One Listen for Trey

by Thor <>

Ray called home one last time before heading there from work. He had tried for hours to get a hold of his partner. He was starting to get worried. They where having friends over that night like they did every Friday night. He had told him to stay home, because he knew if he went off somewhere he would be gone too long, or get into trouble. He wasn't answering the phone. Rob thought he might be on the computer, but he would have answered the other phone.

Ray kept thinking on the way home. He didn't believe in using cell phones while driving, so he wasn't calling him. He thought 'he could be in the shower no not for this long, or have headphones on yea but he would have seen the phone light up, or over at his friends but someone would have called me if he was. Something was wrong he could feel it.

Ray and his partner Trey had been together for about 6 mouths. Ray was 30 6'2" with brown hair and blue eyes. He didn't take bull from anyone and was very protective of his partner. Trey is 18 5'1 and about 105lbs small for his age with black hair and green eyes. They had met at a bar and fell in love which each other.

Finally after driving which seemed forever to him. It was really only about 30 minutes. Ray got to the house. He saw all the lights in the house where on and the T. V was on. Trey wasn't any where around though. He started looking for his partner.

"Trey" he called looking around the house. He checked the living room, the den, kitchen, dinning room, the wreck room, and even went outside in the back to see if he was swimming, but he wasn't

"TREY where are you answer me" He said as he went upstairs, he was really starting to worry now, what if something was really wrong.

Ray saw the bathroom door was closed which was unusual so he went there.. He opened the door and about had a heart attack. Trey was sleeping in the tub.

Ray rushed over there and pulled him up out of the tub and shook him. Ray tried to get his partner to wake up which was taking forever.

"Trey wake up..Trey Trey TREY !!" he yelled at him "TREY WAKE UP"

He smacked him across the face, to get him to wake up After a few seconds Trey opened his eyes kinda in shock. He was in the tub and next thing he know Ray was smacking him, shaking him . He was still half asleep and his head was hurting him.

"Hi Ray" he said about to go back to sleep

"Hi Ray? Hi Ray?" Ray said back to him "all you can say is Hi Ray to me I have been worried sick about you and I found you Sleeping SLEEPING in the bath" He was exstreamly upset. Trey couldn't have drowned

Ray took Trey over to the toliet and sat down, He put him over his lap and started spank him.

How {smack}many times {smack} have I told you{smack} not {smack}to {smack} take{smack} a bath when {smack} I {smack} am {smack} not{smack} here.{smack}{smack}

"Yes ouch yes no bath not sleep in tub stop stop" Trey said

"You have to learn {smack} {smack} to listen to me {smack}You could have drowned

Drowned yes ow STOP {smack} ow ow ouch it HURTS{smack}" Trey said sobbing

It's suppose to hurt it's a spanking {smack} How do you think I{smack} would feel{smack} if I {smack}came home {smack}and found you{smack} drowned{smack}

sorry no do again stop {smack}pplease sssorry sorry no {smack} mmmore {smack}" Trey sobbed


Ray spanked Trey over and over for 10 more minutes. Finnally he stopped spanking and just let Trey cry over his lap for a while, before pulling him up on his lap and hugging him.

"Why yyou sppank mee?" Trey asked he was still crying pretty hard.

" You know why I spanked you. " Do you we need to go over this again??" Ray started

"No no un understand clear understand, don't spank" said Trey in a panic he didn't want to be spanked anymore.

"Oh I think you need more" Ray said as he pulled Trey back over his lap

" No" cried Trey

I spanked you {smack} because you where sleeping {smack}in the tub {smack}which is dangerous. {smack}You could have turned {smack}over and drowned. I have told you {smack} you are not to take baths when {smack}I am not here, for this reason, and I come home {smack} and you are {smack} sleeping {smack}in {smack}it.{smack}{smack}{smack}

Ray spanked him for another 5 minutes before he stopped. Trey layed over his lap sobbing and babbling he was sorry and he understood, and he would never ever ever do it again.

Ray pulled him up onto his lap and hugged him talking calmly to him now trying to get him to relax and calm down

" You understand why I spanked you now don't you " he asked

" yesss bbbut i haad headdache" Trey said he was crying and hard to understand

When Trey had bad headaches, he would take a bath with Ray in the room, Ray didn't understand why but they seemed to help him alot.

"Trey if you have a headache and I am not home. You are not suppose to take a bath. You know that aready we have been over this before. You was suppose to take one headache pill and take a nap"

"wont open" said Trey

"What wont open?" asked Ray looking puzzled

"The stupid dumb idiotic headache medication bottle" snapped Trey

"Oh" said Ray as he kinda smiled

Trey had calmed down alot now and was almost asleep so Ray carried him into his room, and put him into bed.

" You go to sleep now, I will come and check on you later. "

"but the guys are com.."

" I don't care if the guys are coming over You are going to sleep" Ray said

" My headache is better" pouted Trey smiling trying his hardest to look like he was ok

" Sleep" stated Ray

"Fine" said Trey knowing when not to try to argue.

Ray left the room and heard Trey say " but Im not sleeping"

Ray went back to check on him 10 minutes later and he was sound asleep. He smiled and went down to get ready for their friends who where coming over.

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