panicked at the thought as I had not really expected any response. I had not thought about my actually being spanked.

"Yes I am, Sir!"..................... Where is the hell did that response come from? It was like an inner child was taking over and speaking through me.

After giving directions to my house he told me that he would be there at 7:00 PM tomorrow evening and that I could expect a spanking that I would soon not forget.

"Did I own any spanking implements?"

A smile came across me as I explained that I own a company that manufactures spanking equipment and sells them on the Internet. He seemed unimpressed and made no comment except to ask:

"Do you own a hairbrush suitable for spanking?"

The question sent a small shudder though me as I told him about the brush I purchased from the Vermont Country Store. I explained that I had often used it to give spankings but had never been on the receiving end.

"That sounds acceptable. I will be there at 7:00 PM sharp." and with that Jason ended the conversation.

I sat quietly for several minutes considering what had just transpired. A 19 year old boy was coming to my house the next night for the purpose of giving me a long, hard spanking. It had been easy to fantasize about being spanked but now with less than 24 hours before his visit I started to panic.

Sleep eluded me most of the night as I kept thinking about what I had done and if it was what I really wanted. Did I really want a 19 year old boy to spank me? As I wrestled with the question I came to understand that I did not want the spanking. I did not want the pain and humiliation but there was no question that it was what I somehow desperately needed. I did not come to any conclusions about why I needing to be spanked but somehow just accepting that I had a need made me feel more comfortable with what was going to happen the following evening.

Work kept me busy the next day and when I finally started home a sense of foreboding came over me as I realized there was only 2 hours before Jason's visit.

The time passed painfully slow and several times I considered calling and canceling the whole thing. Somehow I managed to keep my hands off the telephone.

Jason ran the doorbell at exactly 7:00 PM.

As I opened the door I faced a young man with short cropped red hair, a thin build and an expression on his face that said he was definitely in control.

He introduced himself and after meeting my cat "Max" I offered him some coffee or pop. His response was a simple, "maybe after your spanking".

His next words caught me by surprise.

"Remove your pants and then you can show me your house."

Quickly I did as I had been told and then gave him a quick tour of the house as well as my paddle company. He handled several of the paddles and quietly placed them back on their shelves without comment. In the bathroom he quickly spotted the hairbrush by the sink.

After smacking it several times briskly into his hand he said, "This will do nicely."

Without any other words he took me by my ear and against my objections I was taken into my bedroom and without ceremony pulled over his lap as he sat on the edge of my bed. My underwear were pulled down around my ankles and left there. His right leg placed over my lower legs I now felt completely helpless and very vulnerable to what was coming.

Taking my right hand he twisted it behind my back in anticipation to my putting up any struggle and then without any warning he started to smack my ass with that hairbrush. The sting was not overwhelming and I felt that this was not going to be as bad as I thought.

Was I ever wrong! The blows came quite rapidly and spread to include both my cheeks and upper thighs. Quickly the sting became overwhelming and I announced to Jason that I had been spanked enough and it was time to stop. His response was to laugh and ask, "did your ad say that he was to set the limits?"

"Yes but.............."

"Then there is nothing to discuss. The spanking is over when I say it's over. It's obvious that you are accustomed to getting your own way. Well, this time it's MY way! Is that clear?"

"Yes but............."

The only response to my words was to resume spanking me with a new sense of vigor. The hairbrush smacked against my bare skin and I quickly found myself breathing rapidly and trying to use my pinned hand to protect myself.

I'm not sure when it happened but my rapid breathing turned to quick sobs and pleading and then finally to crying and begging him to stop. Jason only continued to spank me and when I had reached the point where I stopped struggling and just crying he finally stopped.

There was no compassion as he took my ear and abruptly removed me off his lap and dragged me back to the corner where he made me knee and place my nose on the floor. I was told to keep my hands near my head and if I so much as touched my ass the spanking would resume. It was clear that I needed to learn to do as I was told and he was just the man to make sure I learned it well.

I started to ask how long I had to stay like this when he told me to be quiet and with a hard smack of his hand on my upper thigh he said I would stay there for 30 minutes this time.

"This time?" What did he mean by "this time"?

The next 30 minutes were agony. My backside throbbed and I felt completely humiliated. I also felt very much at peace with myself and the world. It was a strange feeling but one that for some reason I wanted to repeat again.

"Time is up. Stand up and come here." As he sat on the bed I started to reach down to pull up my underwear he quickly interjected, "were you told to do that?" "Did I tell you to do anything except come here?"

"No Sir......." There was that "sir" again. It felt like someone else speaking through me but is also seemed the right thing to do.

"Then get over here, now!"

Quickly I moved to where he stood and as I looked him in the face I saw a look that said he had no compassion for what I had experienced.

"Ron, you've needed that for a long time. You are a spoiled man who always gets his own way and there is no question that you need some serious guidance in your life. I have always felt that adults could benefit from regular discipline and I think it will be best if you are spanked on a weekly basis. Is there any reason why Thursday evenings are unacceptable?."

"Every week?" I meekly replied.

"Every week! He asked, is Thursday acceptable?"

"Yes Sir......"

"Good!" He patted me on the side of my thigh and continued, "Next week you will be spanked with one of the paddles you manufacture. We will also start to develop a list of things in your life that need to be changed so we can work on those goals. I will be here at 7:00 PM every week and there may be some weeks when I have a friend with me. The added humiliation will be good for you."

"A friend?" I started to object and was promptly told to be quiet of I would get spanked again.

"If I feel that you will benefit from having someone witness your punishment then you will do as you are told. Is that clear?"

"Yes Sir!" The words came easier this time and even seemed proper. Here I was a 57 year old man standing in front of a 19 year old who had just given me the most intense spanking of my life with my underwear around my ankles addressing him as "Sir"......... I had a feeling that my life would never be the same again.

After Jason left I was left with a hundred questions and feelings running through my mind but I also felt very much at peace with myself.

With a slight smile I circled Thursday on the calendar in my kitchen and sighed.........................

(to be continued)

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