Mike and Tommy

by Tedward <Ted210@webtv.net>

Mike waited for Tommy in the wooded area behing his house somewhat axciously. Tommy had agreed to meet him there after school, without Mike telling him what it was about. Tommy had just given a wry smile when Mike told him he just want to see him. Did he know just how Mike wanted to see him?

The heat and humity of the late Texas afternoon was intesified both by the thick folage of the woods, and Mike's nevervousness. He was soon wet with swet. Wipping his forehead with his hand, he heard the rustle of branches and bushes, indicating someone was approaching. Tommy pushed through the dense bursh and walked up to Mike with a grin.

"Boy, you sure picked a seculded spot. I guess you wanna make sure no body else can find us, eh, Mikey?"

"Yeah. I wanted to make sure we would be left alone. I don't want any to know about this."

"Well, I can guess why. And I'm glad you know about this place, because I wouldn't want any one else to know either. So, what do you have in minde, sly boy?"

"Well, ya remember last Monday when Ben was telling us about his cousin giving him a spanking and how it was such a turn-on it made him have an orgasm?"

"Yeah. I remember how interested you were, and how much you were grinning. I also remember noticing that you got a hard-on. That story really got you hot."

"Yeah. It really did. And I have been thinking about it ever since. I've been wishing I knew someone who would give me a spanking like that so I could see if it's as much of a turn-on as Ben said it was."

"So you decided to ask me, ey, Mikey?"

"Yeah. Because I saw you grinning a lot, too, while Ben was telling the story. And you were asking questions about how hard the slaps were and how long. AND, I notice you got a hard-on, too."

"Okay. So what do you want to do? Do you wanna pull your pants down and let me spank your naked ass? Or what?"

"Well, I was hopping that we would both strip and get completely naked. Then you could sit down, and I would lay across you legs and you could give me a spanking until I have an orgasm. Then I was thinking that maybe you would want me to give you a spnaking."

Tommy grinned from ear to ear. This was just what he was hopping to hear. He walked up to Mike close enough for their noses to touch, put his arms around Mike's waist, and said, "You are sooooo hot, Mikey. I would love to get naked with you and have a spanking."

Mike immediately got a hard-on as Tommyy started ubuttoning his shirt, revealing his smooth chest. Mike followed Tommy's lead and began unbuttoning his shirt, as well. Tommy waited for Mike to catch up with him, and then both boys removed their shirts together and tossed them into a common pile.

Mike leaned against a nearby tree as he lifted his right leg so he could untie and pull off his right shoe and sock. He tossed them onto the shirts, and then removed his left shoe and sock. Tommy sat on the ground to pull off his shoes and socks and tossed them onto the growing pile of clothing along with Mike's. Then he stood back up, his hard-on visibly pushing against the crotch of his jeans.

With hands on his belt buckle, Tommy looked at Mike and smiled as if to say, "Are you ready to take the next big step?"

Mike smilled back and silently nodded his approval.

Both boys began to unbuckle their belts at the same time. Then they unfastened their fly snaps and, in unison, pulled down their zippers. Pushing their pants down their slender legs, both boys pulled off their jeans, and tossed them onto their common pile of discarded clothes.

Standing in just their white briefs, Mike and Tommy looked at eachother smilling. Both boys were sporting big, ragging hard-on pushing against the thin, swet soaked cotton of their underware. Tommy took a deep breath, and pushed his under pants down to his knees. His 6 inch hard dick flopped out and stuck nearly straight out pointing toward Mike. He wrapped his right hand around it and stroked it slowly and gently a couple of times. Then bent over at the waist and pulled his briefs down and off. Tommy tossed his underware onto the pile of clothes and waited for Mike.

Mike, his thumbs inside the waistband of his under pants, took a deep breath, and then pulled his briefs off in one swift move. He tossed them onto the clothes pile, and walked over to Tommy. Smilling into Tommy's eyes, he gently grabbed Tommy's hard dick, and slowly stroked it. Tommy gasped at the feel of Mike's warm hand on his dick, but didn't try to remove it. Instead, he slowly reached over to his friend, and took hold of his hard dick.

"Boy, Mike, you're REAL hard. I bet it won't take much of a spanking to get you to cum."

"Yeah. I know. I'm going to try to hold back as long as I can. Spank me now, Tommy. I'm ready. I want it. I want you to spank me gooood."

"Okay, Mike. I'm ready to spank you. This is gonna be fun!"

Tommy sat down on the ground with his legs stretched out in front of him. His hard dick pointed up toward his navel. Mike got down on his knees, and then stretched out across Tommy's legs. His hard dick pressed hard onto the ground between Tommy's legs. The feel of the dirt against the underside of the head of Mike's dick added to his _s_e_x_ual excitement. He hopped he would'nt cum too soon.

Tommy looked down at the smooth bubble butt on his lap, and carressed it gently. Then, raising his right hand above his head, he gave Mike's butt a hard slap. Mike jumped a little from the impact, but remained in place. Tommy raised his hand again and brought it down hard on Mike's butt.


Tommy slapped Mike's naked butt hard and rythmically, alternating between the two round buns every five slaps. After twenty licks, the two bubbles of glutton had shinny red spots in the middle of each. Mike was starting to squirm on Tommy's lap, rubbing the head of his throbbing dick on the hard ground. At the same time, he was rubbing side of his torso against Tommy's hard and throbbing dick. The color of Mike's butt along with his warm body rubbing against his dick, was really getting Tommy excited. This _s_e_x_ual energy was transmitted into his spanking. He now increased the speed of the slaps he laid on Mike's butt.


After another twenty hard licks, Mike's butt was a deep red all over the center area of each of his buns. Squirming and uttering oooohs and aaawwwws, Mike felt the exstacy of the pain in his but flows to his balls, and his dick suddenly began to convulse and spew his cum in spirt after spirt. His young body convulsed up and down on Tommy's lap, rubbing against his hard dick, as he shot out his whole load onto the ground between Tommy's legs. This rubbing pushed Tommy over the edge of _s_e_x_ual exstacy, and his cum errupted out of his pulsing dick and splattered onto Mike's back. Squirt. Squirt. Squirt. Squirt. Squirt. Five great globs of hot cum shot out of Tommy's dick and landed in puddles on Mike. A little more ozzed out and dribbled down Mike's side which now heaved up and down with pants of exhaustion. Other than that, Mike lay motionless on Tommy's legs. Tommy, himself exhausted from his own _s_e_x_ual exhertion, leaned backwards and laid flat on the ground with his eyes closed. Both boys had had a great orgasm, and laid there in their secrete place for awhile, before getting up and getting dressed.

"Well, Mikey, what do you think? Was it as fun as you thought it would be?"

"Better. It was GREAT! You didn't get to try it, Tommy."

"That's okay, Mikey. I'm going to meet you here again tomorrow, and then you can be the one to give the spanking, and I can find out how fun it is. And, I can't wait."


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