Kern Arrives

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by Jeff Higgons <>

I guess to start the story, it's important to remember that after I reached a certain age, I was enjoying the idea of gettins spanked by my step-dad. I was starting to get erections during the spankings, and once I knew what they were all about, I knew what the hard lump in my dad's pants meant. I remember the first time he reached under me and groped my _c_o_c_k_, laughing, saying "I see yer enjoying this, boy," and I just mewled uncontrollably at the very notion of me getting stiff while getting spanked. Part of it was the spanking itself - the repeated heavy rhythm, the masculine control he had over me, the fact that now I knew he was digging it - and a part was the attraction to the man himself. All the years of priming, all the years of enduring his harsh masculinity - when it finally fell together for me, it was total, complete raw male lust. Me, a well-built teen jock, him, a rugged, totally macho stud - and him taking me over his knee. I was getting wild at the thoughts that were running thru my head. He knew it, and used it to his advantage.

He was giving me one of his weekend spankings - just for sport, as he'd say. By now, he was sure I was getting off to him, and he made these spankings very noticably masculine. And for the most part private - he and I would be alone, he'd be watching a game on tv, and just wink at me as I'd come in the room. "Hey, boy, come over here and watch the game with me," was the usual invite. And I would. He'd cuss and yell and make me fetch him a beer - in fact - as I got older he encouraged me to grab one for myself. I'd follow orders implicitly - this was a man who deserved worship. I'd sit there, kinda not interested in the game, my heart pounding knowing what was to come - but when...when would he make his command? I'd just sit there on the couch, sitting next to this hunk of a stud, waiting and wanting ANYTHING he'd give me. I'd be rock hard, wanting to get my spanking, wanting the hot release of cumming in my jeans over his hard lap. Alot of times he's strip off his t-shirt - barechested, he was really a fine specimen of a man - ruggedly hairy, but not bear-like. Just the right amount. Or, he'd roll up his shirtsleeves to show off his hairy forearms. These were the signals. Hot, masculine display. Then, just as casual as could be, he'd say the words I ached to hear , in the most snide, arrogant tone of voice - "Bend over my knee."

And I would - eagerly, usually shaking like a leaf. I'd drape myself over his knee, hear his chuckle above me as he felt my hard-on meet his thigh. He'd adjust me - get me into position - rub his big hard calloused hands over my rump over and over, apparently smoothing out any creases (but now I know better) - light up a smoke, crack open a beer, with me over his knee. And that deep, husky chuckle - _s_h_i_t_! He'd get me so I was right up against his hard _c_o_c_k_. Sometimes it ran down his jeans halfway to his knee - sometimes it was erect against his stomach. His _c_o_c_k_y attitude turned me on as much as his physique. Just so _f_u_c_k_in casual about it. He was gonna like spanking me while watching the game - and I was gonna take it just as ruff as he wanted to give it. And just as the commercials would end, he'd begin.

SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! over and over and over - him smokin' and drinkin' and swearin' at the game on tv - spanking me - SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! - his wicked, rugged chuckle - SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! I'd be buckin up to him, partway because of the hard manly slaps to my ass - partly cause my _c_o_c_k_ was _f_u_c_k_in burning. He was a _f_u_c_k_in expert at the spanking thing - alternating cheeks, goin first down my ass, then back up - then right on the brown spot. Technique was PERFECT. He'd done this so many times before, and obviously with so many other guys. Just over and over - SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!

And I knew that he'd take my jeans down, he'd rip my pants off soon, and soon I'd be back over his knee, my hard-on squeezed between his hard-muscled, jeans-clad thighs. His hairy, bare chest above me. and he just kept on spanking me - stopping only to light a smoke or take a swig of beer. And just as deliberately as he was spanking my bare ass, he'd be watching the game on tv. It was totally wild. All I could think was - what a _f_u_c_k_in man!

During one of these "sessions", the doorbell rang. I freaked, but Bud just dumped me on the floor and like nothing was going on, except out mutual hard-ons, went to get the door. In walked Kern - my dad's business partner. Again, this is real. Since the time I found out I was obviously attracted to men, Kern was the epitome of what I thought a man should be. 6'4", maybe 190, as ruff and rugged as my step-dad - but where my dad was dark-haired, Kern had that Scandinavian look - blonde, blue-eyed - _f_u_c_k_in hot mustache. He was a biker, as was my dad - they did alot of running around together. Kern, tho, was REALLY into the wardeobe - it often seemed weird seeing him in a business suit at work - he was a natural leather dude. _f_u_c_k_in Joe _c_o_c_k_er freak. He used to ruffle my hair when he was over - treated me like a complete kid. And - he had that same, sneering laugh - I often wondered...

He came in - I was buck naked, my dad in jeans, boots - barechested, Kern in his leathers - pants, boots, jacket, gloves, black helmet - tight white t-shirt. "Wanna go for a ride?" he asked my dad.

"We can 'ride' right here, pal," he said, looking at my naked body on the floor. "Just spankin the kid - wanna watch?"

I was mortified - my dad was gonna invite someone to watch him spank me...was this okay - was this a "guy" thing - I was totally frightened. And of all people - Kern - the _f_u_c_k_in blonde biker from hell! He was gonna watch me get spanked! Again, at the time, I didn't know alot, and was completely naive. I was a 15 yr old, in the presence of 2 _f_u_c_k_in hot, macho studs - and I was completely lost. Bud took control, shutting the door as they both strutted over to my wimpering body. The first time, Kern just said to me, "Hey, buddy."

Bud pulled me up by the hair, sat down, and pulled me back over his knee. Kern took up the chair across the way, his face leering at me. I was fixated - lost - dizzy - my dad was gonna spank me with someone watching!!!! Aw _s_h_i_t_! And Kern, of all people!!!!!

The spanking began again - SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! Now Bud was showing off - really displaying his stuff. God, it hurt, but I was constantly fixated with Kern's handsome rugged biker _s_h_i_t_. Bud forced my head to look in his direction - and tho I closed my eyes when the spanks came, I'd open them and see this hunky _f_u_c_k_er staring me down while my step

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